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61. Its called bribes blackmail, and threats,
Mon Mar 25, 2024, 12:04 PM
Mar 25

Our judges and justices are actively being corrupted by criminals because of power and greed.

Link? MineralMan Mar 25 #1
No speculation, it is on CNN right now under Breaking news. The link is I am watching on JohnSJ Mar 25 #2
I just got a news alert... Hugin Mar 25 #17
It's live on tv right now, just happened. FoxNewsSucks Mar 25 #3
Thanks JohnSJ Mar 25 #4
msnbc is talking/reporting this orleans Mar 25 #30
Why does he get preferential treatment? Mossfern Mar 25 #5
Agree - this ruling seems to deviate from the normal process. DISGUSTING. n/t iluvtennis Mar 25 #29
In a majority of states, the law now caps the amount of supersedeas bond that can be required. onenote Mar 25 #83
It is well within the court's statutory authority to reduce or even forgo any bond requirement onenote Mar 25 #63
Because he's a member of a preferential class. Yavin4 Mar 25 #72
2 sets of laws in our country. MOMFUDSKI Mar 25 #6
Your headline lies. The bond is reduced, not the total owing, according to CNN as of this writing. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Mar 25 #7
He absolutely did win with a partial appeal. The amount of the bond was reduced by over 50%, plus JohnSJ Mar 25 #13
Your headline is misleading. The fine/disgorgement is not reduced Bernardo de La Paz Mar 25 #22
If your bond is reduced from 475 million to 175 million, and you have 10 more days to come up JohnSJ Mar 25 #35
That's not what your headline says. You leave out key word "bond" & fight when you can't pretend it's there. nt Bernardo de La Paz Mar 25 #44
Thank you for confirming that mchill Mar 25 #14
I am NOT interpreting anything. It is a partial victory. That is what CNN is reporting. If you JohnSJ Mar 25 #20
That's not what your headline says. You leave out key word "bond" and then fight when you can't pretend it's there. nt Bernardo de La Paz Mar 25 #42
That's my reading, too. Basic LA Mar 25 #47
The trump team is getting exactly what they want. A significantly reduced bond, 10 days to JohnSJ Mar 25 #54
It's not a victory at all. It changes nothing. Trump is still on the hook for $450+million Ocelot II Mar 25 #76
I am not "freaking out", but reporting what both CNN and MSNBC is reporting JohnSJ Mar 25 #77
The appelate court need to be removed. Special privileges for an asshole. LiberalFighter Mar 25 #8
"Remove" a court because it issued a decision you don't like? Ocelot II Mar 25 #12
In this case. Hell yes. They should be impeached. LiberalFighter Mar 25 #25
Oh, come on. Ocelot II Mar 25 #37
As was pointed out elsewhere. State law dictates pay the amount of judgment for the bond. LiberalFighter Mar 25 #48
State law expressly allows the the court to reduce or even forego the bond payment requirement. onenote Mar 25 #64
Given that the poster is advocating for the entire court to be abolished, I don't think that will resonate MichMan Mar 25 #67
I Grant That As Fact, But... ProfessorGAC Mar 25 #74
I don't know the percentage of cases where the bond is reduced, but wouldn't be surprised if it was substantial onenote Mar 25 #81
Good Points ProfessorGAC Mar 25 #82
Why do you want to impeach 5 democrat judges for following the law? ripcord Mar 25 #79
He also gets to be President with far fewer votes. dchill Mar 25 #9
Well... Hugin Mar 25 #10
What difference does it make? BlueKota Mar 25 #11
Without a doubt, and that is a win from his perspective. JohnSJ Mar 25 #41
Lawyers Brigade incoming to explain how this is right and just Prairie Gates Mar 25 #15
Yup... Hugin Mar 25 #19
Some people always find a way Prairie Gates Mar 25 #70
Don't know if its "right or just". But it is within the court's statutory authority. onenote Mar 25 #66
This message was self-deleted by its author orangecrush Mar 26 #86
A thousand turd polishers out of work orangecrush Mar 26 #87
This message was self-deleted by its author orangecrush Mar 26 #88
This message was self-deleted by its author orangecrush Mar 26 #89
What's the explanation? Emile Mar 25 #16
There was none orangecrush Mar 26 #90
Remember when we were taught that the United State is a country of laws Bettie Mar 25 #18
Courts are a joke triron Mar 25 #36
Why are they even giving him 10 days? At most by Friday. LiberalFighter Mar 25 #21
That's just trump change. multigraincracker Mar 25 #23
I guess it's still $464 million, BUT bluestarone Mar 25 #24
Laws don't apply to white male elites BlueKota Mar 25 #28
Didn't he lose the civil suit in the first place? MichMan Mar 25 #50
Again what difference does that make BlueKota Mar 25 #58
Yes Chump lost ... now he's shopping for a different judge FakeNoose Mar 25 #75
Donnie is special. triron Mar 25 #31
Yep. bluestarone Mar 25 #34
Link to the NY Appeals Court Ruling iluvtennis Mar 25 #26
Our so called justice system strikes again. Fuck this . triron Mar 25 #27
May be misspelling it. limbicnuminousity Mar 25 #68
His astronomical legal bills coupled with the multiple adjustments against him all work to reduce the $$ NoMoreRepugs Mar 25 #32
Sick of the US courts that have totally catered to Trump. They are like the parents that do not have the Bev54 Mar 25 #33
Who is paying them off? triron Mar 25 #43
I think it's more of this "bipartisan appeasement," BlueKota Mar 25 #49
I was never a conspiracy theorist before BlueKota Mar 25 #45
Once again Trump screws the little guys. This time New York taxpayers Freethinker65 Mar 25 #38
Appeals court rules Trump must pay $175 million bond within 10 days. LetMyPeopleVote Mar 25 #39
Of course this happens. Nothing ever sticks. Or will stick. kairos12 Mar 25 #40
What this tells me is that the verdict, itself, will be reduced to $175 million. Goodheart Mar 25 #46
You have more faith than I do BlueKota Mar 25 #56
My "Told You So!!" Bell started ringing a few days ago . . . hatrack Mar 25 #51
Yup XanaDUer2 Mar 25 #53
I agree JohnSJ Mar 25 #55
He doesn't Rebl2 Mar 25 #52
The US justice system is rigged in favor of power and money. Period. walkingman Mar 25 #57
Not just bond reduction angrychair Mar 25 #59
Our "justice" system is a complete joke Takket Mar 25 #60
Its called bribes blackmail, and threats, duforsure Mar 25 #61
TFG may have to post cash in lieu of bond LetMyPeopleVote Mar 25 #62
Oh, not to worry - I'm sure the next proceeding will get it down to $2,500.00 or so . . . hatrack Mar 25 #65
Thanks, but I suspect he will get it from the RNC? JohnSJ Mar 25 #69
Lisa Rubin has acknowledged she misread the order. onenote Mar 25 #85
It doesn't ForgedCrank Mar 25 #71
Yes JohnSJ Mar 25 #73
Go to the court and ask them to reduce your bail bond. usonian Mar 25 #78
The court overturned his ban on running a business in NY. pecosbob Mar 25 #80
The court stayed that portion of the judgment from taking effect pending appeal. It did not "overturn" it. onenote Mar 25 #84
This is my question. BlueKota Mar 26 #91
Answers: onenote Mar 26 #92
Thank you! BlueKota Mar 26 #93
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