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Singling out one particular business is essentially calling for a boycott. madaboutharry Mar 15 #1
You're correct snowybirdie Mar 15 #2
Suzie Orman is a con artist. Marcus IM Mar 15 #3
I remember seeing comments about the con artist here on DU some niyad Mar 16 #40
Yikes, I didn't know this! BigDemVoter Mar 16 #45
I caught her act several times, and managed about two minutes. She niyad Mar 16 #46
Suzie Roman? Here all Suzie Orman is suggesting is to put away a few dollars regularly... brush Mar 16 #52
Thanks for pointing out my misspelling. Marcus IM Mar 16 #59
I have to disagree angrychair Mar 16 #61
Nuts. It's the same principle as investing on the job in a 401k. brush Mar 17 #62
In principle angrychair Mar 17 #65
Again, if you invest $8.00 a day, what StarBucks costs now... brush Mar 17 #67
Putting your $5 dollar-a-day coffee money into a savings account for 40 years... LudwigPastorius Mar 17 #64
See post 67. It's the 401k principle. brush Mar 17 #66
Her point was don't spend your money on DURHAM D Mar 15 #4
That's the way I saw it. RubyRose Mar 15 #5
+10000 BannonsLiver Mar 15 #9
Agreed. "Starbucks" was shorthand TheProle Mar 15 #10
I get the point, but if those were the numbers she used, she's way off. Scrivener7 Mar 16 #12
Where can I get 7% compounded interest? crazylikafox Mar 16 #18
The S and P has averaged higher than that for Scrivener7 Mar 16 #23
That's from the stock market, not insured bank deposits crazylikafox Mar 16 #29
Rught Now... ProfessorGAC Mar 16 #36
But that's where you can earn 7% or more over the long run. Scrivener7 Mar 16 #60
She has been, according to articles I referenced below, talking about Roth IRA's niyad Mar 16 #41
"Figuring the coffee costs $5 per day" BannonsLiver Mar 16 #30
You Sure About That ProfessorGAC Mar 16 #35
Pretty sure, yeah. BannonsLiver Mar 17 #68
Funny That The Online Menu Says Otherwise ProfessorGAC Mar 17 #70
And one thing she did not mention, apparently, was that she thinks people niyad Mar 16 #49
thank you. I remember an article about this cally Mar 16 #57
+1000 GuppyGal Mar 16 #15
Sounds good to me, but elleng Mar 16 #53
Make your Rebl2 Mar 16 #56
I had a similar reaction zeusdogmom Mar 15 #6
It is simplistic advice. True, but kinda condescending. CTyankee Mar 15 #8
Lol! I hear you! The year I bought my first apartment I ate Frosted Mini Wheats for two Scrivener7 Mar 16 #13
You were taking the Kellogg's ceo's advice early. That man, who gets niyad Mar 16 #50
I agree with Susie. MOMFUDSKI Mar 15 #7
A friend of mine I used to work with in her Costme Shop.. ProudMNDemocrat Mar 15 #11
They've been giving this same advice for over a decade now. Arthur_Frain Mar 16 #14
The only folks who make money are Suzie Ormon and her ilk. Demsrule86 Mar 16 #22
Exactly. niyad Mar 16 #43
Exactly. niyad Mar 16 #42
It's smart advise since we all know that the majority of us do waste money on BS stuff. And she means Dunkin Donuts GuppyGal Mar 16 #16
Damn, what's a cup of coffee at Starbucks cost? Emile Mar 16 #17
I have no idea. I never go to Starbucks. I think Mika cited about $5-8. CTyankee Mar 16 #19
No one ever says men should skip Starbucks now do they? Demsrule86 Mar 16 #21
True! And that is why we should just get off the Starbucks shit. CTyankee Mar 16 #31
She has been yammering about Starbucks, and, apparently, avocado toast niyad Mar 16 #44
I despise Suzie Orman...who has gotten rich off of giving bad financial advice. Demsrule86 Mar 16 #20
100% MotownPgh Mar 16 #33
Yep. She's the female Jim Cramer. Brenda Mar 16 #34
Yes she is...she expects the little people to live with nothing and she lives off of those Demsrule86 Mar 16 #37
Exactly. niyad Mar 16 #48
Yes she is...she expects the little people to live with nothing and she lives off of those Demsrule86 Mar 16 #38
Exactly. niyad Mar 16 #47
Why can't it be "Morning Mika"? It would be more watchable. elocs Mar 16 #24
I prefer when Mika is off. She is just not MOMFUDSKI Mar 16 #32
Off Topic, But... ProfessorGAC Mar 16 #58
Didn't watch it, but she is right RandomNumbers Mar 16 #25
We're told to go for value investing, well that applies to products too bucolic_frolic Mar 16 #26
Makes sense. obnoxiousdrunk Mar 16 #27
Guess I'll end up poor since I hate Starbuck's coffee. sinkingfeeling Mar 16 #28
First of all, that is part of the same schtick she has been handing out for years, niyad Mar 16 #39
I didn't see it. I've watch Orman's show when it was on regularly. She gives practical tips. brush Mar 16 #51
That is certainly the key to financial success. I've been lucky enough to work for employers my entire career beaglelover Mar 16 #55
No, but... Mike Nelson Mar 16 #54
In other words - stop drinking Starbucks so your CEO can have a second yacht. tinrobot Mar 17 #63
It's a shame that women can't BOTH invest AND drink coffee Bucky Mar 17 #69
Compound interest calculator scipan Mar 17 #71
Saw this meme, and it seemed apropos: LudwigPastorius Mar 18 #72
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