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Oh my. I don't like to buy into speculative reports--especially on something so serious... hlthe2b Mar 22 #1
I hope it is wrong as well. I have not been able to find another source reporting this news. beaglelover Mar 22 #4
My best friend died of it at 34 years old leaving Emile Mar 22 #57
It's still considered a death sentence. arthritisR_US Mar 24 #96
isn't that what killed Walter Payton and Michael Landon? CatWoman Mar 22 #2
And Patrick Swayze nt xmas74 Mar 22 #6
...and Alex Trebek. TSExile Mar 22 #8
One of my old classmates father had it. xmas74 Mar 22 #11
...and Steve Jobs. whopis01 Mar 22 #12
Jobs had a way less deadly pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor(PNET). Versus the very deadly adenocarcinoma Hassin Bin Sober Mar 22 #40
Steve Jobs also experimented with other treatments Nixie Mar 22 #48
Mezzo soprano Marilyn Horne defeated it. SleeplessinSoCal Mar 22 #44
And Steve Jobs, Apple founder. Liberty Belle Mar 22 #50
And Steve Jobs obamanut2012 Mar 23 #82
My father in law and my sister in law too. redwitch Mar 22 #7
It often runs its course quickly, too. Sky Jewels Mar 22 #20
some types do not show symptoms until it is quite advanced yellowdogintexas Mar 23 #80
Patrick Swayze, Steve Jobs, most of Jimmy Carter's TexasBushwhacker Mar 22 #10
My uncle snpsmom Mar 23 #79
Didn't Rebl2 Mar 23 #86
She did. They found it very early TexasBushwhacker Mar 23 #87
I thought Walter died of bile-duct cancer. viva la Mar 22 #13
Alan Rickman n/t sarge43 Mar 22 #24
Pancreatic Cancer Kills Eveybody Blue Idaho Mar 22 #56
I was thinking of Michael Landon.. Cha Mar 22 #62
..... CatWoman Mar 22 #70
I actually saw that when it happened. Cha Mar 22 #71
Not a favorite person, but I pray he gets a cure. That's one very rough cancer. marble falls Mar 22 #3
None are safe from cancer. pandr32 Mar 22 #5
his family is so long lived. it would be a surprise to me if he only had 2 years. Wishing him the best BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 22 #25
It is alarming. pandr32 Mar 22 #63
My mom died of pancreatic cancer. All Mixed Up Mar 22 #9
Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the only person I've known about TexasBushwhacker Mar 22 #17
That's because they caught it early during a follow up scan when she in remission from the colon cancer nt maryellen99 Mar 22 #37
mine too, spread to her liver also apcalc Mar 22 #19
I'm sorry. That's the only reason we knew she was sick... All Mixed Up Mar 22 #22
So sorry... know how it hurts apcalc Mar 23 #91
That might be more credible if they hadn't used a laughably badly-faked photo muriel_volestrangler Mar 22 #14
A neighbor died of it, very quickly. Hekate Mar 22 #15
My dad died of pancreatic cancer Cadfael Mar 22 #16
My grandmother had this cancer in her 80s TBF Mar 22 #18
My Dad died of pancreatic cancer. Same year as Patrick Swayze. Aristus Mar 22 #21
I thought they said prostate cancer??? Bev54 Mar 22 #23
Enlarged prostate n/t sarge43 Mar 22 #27
Enlarged prostate n/t sarge43 Mar 22 #28
Enlarged prostate n/t sarge43 Mar 22 #29
I thought this cancer was found during an enlarged prostrate Nixie Mar 22 #51
He is a heavy drinker??? Wow never heard that before Bev54 Mar 22 #66
This message was self-deleted by its author Prairie_Seagull Mar 22 #26
Can't imagine having a parent and spouse diagnosed with cancer so close together Raven123 Mar 22 #30
Awful. People doubt there's evil in the world? Cancer is the evil. MerryBlooms Mar 22 #34
Should something happen to Charles dflprincess Mar 22 #68
Well let's wait until he chooses to disclose what he has. Jacson6 Mar 22 #31
Agree! PortTack Mar 22 #33
I haven't known anyone make it pass 9 months after diagnosed. MerryBlooms Mar 22 #32
Some kinds of pancreatic cancer are not as lethal. I have a friend who is several years past treatment. diane in sf Mar 22 #39
Happy for your friend. Anyone who beats cancer is a Hero!! MerryBlooms Mar 22 #45
"...has been given two years to live" LudwigPastorius Mar 22 #35
A source exclusively confirms to In Touch Demobrat Mar 22 #36
I just read that Catherine also has cancer. Zilli Mar 22 #38
Pancreatic cancer, two years? PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 22 #41
Early detection can increase the chances of living longer NanaCat Mar 22 #52
Being proactive, speaking out and going for a second xmas74 Mar 23 #74
Sad news ... I wish him peace and an easy time of it.🙏 Raine Mar 22 #42
It's a bad one Warpy Mar 22 #43
He'll need a lot of morphine. No way to combat that pain without it. MerryBlooms Mar 22 #47
He'll get his bottle of Brompton's Warpy Mar 22 #72
Brompton's contains either heroin or morphine Warpy Mar 23 #89
Tragic. no_hypocrisy Mar 22 #46
Pancreatic Cancer is wicked Botany Mar 22 #49
Many people do not know about murielm99 Mar 23 #78
King Chuck has done some very good things as per the environment, endangered critters, and Botany Mar 23 #84
I suspect that this might be correct..Otherwise I do not understand why he would not release helpisontheway Mar 22 #53
Healthwise, the Royal's aren't doing well. Sucks for Charles, but age happens. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 22 #54
The mother of my good buddy VGNonly Mar 22 #55
In many cases it is lethal in under 6 months Botany Mar 23 #83
At first claudette Mar 22 #58
I don't believe so. phylny Mar 23 #75
Not good. Joinfortmill Mar 22 #59
Two years is a very optimistic prognosis for pancreatic cancer.... Sogo Mar 22 #60
If this is true I'm sorry for him kimbutgar Mar 22 #61
If they find it early enough to do a Whipple procedure it can buy you years. Laffy Kat Mar 22 #64
A close friend is alive after having the Whipple procedure done over twenty years ago. sop Mar 23 #76
Wow, well, that is a cure, for sure. Laffy Kat Mar 23 #93
I hope this is just rumors. Prayers to Prince Charles. FloridaBlues Mar 22 #65
It's King Charles Poiuyt Mar 24 #97
My friend's husband was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in 2016 dflprincess Mar 22 #67
My best wishes for Charles stollen Mar 22 #69
William V Kennah Mar 23 #73
My dental school class has had a number of PCIntern Mar 23 #77
Are the acrylic fillings dentists put in your teeth made from pinkstarburst Mar 23 #92
No PCIntern Mar 23 #94
Thank you pinkstarburst Mar 26 #98
If true, more reason to let William ascend the throne sooner than later. Royals certainly have their challenges today. dutch777 Mar 23 #81
It's not so good to be king. Poor guy was born to such a powerful family but could never catch a break. lindysalsagal Mar 23 #85
My sister-in-law died of pancreatic cancer peggysue2 Mar 23 #88
Not being reported canetoad Mar 23 #90
Pancreatic Cancer killed my mom. GoodRaisin Mar 24 #95
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