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RIP Randall. Elessar Zappa Apr 6 #1
Too sad malaise Apr 6 #2
It does... lame54 Apr 6 #4
Mine died decades ago malaise Apr 6 #5
Husband was the same after our lab died. shrike3 Apr 6 #10
The entire litter had mumps and I hand fed themYes the loss is real malaise Apr 6 #14
So sorry, Malaise. shrike3 Apr 6 #38
They are never with us long enough... samnsara Apr 6 #3
Thank you lame54 Apr 6 #8
Lady of the Beasts, please take Your Randall gently home in Your niyad Apr 6 #6
Echoing your lovely words, niyad Wicked Blue Apr 7 #61
So mote it be. TomSlick Apr 7 #62
Sending my condolences Tumbulu Apr 6 #7
My sincere sympathy for your loss. LoisB Apr 6 #9
I feel your loss. hlthe2b Apr 6 #11
What s little cutie !!! You took good care of him and he had a great life! Energy Karadeniz Apr 6 #12
Thank you for giving him such a wonderful life. Nevilledog Apr 6 #13
He's lived on both coast... lame54 Apr 7 #65
That's an exceptional life. I'm glad you shared those adventures. Nevilledog Apr 7 #72
I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace, precious little doggie. 50 Shades Of Blue Apr 6 #15
I am sorry for your loss. Gore1FL Apr 6 #16
So sorry. Joinfortmill Apr 6 #17
Oh, but you have a storehouse of memories to help you through your grief. 17 1/2 years! Hermit-The-Prog Apr 6 #18
Yes we have many memories Lifeafter70 Apr 7 #57
Hugggggggggs to both of you. Your DU family grieves with you. niyad Apr 7 #63
I'm so sorry for your loss of Randall. You had many years of love. sinkingfeeling Apr 6 #19
Tracks on our Hearts Camaromjr Apr 6 #20
Comforting hugs radical noodle Apr 6 #21
Thank you lame54 Apr 7 #56
Peace to you lonely bird Apr 6 #22
A good, long life canetoad Apr 6 #23
And that's where they go. The Rainbow Bridge. calimary Apr 7 #43
My heart is with you dai13sy Apr 6 #24
I am so sorry for the loss of your Randall. May your memories of him bring you joy. 💔 chia Apr 6 #25
Pets are like children that never grow up. Although we know their time is short, it's tough to handle their passing. patphil Apr 6 #26
When I was 5 yrs old we got an Irish Setter Jacson6 Apr 6 #27
My deepest condolences. 😢💔 Wishing you peace and comfort, from MerryBlooms Apr 6 #28
Very sorry. blue neen Apr 6 #29
Epitaph to a Dog Hotler Apr 6 #30
It is amazing how they burrow so deeply and quietly into our hearts. You were blessed. I am sorry for your loss. marble falls Apr 6 #31
I'm so so sorry for your loss DeeDeeNY Apr 6 #32
I can see he played hard and I bet he loved hard. 💗 MLAA Apr 6 #33
I am so sorry for your loss, lame54. brer cat Apr 6 #34
Jack Russells and Rat Terriers are the best. JanMichael Apr 6 #35
So very sorry for your loss mountain grammy Apr 6 #36
I'm so sorry ForgedCrank Apr 6 #37
So sorry for your loss montanacowboy Apr 6 #39
The cost of a dog is paid at the end Stinky The Clown Apr 7 #40
grief is the price of love Skittles Apr 7 #42
it's so hard Skittles Apr 7 #41
I'm so sorry. WinstonSmith4740 Apr 7 #44
Aww the little pup. Javaman Apr 7 #45
I know the feeling sadly as I've lost all my cats and my one brother won't let me get any new pets. cstanleytech Apr 7 #46
You need a group hug malaise Apr 7 #47
I'm in lame54 Apr 7 #69
I'm so sorry. Solly Mack Apr 7 #48
Losing a beloved pet, especially one who has been by your side for so long is devastating. Fla Dem Apr 7 #49
Sorry to hear that... lame54 Apr 7 #52
Randall rests in your heart Wild blueberry Apr 7 #50
I remember when we made this vid Lifeafter70 Apr 7 #60
He looks like a good boi... Bayard Apr 7 #51
so sorry , what a cutie! jtb653 Apr 7 #53
I'm so sorry cate94 Apr 7 #54
It seems like yesterday when we brought you home Lifeafter70 Apr 7 #55
What a life that guy had wendyb-NC Apr 7 #58
RIP Ohio Joe Apr 7 #59
What an adorable pup... I'm very sorry for your loss and the pain you're feeling. liberalla Apr 7 #64
Thank you lame54 Apr 8 #73
Losing a pet is the one downside of pet ownership. totodeinhere Apr 7 #66
I am so sorry. I get it. PlutosHeart Apr 7 #67
It's rough but think of the good times lame54 Apr 7 #70
Can never keep them long enough, unconditional love..... The Wizard Apr 7 #68
I'm so sorry MustLoveBeagles Apr 7 #71
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