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102. I've started watch them less and less,
Sat Mar 23, 2024, 12:28 PM
Mar 23

Because of their actions, I watch more online shows and not MSNBC except for a few at night. They show and help the fascist air their propaganda lies too much, so screw them.

not what I see nt msongs Mar 22 #1
I don't either... agingdem Mar 22 #17
The nauseating part of Ari's rap riffs is watching his guests obvious unease and embarrassment. Comfortably_Numb Mar 22 #34
Yeah PatSeg Mar 22 #39
I find myself using the skip button a lot on Ari these days. Especially on magat interview segments. Comfortably_Numb Mar 23 #56
Same here PatSeg Mar 23 #67
Other than when James Carville is on - I have Ari on mute. No fan of recycled rethug Nicole Wallace, eitherl. Peregrine Took Mar 23 #112
Yes, James Carville is always a treat PatSeg Mar 23 #113
Plus, her voice is annoying senseandsensibility Mar 24 #153
Glad to hear that it isn't just me PatSeg Mar 24 #154
You're right that it's not just women senseandsensibility Mar 24 #155
Yes, I brought it up PatSeg Mar 24 #156
I agree Trueblue Texan Mar 23 #141
Yes, it is MSNBC not PatSeg Mar 23 #143
I wish he'd knock that off. calimary Mar 22 #40
Ari is trying to make up for Jr High School... rubbersole Mar 22 #46
Oh my god, you could be right! PatSeg Mar 23 #71
+1000. (nt) Paladin Mar 23 #94
Yes, exactly PatSeg Mar 23 #70
They need to get rid of Ari. Katinfl Mar 23 #95
Ditto that. That man annoys me. He needs a rap show somewhere. CousinIT Mar 23 #109
And when he interrupts he always says, "Imma let you finish," rsdsharp Mar 23 #135
Yes I noticed that! Ugh! N/t CousinIT Mar 23 #139
Why has a post about MSNBC turned into Ari bashing? MadameButterfly Mar 23 #115
I never watch him BonnieJW Mar 23 #97
Ari just wants to appear cool. Mickju Mar 23 #99
Katie Phang is so much better SocialDemocrat61 Mar 23 #105
I agree Katie Phang is much bretter DDySiegs Mar 23 #106
I agree with you SCantiGOP Mar 22 #26
Me either PatSeg Mar 22 #38
Here are the best hosts NJCher Mar 23 #75
Oh yes, I totally agree PatSeg Mar 23 #88
You know who is coming on strong NJCher Mar 23 #149
Ha, ha! PatSeg Mar 23 #150
Dupe PatSeg Mar 23 #151
I would add Alex Wagner to this list, as well as Jen Psaki. ShazzieB Mar 23 #128
Yes in fact they turn away from it DLCWIdem Mar 23 #119
What about Rachel? nt LAS14 Mar 23 #144
Rachel does some really great stories PatSeg Mar 23 #145
Rachel does some really great stories PatSeg Mar 23 #146
Rachel does some really great stories PatSeg Mar 23 #147
Appalling FelineOverlord Mar 22 #2
They are platforming the insurrection as it it were the Tea Party all over again. Ford_Prefect Mar 23 #60
No, elleng Mar 22 #3
She tried multiple times to overthrow the results of the 2020 election FelineOverlord Mar 22 #5
A new avenue of political theater. I doubt she lasts her 1st audition. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 22 #9
Mebbe, but I (and most of us) only pay attention to GOOD theater!!! elleng Mar 22 #11
Sinister FelineOverlord Mar 22 #4
Left handed? n/t elocs Mar 23 #116
Okee Dokie, Smokie! LOL OAITW r.2.0 Mar 22 #6
I've heard their daytime programming is more right wing (except for Wallace) FelineOverlord Mar 22 #8
Lets just say, when Andrea Mitchell gets retired, I'll be interested in who gets this timeslot. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 22 #10
I thought Rebl2 Mar 22 #13
Now would be good. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 22 #18
smart lady married to a dumbass who said he was wrong about the real estate bubble. SouthernDem4ever Mar 22 #27
It's a wasted hour with her in command. She should join the emeritus club and be available for opinions as needed. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 22 #35
Andrea Mitchell's retirement is the same as Trump's healthcare plan BlueSpot Mar 23 #58
I have often Rebl2 Mar 23 #89
Way past time for her to go. Katinfl Mar 23 #96
Haven't noticed with MSNBC stollen Mar 22 #7
Hmmmmm. cachukis Mar 22 #12
This is certainly alarming. triron Mar 22 #14
"I drifted away from them to Meidas Touch Network, Brian Tyler Cohen .. " Cha Mar 22 #15
Who is eleny and is it a bot? Might be a great case to see how real humans who publish under their real name get botted OAITW r.2.0 Mar 22 #19
Why do you say that? Actually I remember her Cha Mar 22 #24
OK, did not know. I do remember the name here, but does that mean it is the same person on X? OAITW r.2.0 Mar 22 #29
Both elenys are from Colorado. Cha Mar 22 #48
So, I agree with her alt sources, but disagree (I guess) that MSNBC is failing us. Been watching for years and I see OAITW r.2.0 Mar 22 #55
Good on you! Cha Mar 23 #59
I support smart people who can communicate, Ben does that. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 23 #64
Great sources. SouthernDem4ever Mar 22 #23
Yes, Brian Tyler Cohen is Amazing! Cha Mar 22 #28
Meidas Touch and Brian Tyler Cohen are not news. All Mixed Up Mar 22 #43
MT headlines tend toward sensationalist clickbait. TwilightZone Mar 22 #45
Well, then you would say Fox News isn't news, too, right? Wednesdays Mar 22 #49
Of course? All Mixed Up Mar 23 #57
I Like Meidas Touch WiVoter Mar 23 #142
We're in a scary place. Joinfortmill Mar 22 #16
Excellent points moniss Mar 22 #20
The article says Ronna McDaniels was hired as an NBC analyst. But does that automatically mean she'll be on summer_in_TX Mar 22 #21
And, what could she "analyze"? That Cha Mar 22 #25
What are the details of the contract? OAITW r.2.0 Mar 22 #30
I only watch Nicole Wallace, Lawrence O' Donnell and Rachel Maddow when she's on SouthernDem4ever Mar 22 #22
I only watch certain hosts. Murphyb849 Mar 22 #31
Chris Hayes is good too. Bluepinky Mar 23 #87
Joy Reid: Love her style and humor and she pulls no punches and takes no prisoners nt yellowdogintexas Mar 23 #125
And she is whip smart happy feet Mar 23 #133
She certainly is!!! nt yellowdogintexas Mar 23 #138
The same group for me, plus Ari Melber. emulatorloo Mar 23 #90
I enjoy Nicole Wallace and I love that she always refers to TFG as yellowdogintexas Mar 23 #126
It has always been on us to save ourselves. That's what self-governing is. WhiteTara Mar 22 #32
I couldn't agree with you more, comrade. WheelWalker Mar 23 #68
This is a result of Americans Haggard Celine Mar 23 #76
The oligarchs who own 90% of media do not like democracy or Democrats. Hermit-The-Prog Mar 22 #33
That is not what I see although I overdosed on the doc03 Mar 22 #36
Ronna? czarjak Mar 22 #37
Bummer, isn't it! calimary Mar 22 #42
What could she possibly have to say that anyone would pay for? czarjak Mar 23 #82
My guess is she'll be a talking head who pops up with commentary now and then. ShazzieB Mar 23 #130
I know some people don't make a distinction, but she's going to be a commentator for NBC, not MSNBC. -nt CrispyQ Mar 23 #108
You have to know your hosts on MSNBC. Nicole WallaceGood. Joy ReidGood... brush Mar 22 #41
Rachel Maddow has pissed me off. calimary Mar 22 #44
I think you're kinda right. She took her content away from us and left us with the... brush Mar 22 #47
It seriously irks me. Hell, Johnny Carson didn't even do that! And I worked at NBC when he was there. calimary Mar 23 #61
They don't make Johnny Carsons anymore. brush Mar 23 #66
They sure don't. calimary Mar 23 #73
Same NJCher Mar 23 #79
I like that. Cats don't give a sh_t, don't need to be liked, and will report the truth, like it on not... brush Mar 23 #81
Why do you care? babylonsister Mar 22 #51
When people rise to prominence because they've built an audience as well as a reputation, calimary Mar 23 #65
Not everyone is a workaholic - if someone's rich and burned out, early retirement or semi-retirement has to be very Midwestern Democrat Mar 23 #92
Me, too, babylonsister. ShazzieB Mar 23 #132
She explained that the 5 day per week schedule leftieNanner Mar 22 #54
Yes, but she has a staff whose members do a lot of the research and background digging for her. calimary Mar 23 #62
About 30 million, give or take. Nice gig if you can get it. SlimJimmy Mar 23 #103
What she gets paid is nobody's business. Bluepinky Mar 23 #148
Still takes me back to Johnny Carson. calimary Mar 24 #152
he's a good follow. mopinko Mar 22 #50
Who is this guy? nt babylonsister Mar 22 #52
I dont see it. obnoxiousdrunk Mar 22 #53
Comedy Gold rpannier Mar 23 #63
Count on yourself. H2O Man Mar 23 #69
Not what I see. Query: is the OP your own long essay, or entirely someone else's from Twit? Hekate Mar 23 #72
The "problem" with the "liberal cable news channel", is that DemocraticPatriot Mar 23 #74
Mr Smoky appears to be talking about NBC SharonClark Mar 23 #77
It's "MS" at NBC. C Moon Mar 23 #78
Sure there's something wrong, but it predates the points listed. RockRaven Mar 23 #80
Morning Joe for the most part does NOT do any of those things. mucifer Mar 23 #83
Absolutely. tavernier Mar 23 #85
He does bang the Biden drum DLCWIdem Mar 23 #121
This is what amuses me Blue_Adept Mar 23 #100
Joe and Mika are all in for Biden now but they SharonClark Mar 23 #129
Now they are happy feet Mar 23 #137
And speaking of Nicole tavernier Mar 23 #84
Spring break with her son? oregonjen Mar 23 #91
The twit acts like this is something new for MSNBC NanaCat Mar 23 #86
Great set of points. It's hard to see the trees when looking at the forest canopy. erronis Mar 23 #98
You are watching the wrong segments. LiberalFighter Mar 23 #93
CNBC and NBC is NOT the same as MSNBC JohnSJ Mar 23 #101
I've started watch them less and less, duforsure Mar 23 #102
I believe the NY Times and Washington Post have deteriorated into right wing BS. apcalc Mar 23 #104
4-11pm period. If your watching another time frame sorry, no liberal news or opinion shows can compete Cheezoholic Mar 23 #107
Thanks for this! ShazzieB Mar 23 #134
Quit watching long ago...reasons sited! PortTack Mar 23 #110
medhi has started zeteo et tu Mar 23 #111
Oh baloney. Good lord some people see ghosts around every corner. oldsoftie Mar 23 #114
MSNBC - follow chain up to Comcast - owner is billionaire Brian L. Roberts TBF Mar 23 #117
Ronna McDaniel was hired at NBC DLCWIdem Mar 23 #118
This. NBC and MSNBC are NOT the same. dchill Mar 23 #122
Grips? DLCWIdem Mar 23 #124
Yeah, grips! ShazzieB Mar 23 #136
News management and they stink. True Blue American Mar 23 #120
They canned Medhi Hasan and hired Insurrectionist Ronna McDaniel erodriguez Mar 23 #123
There's been something wrong with MSNBC? Are you kidding me? ShazzieB Mar 23 #127
Judging from the vast majority of responses here... Think. Again. Mar 23 #131
Alarmist claptrap. Elessar Zappa Mar 23 #140
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