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Wow, that's new territory, I thought she was a White House add-on bucolic_frolic Apr 1 #1
If there was one COL Mustard Apr 1 #13
she was a personal assistant, no? getagrip_already Apr 1 #2
Looking for detail malaise Apr 1 #3
She met with proscedutors in early March nuxvomica Apr 1 #4
She is no longer a fan - jumped ship a while back malaise Apr 1 #7
Isn't she one who quit right after Jan 6? slightlv Apr 1 #16
Yes n/t malaise Apr 1 #18
I bet she has steamy pantloads of information Blue Owl Apr 1 #5
She'll bring her steamer just in case. rubbersole Apr 1 #15
No wonder he's imploding! kentuck Apr 1 #6
He never had any evidence to exonerate him in any of his trials, gab13by13 Apr 1 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author Beachnutt Apr 1 #8
Not really fair lostnfound Apr 1 #19
Let us know when you get details! senseandsensibility Apr 1 #10
What I found malaise Apr 1 #20
Katyal just said she's testifying for the malaise Apr 1 #26
Yay! senseandsensibility Apr 1 #27
Why do all of his "helpers" look like models? lindysalsagal Apr 1 #11
He thinks it makes HIM look good to have the hot women work for him oldsoftie Apr 1 #21
He only likes women who look like models. ShazzieB Apr 1 #22
Hicks was a model as a teen, did work for Ralph Lauren & was the cover model for the first book in the 'It Girl' series, Celerity Apr 1 #30
His little hopey will MOMFUDSKI Apr 1 #12
So, working for Trump was supposed to Demobrat Apr 1 #14
To misquote parking garage lawyer Alina Hobbit... rubbersole Apr 1 #17
Yeah, that really jumped out...the sheer sense of entitlement in that quote. keep_left Apr 1 #24
Hope springs eternal of TSF's Demise Rhiagel Apr 1 #23
The sooner the better malaise Apr 1 #28
🙄 But will she say anything that resembles the truth? FakeNoose Apr 1 #25
I forgot all about her. dmr Apr 1 #29
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