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I guess the gold(ish) shoes aren't selling Fritz Walter Mar 27 #1
He's been scamming those gullible folks malaise Mar 27 #2
I almost feel sorry for them COL Mustard Mar 27 #23
Can't feel sorry for them as they choose not to see his true colors vapor2 Mar 27 #29
I feel sorry for their kids Scalded Nun Mar 27 #35
I don't. LPBBEAR Mar 28 #67
Same here stollen Mar 28 #68
If they had ever, at any time, had good intentions behind their support, maybe. Aristus Mar 29 #73
gullible hatemongers. no sympathy BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 28 #51
Neither is the King Donald version of the holy Bibl. Blue Idaho Mar 27 #7
Is that Holy Bible Mme. Defarge Mar 27 #31
The commandments in Donny's version stage left Mar 27 #41
He doesn't know one of them... Evolve Dammit Mar 27 #43
If he knew them stage left Mar 29 #70
They're just more of his scams to get YOUR money into HIS pockets. calimary Mar 27 #22
His money raising think tank needs new ideas. Aussie105 Mar 27 #27
How about tRump adult diapers? bif Mar 28 #60
New, or used? 🤮 SergeStorms Mar 28 #66
DonPoorleone - what a hoot! Raven123 Mar 27 #3
Dems need to make really good ads asking red America why they are allowing malaise Mar 27 #4
Hopefully some will peel off, but as it's been said - He hates the people they hate. electric_blue68 Mar 28 #52
Finish him off? I doubt it. Disaffected Mar 27 #5
Especially the billionaires Tansy_Gold Mar 27 #13
Exactly. nt Disaffected Mar 27 #21
What a slobfuckup of a grifter. Niagara Mar 27 #6
😀😀Love that malaise Mar 28 #56
I couldn't decide if I liked slobfuck or slobfuckup better Niagara Mar 28 #59
That's good stage left Mar 29 #71
Thanks, stage left Niagara Mar 30 #74
Meme I made. Pic of Trump holding up his new Bible. Top line: DOUBLY PLY Bottom line: WITH SOFTNESS YOU brewens Mar 27 #8
ROFL malaise Mar 27 #9
Trump prefers to wipe his ass with the Constitution. Shermann Mar 27 #24
Naugahide?? King Don version Evolve Dammit Mar 27 #45
I would like something we can post poking fun at those donating to his personal fund. LiberalFighter Mar 27 #10
Try this mac56 Mar 27 #16
Love it malaise Mar 27 #18
ok, wait a minute... FirstLight Mar 27 #11
I do not know malaise Mar 27 #15
!!!!!!!!Smelvis the Sick Fuck Slobfather aka DonPoorleone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spanone Mar 27 #12
Thanks for your work of art malaise Mar 27 #14
😎 spanone Mar 29 #72
It's not like they're going to ask for their money back. dchill Mar 27 #17
"When you're a star, they let you do it." bucolic_frolic Mar 27 #19
Just start kissing and grab em by the wallet... Evolve Dammit Mar 27 #46
Does his monitor and staff watch this money? bluestarone Mar 27 #20
The Monitor is watching the company $$ leftieNanner Mar 27 #30
Legal bills? Isn't that what he called the payment to Stormy? Hmmm. twodogsbarking Mar 27 #25
Just another bible scamster ... marble falls Mar 27 #26
They should be encouraged to send their money to that sick slob... kentuck Mar 27 #28
He's NOT DONE until he's done. We've been hearing shit for years. Until it happens, nothing has happened themaguffin Mar 27 #32
Holy shit kozar Mar 27 #33
If I were a donor to anyone and they used my $$ for legal fees on this scale, I'd ask for my money back. dutch777 Mar 27 #34
He'll have to save some for one-way airfare for him and his family. C Moon Mar 27 #36
It must be working for him, he is not in jail, and the money keeps coming in. Chainfire Mar 27 #37
The best con men leave their victims never realizing they have been fleeced. ZonkerHarris Mar 27 #44
Didn't we already know this? Upthevibe Mar 27 #38
Well Christie sure exposed it malaise Mar 27 #39
The fundagelicals are too well trained to stop Warpy Mar 27 #40
They will keep sending him money liberal N proud Mar 27 #42
What are the details? TlalocW Mar 27 #47
They don't care. It's a cult. They'll do anything for the orange one. OverBurn Mar 27 #48
quite the war chest we do not have to face dembotoz Mar 27 #49
anyone who sends money to Donald Fucking Trump is a FUCKING MORON Skittles Mar 28 #50
MAGA loons will be proud their money helped to defend him. Kablooie Mar 28 #53
Eventually they will want "results" for all that money they are 'giving' him. 4lbs Mar 28 #54
I don't see how the FEC can ignore an amount that big. no_hypocrisy Mar 28 #55
You would think you malaise Mar 28 #58
Awwww, c'mon you guys NJCher Mar 28 #57
Good. Hope they don't have one thin dime to run the RNC with.. flying_wahini Mar 28 #61
Shouldn't the real story here be, majdrfrtim Mar 28 #62
A sucker born every... Joinfortmill Mar 28 #63
Looks like Buford and Lurleen up in Squalor Holler won't be able to buy shoes for their eleven kids this year. Aristus Mar 28 #64
I'd like to see... gerryatwork Mar 28 #65
scroll down to "methodology" NJCher Mar 28 #69
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