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111. Katie Porter Lost My Support When She Endorsed and Campaigned for Nina Turner
Tue Apr 2, 2024, 08:22 AM
Apr 2

when Shontel Brown ran for re-election in 2022. I would never support anyone who aligns themselves with Nina Turner. Porter's reaction to her loss to Schiff is exactly what I would expect from her. I'm sure she was shocked that she did so poorly.

It is normal for her to be wrong. nt BootinUp Mar 31 #1
She doesn't get attention supporting the Dems, but being a Democratic Party Contrarian she sure does. TheBlackAdder Apr 1 #52
She may "claim" to be a Democrat, but... She is, however, any number or words/terms I won't use. hlthe2b Mar 31 #2
The first time I listened to her some Jesus crap came out of her mouth. I'm watching a political show brewens Apr 2 #107
Consider the source.. Turner spewed Voting for Pres Biden would be like eatng a Bowl of shit. Cha Mar 31 #3
The voting for Biden is like eating half a bowl of shit "It's still shit" comment must not be forgotten. betsuni Mar 31 #38
Yeah, Turner owns that Stupidity Cha Mar 31 #40
Yes, that group LOVES Nina Turner... therefore I'm suspicious of ALL of their other endorsements * Oopsie Daisy Apr 1 #62
Justice Democrats, Our Revolution, DSA, etc. all hate the Democratic Party for no rational reason. betsuni Apr 1 #63
I wonder how much longer it will take before she teams up with the "Democracy Now!" propaganda machine. Oopsie Daisy Apr 2 #100
They think the Tea Party is grassroots and Trump voters are secretly leftist populists. betsuni Apr 2 #101
Good reply on that twitter thread: hlthe2b Mar 31 #4
That's perfect! What a great meme! Oopsie Daisy Mar 31 #18
She needs to go away JustAnotherGen Mar 31 #28
She's been doing that for awhile - she's not a friend. Ocelot II Mar 31 #5
My wife and I once had lunch with her... brooklynite Mar 31 #6
Naturally. Oopsie Daisy Mar 31 #19
+1 Emile Apr 2 #96
Details. Why did she go over the cliff? Can't you tell us? betsuni Apr 2 #94
Bitter!! diehardblue Apr 2 #104
Yes. betsuni Apr 2 #105
"Bernie or Bust" brooklynite Apr 2 #113
To everything turn tern torn Tetrachloride Mar 31 #7
I learned years ago not to pay attention to anything she says. dmr Mar 31 #8
Nina who? Sucha NastyWoman Mar 31 #9
Ya know.... The one Katie Porter endorsed... Happy Hoosier Mar 31 #15
Yes. That was a very revealing moment. Oopsie Daisy Mar 31 #21
Exactly. What was she thinking. Cha Mar 31 #25
15% Katie sure knows hiw to pick 'em Jose Garcia Mar 31 #26
They can get together and talk about all the things they have in common Mountainguy Apr 1 #53
RIGGED! CORRUPT! The Democratic Establishment is out to get them and will stop at nothing, etc. betsuni Apr 1 #55
Nina the one i cant stand. She LIED about my lovely Hillary Clinton. Trueblue1968 Apr 1 #76
Who is that? onecaliberal Mar 31 #10
Is Nina Turner somebody we should know? Kaleva Mar 31 #11
yes you should know her NoRethugFriends Mar 31 #14
Why? Kaleva Mar 31 #47
look her up if you want to know. NoRethugFriends Mar 31 #48
She's a public figure with media exposure, was on CNN a month ago supporting the uncommitted primary betsuni Apr 1 #49
Then I won't vote for her if she runs in my state and district Kaleva Apr 1 #74
It is just as well PatSeg Mar 31 #20
At a minimum, you should know she's still a voting member of the DNC brooklynite Apr 1 #70
Why should I know that? Kaleva Apr 1 #73
Ironic! Same nefarious all-powerful DNC Nina and those types claim somehow rig elections with money betsuni Apr 1 #83
And? So? NanaCat Apr 1 #86
Richly ironic she's promoted conspiracy theories the DNC rigs primaries while being a DNC member! betsuni Apr 2 #88
Nailed it! She should have grave yarded long ago arthritisR_US Apr 2 #93
She's a "progressive." Sanders Institute Fellow. Former Our Revolution president. betsuni Apr 2 #97
Oh snap! sheshe2 Apr 2 #117
There's been a lot wrong with Nina Turner for a long time calguy Mar 31 #12
Poor Nina "[DNC] tried to seduce us with donuts and water" Turner. betsuni Mar 31 #13
Here she is...campaigning.🤔 sheshe2 Apr 1 #82
"I'm running on a vision." The evidence is in, Democratic voters want legislation passed, not luxury populist visions. betsuni Apr 1 #84
And... sheshe2 Apr 1 #85
Exactly. The job is working for constituents. betsuni Apr 2 #89
"Be a workhorse, not a showhorse." sheshe2 Apr 2 #90
Wow, impressive! Thank you, Shontel! betsuni Apr 2 #92
Who dresses her? Lord, she needs help. Is there such a thing as "Garanimals" for adults? Oopsie Daisy Apr 2 #102
Apparently.😳😂 sheshe2 Apr 2 #118
As long as I have learned about this woman she has alway denigrated the democratic party Bev54 Mar 31 #16
She works for Putin JI7 Mar 31 #17
Exactly +1 Rec. Has been doing so for YEARS. SoFlaBro Apr 1 #58
She is part of the purity left SocialDemocrat61 Mar 31 #22
Saw her on a podcast, kept saying "I'm right. I'm right." Purity Left. betsuni Mar 31 #35
I've always felt a lot of those people SocialDemocrat61 Mar 31 #36
Next Level JustAnotherGen Apr 1 #54
Income is important. betsuni Apr 1 #60
GOOD! I guess people are catching-on to their grift and con-game. Oopsie Daisy Apr 1 #67
I think they had something out JustAnotherGen Apr 1 #71
This one? lapucelle Apr 2 #109
Yes! That's the one! They ADMIT their goal is to destroy the Democratic party!! Oopsie Daisy Apr 2 #110
I've posted it, but so have others. lapucelle Apr 2 #112
It's such a shame that these Just Us actors think they Nixie Apr 2 #115
Yes, clearly not about policies (no matter how much they insist) because it's always about attacking character betsuni Apr 1 #59
What a strange video. When she started off with the anti-Dem rank... brush Mar 31 #23
The man is commenting on a video of her SocialDemocrat61 Mar 31 #24
Oh, they're not in the video together? It sure looks like it. brush Mar 31 #27
It's actually something easy to do SocialDemocrat61 Mar 31 #29
I wouldn't put myself in such a position. There could be legal repercussions... brush Mar 31 #33
Post removed Post removed Mar 31 #30
Nina? Or the Twitter poster (@2RawTooReal) Oopsie Daisy Mar 31 #34
She has a lot of hate. LiberalFighter Mar 31 #31
I liked her years ago PlutosHeart Mar 31 #32
I sense she is just a selfish, FarPoint Mar 31 #37
Nina Turner always attacks the Democratic Party UpInArms Mar 31 #39
Because she's an anti-status quo radical, which many mistakes for liberal. haele Mar 31 #41
She's grifting older white "conservative", or as I like to think of them "conabled", white folks. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 31 #42
maybe she does it cuz it gets her plastered all over internet message boards nt msongs Mar 31 #43
she's not a democrat so not surprised to see her ripping democrats Takket Mar 31 #44
This is a new thing to you? edisdead Mar 31 #45
Amy Goodman appears to be a very popular * Oopsie Daisy Mar 31 #46
I can't watch, it's too distressing. It's not journalism, propaganda. betsuni Apr 1 #64
Yes, Goodman is definitely anti-Democratic party, and anti-Biden. So far out there * Oopsie Daisy Apr 1 #66
I am so happy than Shontel defeated Nina in the primary LetMyPeopleVote Apr 1 #50
And she lost by a rather large margin, too. Not even close, if I recall correctly. Oopsie Daisy Apr 1 #72
She has been unhinged for some time. Refusing to vote for Hillary in the JohnSJ Apr 1 #51
Yes... "blaming the Jews" and hating on AIPAC seems to be a popular way of virtue-signaling among some. Oopsie Daisy Apr 1 #61
Pretty simple, she sucks. bottomofthehill Apr 1 #56
Just another of a number of malcontents who didn't get B.See Apr 1 #57
Who said what? maxrandb Apr 1 #65
This is what makes Katie Porter's endorsement of Nina Nixie Apr 1 #68
Indeed! It's a heavy price to pay for indulging in the TOTAL FANTASY of a "revolution" that never arrived. Oopsie Daisy Apr 1 #69
Nothing rather than something is morally superior to them, exposing their bourgeois pseudo BS. betsuni Apr 2 #95
Totally agree. These are not serious people. The Nixie Apr 2 #114
Yes. Her political career is over. (Thankfully.) Sometimes the system works as it's supposed to. Oopsie Daisy Apr 2 #116
She was at one time connected to Bernie... kentuck Apr 1 #75
What would anyone see in her? Why would anyone want to be connected with or associated with her?? Oopsie Daisy Apr 1 #77
Still is. betsuni Apr 2 #99
Who is Nina Turner and why should I give a ---- nt doc03 Apr 1 #78
As with all raging arseholes NanaCat Apr 1 #79
Nina Turner is a classic case of "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are." DFW Apr 1 #80
That's an astute observation. She is definitely a drag on the campaigns (and reputations) of those who * Oopsie Daisy Apr 1 #81
Spanish has a similar saying NanaCat Apr 2 #87
The Spanish "dicho" is closer equivalent DFW Apr 2 #91
Well, they should've known. It's obvious. betsuni Apr 2 #98
To you and me, it was obvious DFW Apr 2 #103
Yes. betsuni Apr 2 #106
shes still around??? samnsara Apr 2 #108
Katie Porter Lost My Support When She Endorsed and Campaigned for Nina Turner Indykatie Apr 2 #111
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