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18. I find it funny
Thu Apr 4, 2024, 05:04 PM
Apr 4

You think there would be trials.

Who would do it? The MAGAts already in the DOJ, the police, and the military aided and abetted by those he installs post-election and the wingnut evangelical hate groups (think Proud Boys).

Talk is soooo cheap with this bag of wind, tRump. FarPoint Apr 4 #1
. lame54 Apr 4 #2
In 2 weeks... lame54 Apr 4 #3
Just eat t-rump steaks and drink t-rump vodka. You'll be fine and won't need no f'in healthcare. erronis Apr 4 #7
"eat t-rump steaks and drink t-rump vodka" Dave Bowman Apr 4 #13
lol... it must be infrastructure week then! Bucky Apr 4 #22
We said he couldn't win in 2016. Prepare for the worst. 33taw Apr 4 #5
TFG has no filter to hold him back from voicing Delmette2.0 Apr 4 #8
I agree. n/t shrike3 Apr 4 #9
Why? FarPoint Apr 4 #28
Because Trump is capable of anything. shrike3 Apr 4 #32
Somehow....I was able to not linger in fear mode.... FarPoint Apr 4 #33
James Comey isn't FBI director anymore. LiberalFighter Apr 4 #11
Neither did Hillary Clinton 33taw Apr 4 #15
What??? LiberalFighter Apr 4 #25
Comey knew Clinton did nothing wrong and disclosed a pointless investigation. 33taw Apr 5 #36
It was just the typical DENVERPOPS Apr 5 #41
I'm sure they'll find some AI BS. I am in WI and it is already heating up here. 33taw Apr 5 #42
It's not only DENVERPOPS Apr 5 #45
I agree. What a mess. 33taw Apr 5 #46
His followers... hurple Apr 4 #17
Trump had control of everything in 2021 Jan 6. He failed. LiberalFighter Apr 4 #31
Yes, and he already beat Trump back once before Farmer-Rick Apr 4 #24
Correct.... FarPoint Apr 4 #29
You trust Wray? nt returnee Apr 5 #39
Gas prices have an outsized impact on elections. oldsoftie Apr 5 #44
8 years ago at this time, Clinton was 10 points ahead of Trump in the polls. Bucky Apr 4 #23
I am not preparing for the worst... FarPoint Apr 4 #27
Yes, we did, and he did. soldierant Apr 5 #35
And I just got done reading about a blithering idiot working for th NYT. Biophilic Apr 4 #4
Who is that blithering idiot? LiberalFighter Apr 4 #12
Jess Bidgood Biophilic Apr 4 #20
Not sure this rises to the level of even Yahoo! News! erronis Apr 4 #6
she had to be saying this sarcastically NJCher Apr 4 #19
Dictators I_UndergroundPanther Apr 4 #21
So you're saying NJCher Apr 5 #37
Seems like common procedure when you overthrow a country. twodogsbarking Apr 4 #10
Just one question. lees1975 Apr 4 #14
I find it funny hurple Apr 4 #18
The military wouldn't be on his side. Elessar Zappa Apr 4 #30
So sick of that delirious pathetic swine. Dave Bowman Apr 4 #16
What I'd give to be added by name to that list. It'd be an honor. marble falls Apr 4 #26
Funny how he claims HE has freedom of speech louis-t Apr 4 #34
He also said he wanted to put Hillary Clinton in jail jmowreader Apr 5 #38
Marshall Law on day one. sellitman Apr 5 #40
That's what despots do. moondust Apr 5 #43
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