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NYC Liberal

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74. Reminds me of Leslie Stahl badgering Speaker Pelosi about retiring
Fri Mar 29, 2024, 12:32 PM
Mar 29

when Stahl herself is only a year younger.

She's no spring chicken, herself. RandySF Mar 28 #1
Did she get Rebl2 Mar 28 #45
It was news A LONG TIME ago that she was retiring Grins Mar 28 #2
No idea.... democratsruletheday Mar 28 #43
Unlike Tommy the Tuber? usonian Mar 28 #3
No alien in his right mind would eat that. dchill Mar 28 #51
Can't have meat without veggies. usonian Mar 28 #59
The guy at the top of the stairs Disaffected Mar 28 #4
I noticed the man on tip being careful with his footing. It had rained so good for him. riversedge Mar 28 #14
Secret service maybe? Rebl2 Mar 28 #46
He's got big feet, just like Barack Obama Brother Buzz Mar 28 #53
She has literally no business making comments such as that dsc Mar 28 #5
Looks pretty dignified to me Aviation Pro Mar 28 #6
At one point I am certain the orange one sharted...between 12 and 13 secs in. cayugafalls Mar 28 #12
What's that? That thing he's doing with his lips? Seinan Sensei Mar 28 #54
That picture was taken during Tickle Mar 28 #64
Dotard claimed that he ran down the last 10 feet of the ramp. keithbvadu2 Mar 28 #66
She can take her leave in MOMFUDSKI Mar 28 #7
Rightwibg radio was talking about the fundraiser..said probably no prayer Demovictory9 Mar 28 #8
That would be just like right wingers KS Toronado Mar 28 #23
I heard her but did you hear when malaise Mar 28 #9
Figures Rebl2 Mar 28 #50
I prefer to believe Mordred Mar 28 #10
Awesome trio of current and former presidents! Lonestarblue Mar 28 #11
"She's on a roll bashing dems today! She made an off hand comment about Bill Clinton and his marriage that I did not ap riversedge Mar 28 #13
Marriage comments keithbvadu2 Mar 28 #69
It was Boeing plane. He wanted to get off as quickly as possible. twodogsbarking Mar 28 #15
Maybe she's just marveling at how vital a... LudwigPastorius Mar 28 #16
Yes. Greenspan is 98. Harker Mar 28 #18
Thought he Rebl2 Mar 28 #49
I wasn't sure. Had to look him up. n/t Harker Mar 28 #62
While I Get Your Point... ProfessorGAC Mar 28 #17
In other words, her usual schtick when discussing Democrats: Snarky and pointless. bluesbassman Mar 28 #19
Good By Me ProfessorGAC Mar 28 #21
Photo of Andrea Mitchell @MichellReports falling ASLEEP on air.......... riversedge Mar 28 #20
And she closed her eyelids slower than usual. GreenWave Mar 28 #56
Mitchell isn't far behind President Biden in age dlk Mar 28 #22
I think it is time to respond to NBC with a national advertiser boycott of any products surrounding Mitchell broadcasts. Ford_Prefect Mar 28 #24
If that amazes her, I wonder if she has problems Emile Mar 28 #25
JFC in a handbag! Mr. Evil Mar 28 #26
That woman is pure garbage! Why is she still on the air? Oopsie Daisy Mar 28 #27
Because someone with a hell of a lot of money and power at NBC wants her to be. She's connected and protected just like Ford_Prefect Mar 28 #36
And furthermore... 2naSalit Mar 28 #42
Agreed. Oopsie Daisy Mar 28 #60
We need somebody with a camera to meet her airplanes and film her coming downstairs every damn time Walleye Mar 28 #28
Did it take 5 minutes for her to come up with the words for her comment? Bev54 Mar 28 #29
Like Joe Lieberman, Andrea Mitchell can go to Hell! ffr Mar 28 #30
She's only about 135 years old herself. Trueblue Texan Mar 28 #31
Sounds like the kind of comment many of us old might say after walking down step steps. Silent Type Mar 28 #32
so, what does this have to do with the price of eggs . ? um, id have to use the lift . im a klutz. thatis what the lift AllaN01Bear Mar 28 #33
The guy at the top of the stairs looks like the handrails are too low for him. LiberalFighter Mar 28 #34
Hey Andrea: PCIntern Mar 28 #35
I wonder if she opines on her 77 year-old feet or her husband's 98 year-old feet being able to navigate LoisB Mar 28 #37
Michell has always been une saloppe* Warpy Mar 28 #38
Ce n'est pas tout DFW Mar 28 #67
Ronna Romney McDaniel was a start. Marcuse Mar 28 #39
She is afraid Dems/Biden will raise taxes on the rich. rubbersole Mar 28 #40
Fuck Mrs. Greenspan cactusfractal Mar 28 #41
Mrs Greenspan bdamomma Mar 28 #44
I just saw a couple of guys walking down stairs. patphil Mar 28 #47
Wasn't she supposed to retire? Beaverhausen Mar 28 #48
Maybe the MSNBC Anchors can McDaniel Her DaBronx Mar 28 #52
Not going to happen. Rachel Maddow, et al, consider Andrea Mitchell to be a colleague. Earth-shine Mar 28 #63
I know I was just half kidding DaBronx Mar 28 #70
If I see her face on my screen I can't change the channel fast enough. Golden Raisin Mar 28 #55
Andrea Mitchell is 77 years old. Does she want us reporting when she makes it down stairs?! SunSeeker Mar 28 #57
Reminds me of Leslie Stahl badgering Speaker Pelosi about retiring NYC Liberal Mar 29 #74
🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮. That 77 year old woman disgust me ..what wrong with her ? Naio Mar 28 #58
I turn off MSNBC when she is on claudette Mar 28 #61
She's such a hack ellie Mar 28 #65
I think it's funny what people get upset over. All Mixed Up Mar 28 #68
Doubt that she can do it... live love laugh Mar 28 #71
We REALLY ought to get out a plan together to oust her pompous ass once and for all. flying_wahini Mar 29 #72
Well.... nickster48 Mar 29 #73
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