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Little Marco?! Charlie Chapulin Mar 21 #1
I still think it's Stefaniks to lose. Arthur_Frain Mar 21 #4
... and how popular is Rubio? all he seems to do is tweet Bible verses BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 21 #37
Popular enough to get re-elected in FL. Arthur_Frain Mar 21 #39
I believe he will choose a woman this time. IMO, he has to to be competitive. beaglelover Mar 21 #2
That's what I'm thinking, white woman or a black man. Remember, central casting Walleye Mar 21 #5
An Anti-Abortion woman on the ticket will NOT guarantee the Woman's vote. ProudMNDemocrat Mar 21 #34
It will sway the trad wives. Arthur_Frain Mar 21 #40
Trump doesn't need any stinking constitution. He'll just do it anyway and his fan boys will support him Walleye Mar 21 #3
The Constitution section is just for the electoral college voting. former9thward Mar 21 #13
Which is funny because Letitia James will have all his properties by then Walleye Mar 21 #36
He'll let us know in two weeks. Cartoonist Mar 21 #6
Going after the hispanic vote crazylikafox Mar 21 #7
It's Rubio! Brother Buzz Mar 21 #8
Bwah! Blue Owl Mar 21 #10
My first thought, as well. flor-de-jasmim Mar 21 #33
The self-styled strongman likes a good waterboy at his beckon call Blue Owl Mar 21 #9
That will get him the Cuban vote, which he has already. Aristus Mar 21 #11
I recall A12 chatter quieted down over that Texas duo, Bush-Cheney. bucolic_frolic Mar 21 #12
Cheney had his legal residence in Texas. former9thward Mar 21 #16
Would Letitia James let TFG live in his NYC condo once she's seized it for the state? Ocelot II Mar 21 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author tinrobot Mar 21 #14
Trump's lack of understanding of the Constitution on display here. Bucky Mar 21 #15
Its not dumb. former9thward Mar 21 #17
Back to New York? I wonder if there might be complications to that. Bucky Mar 21 #23
I doubt NY. former9thward Mar 21 #28
So he doesn't need Florida's electors? 0rganism Mar 21 #18
It is not a problem. former9thward Mar 21 #21
Who's dumb enough to be his VP? Oh wait, never mind. Chakaconcarne Mar 21 #19
If the 14th Amendment is meaningless why should the 12th mean anything? 617Blue Mar 21 #20
It is a easy workaround. former9thward Mar 21 #22
No, it's not going to be Rubio. I can't believe the media even entertains obvious bullshit. Oh wait. yes I can. themaguffin Mar 21 #24
Well, he lacks the spine for it! spanone Mar 21 #25
As in: "Have you considered spending your declining years Turbineguy Mar 21 #26
What? Rudi's not available? lindysalsagal Mar 21 #27
Yikes! Mike Nelson Mar 21 #29
You cannot have the President and VP from the same state LetMyPeopleVote Mar 21 #30
He's fvkkking with Rubio. VP can't be from same state. blm Mar 21 #31
Is this the way he shores up the state of Florida? By talking about Mario Rubio? kentuck Mar 21 #32
Trump is just jerking people around as is his habit Hekate Mar 21 #38
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