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3. If you lie all the time about someone you are sure to get caught by the truth.
Fri Mar 8, 2024, 10:09 AM
Mar 2024

Trump, in every speech, tells of Biden being the worse president ever. Biden's speech last night showed the truth and the GOP is getting spanked.

He spanked them good, real good. Been waiting for him to step out and he came with an A+ game. marble falls Mar 2024 #1
He didn't even wait... 2naSalit Mar 2024 #7
The smell was coming from Johnson's freshly shit in pants 💩👖. rubbersole Mar 2024 #29
Yes he did Roc2020 Mar 2024 #9
Yes he did Marble Falls...real good Rec Demsrule86 Mar 2024 #24
Democrats need to use clips from the SOTU next to clips of Trump's confused word salads at his rallies. Lonestarblue Mar 2024 #2
Pretty sure... 2naSalit Mar 2024 #4
TLP? ShazzieB Mar 2024 #40
The Lincoln Project. 2naSalit Mar 2024 #42
Oh, that's right! 🤦 ShazzieB Mar 2024 #44
It's okay... 2naSalit Mar 2024 #45
If you lie all the time about someone you are sure to get caught by the truth. rgbecker Mar 2024 #3
Trump projects his flaws onto other PJMcK Mar 2024 #57
Local talk radio was spinning like crazy this morning underpants Mar 2024 #5
Have there been any angry, all caps tweets from you-know-who? llmart Mar 2024 #16
What is TSF? IbogaProject Mar 2024 #18
TSF - the sick f*ck UniqueUserName Mar 2024 #19
perfect IbogaProject Mar 2024 #20
I like that one too!!! COL Mustard Mar 2024 #56
He called President Biden "angry" and "crazy". lol DemocraticPatriot Mar 2024 #22
WRVA listeners have a completely different reality underpants Mar 2024 #23
TSF is just jealous because "angry and crazy" is HIS brand! ShazzieB Mar 2024 #41
He'd better believe Mr.Bill Mar 2024 #53
Did you see that political show that NJCher Mar 2024 #55
Not for long...Soros is buying Audacy. This will give right wing talk radio a run for their money. Demsrule86 Mar 2024 #25
I haven't heard our local station mention that underpants Mar 2024 #30
More rwnj projection Marthe48 Mar 2024 #6
Hey, rawstory, do you actually have something like an editor? "on the cusp niyad Mar 2024 #8
Yeah, and what's with the Farmer-Rick Mar 2024 #15
RawStory eats raw stories and excretes them out as crappy brown click bait. . . . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Mar 2024 #28
Raw Story is a mess - badly-written clickbait parasitizing other news outlets. Ocelot II Mar 2024 #27
They did the same thing 4 years ago Johnny2X2X Mar 2024 #10
We made the same mistake with Reagan over and over again BeyondGeography Mar 2024 #11
Bush as well NYC Liberal Mar 2024 #14
My recollection is happy feet Mar 2024 #21
you're not wrong, but... cab67 Mar 2024 #36
That was framed as airhead B-movie actor blah blah blah BeyondGeography Mar 2024 #37
fair enough cab67 Mar 2024 #39
For anyone who's watched him this was not surprising! cilla4progress Mar 2024 #12
Someone on Morning Joe made that assessment too. They set the bar too low. LiberalFighter Mar 2024 #13
Exactly! Martin68 Mar 2024 #17
"Republicans had spent so many months writing off Biden as a doddering invalid Rocknation Mar 2024 #26
It sounds like the Republicans convinced themselves they were running a 1000 yard dash against a double amputee DFW Mar 2024 #31
Biden rocked it! DownriverDem Mar 2024 #32
Yes they did. He is a master politician, not a burned out so called billionaire. republianmushroom Mar 2024 #33
Maybe that's why he skipped the Super Bowl pre-game interview. Qutzupalotl Mar 2024 #34
As Sun Tzu said in The Art of War: Qutzupalotl Mar 2024 #35
It's the same mistake Democrats made with Reagan in 1980 DavidDvorkin Mar 2024 #38
An made "dr" Hur look like a Complete partisan Idiot. Cha Mar 2024 #43
I think she is right, lol. BootinUp Mar 2024 #46
It's never a good idea to believe your own ppress releases. soldierant Mar 2024 #47
"(T)hey set the bar at dementia." Gore1FL Mar 2024 #48
Person man woman camera tv. Someone thought he needed to take that test. *3 years* ago. unblock Mar 2024 #51
I'm not a conspiracy theory person, but... Climate Crusader Mar 2024 #49
I'm pretty sure the sandbagging happened at Faux Noise FakeNoose Mar 2024 #52
*impact was enhanced because Republicans had spent so many months writing off Biden elleng Mar 2024 #50
Republicans are ignoring a fundamental principle of politics DFW Mar 2024 #54
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