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16. Anecdotal, but
Fri Mar 29, 2024, 02:38 AM
Mar 29

My evangelical Xtian aunt says she's never heard of this Trump bible as she "never watches the news anymore". This coming from huge Faux viewers, so maybe the tide is turning? We can only hope.

"Borderline Offensive?" BOSSHOG Mar 28 #1
Yes, "Borderline offensive " stood out to me, too, and I'm not religious Deuxcents Mar 28 #2
Not borderline catrose Mar 29 #15
This guy can't name a favorite bible verse when asked. Captain Zero Mar 29 #17
These guys are, like, obsessed with borders! Aristus Mar 29 #24
A little pregnant Baptist preacher's daughter found a cure back in the day too. czarjak Mar 29 #29
Nothing 'borderline" about it Maeve Mar 29 #34
Not even mildly, only borderline maybe dalton99a Mar 28 #3
Borderline personality disorder... Carola Mar 29 #21
I know I've read you before. marble falls Mar 29 #25
I wish these "Christian leaders" would start condemning Trump Diamond_Dog Mar 28 #4
Little Marco Rubio must have a quote for this situation. Swede Mar 28 #5
He's always so oddly inappropriate. Didn't he say "Happy Memorial Day!" or something catbyte Mar 29 #6
It's a way for Talibangelical churches to donate OMGWTF Mar 29 #7
Recommended. H2O Man Mar 29 #8
"Taking advantage of people's faith... SergeStorms Mar 29 #9
Of Course That Has Been the Roman Catholic Charter From the Start The Roux Comes First Mar 29 #11
Happy Holy Week isn't a thing SleeplessinSoCal Mar 29 #10
The AntiChrist selling Bibles orangecrush Mar 29 #12
Deeper reaction doesn't so much as a WIDER reaction Silent3 Mar 29 #13
Hope so... Drum Mar 29 #14
Anecdotal, but shanti Mar 29 #16
Aside from the blasphemy does he not realize that 99.99% of all Christians GoodRaisin Mar 29 #18
I reckon many evangelical preachers are pissed that Trump is stepping on their grift. Midnight Writer Mar 29 #19
thank you Skittles Mar 29 #31
If his targets are Christian why are they buying a bible from him if they should already have one? LiberalFighter Mar 29 #20
Is Trump expanding his real estate holdings to heaven? And hell? Ping Tung Mar 29 #22
Biblical irony at its best... ProudMNDemocrat Mar 29 #23
..i am expecting the. thomski64 Mar 29 #26
His statement, "The Bible is my favorite book, I have a lot of them in my library", was all I would think a Christian .. marble falls Mar 29 #27
If he has Bibles at Maralardo, he let the Gideons in at some point Maeve Mar 29 #35
I see his campaign committee, pacs, and the rnc buying millions of copies getagrip_already Mar 29 #28
I am a lapsed Catholic BlueKota Mar 29 #30
I wonder if this says more about white evangelicals than it does Trump? walkingman Mar 29 #32
Jesus had some thoughts on the Biblical kingdom being separate from the earthly kingdoms. keithbvadu2 Mar 29 #33
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