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57. Yes we have many memories
Sun Apr 7, 2024, 03:01 PM
Apr 7

So many events in our lives were because of Randall. We bought our first house together after receiving a notice from landlord regarding his barking. He would bark at the doorbell even on the tv lol. Many of our vacations were dog vacations. Jeckle Island was the best.
Randall's mom and Lame54 wife

RIP Randall. Elessar Zappa Apr 6 #1
Too sad malaise Apr 6 #2
It does... lame54 Apr 6 #4
Mine died decades ago malaise Apr 6 #5
Husband was the same after our lab died. shrike3 Apr 6 #10
The entire litter had mumps and I hand fed themYes the loss is real malaise Apr 6 #14
So sorry, Malaise. shrike3 Apr 6 #38
They are never with us long enough... samnsara Apr 6 #3
Thank you lame54 Apr 6 #8
Lady of the Beasts, please take Your Randall gently home in Your niyad Apr 6 #6
Echoing your lovely words, niyad Wicked Blue Apr 7 #61
So mote it be. TomSlick Apr 7 #62
Sending my condolences Tumbulu Apr 6 #7
My sincere sympathy for your loss. LoisB Apr 6 #9
I feel your loss. hlthe2b Apr 6 #11
What s little cutie !!! You took good care of him and he had a great life! Energy Karadeniz Apr 6 #12
Thank you for giving him such a wonderful life. Nevilledog Apr 6 #13
He's lived on both coast... lame54 Apr 7 #65
That's an exceptional life. I'm glad you shared those adventures. Nevilledog Apr 7 #72
I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace, precious little doggie. 50 Shades Of Blue Apr 6 #15
I am sorry for your loss. Gore1FL Apr 6 #16
So sorry. Joinfortmill Apr 6 #17
Oh, but you have a storehouse of memories to help you through your grief. 17 1/2 years! Hermit-The-Prog Apr 6 #18
Yes we have many memories Lifeafter70 Apr 7 #57
Hugggggggggs to both of you. Your DU family grieves with you. niyad Apr 7 #63
I'm so sorry for your loss of Randall. You had many years of love. sinkingfeeling Apr 6 #19
Tracks on our Hearts Camaromjr Apr 6 #20
Comforting hugs radical noodle Apr 6 #21
Thank you lame54 Apr 7 #56
Peace to you lonely bird Apr 6 #22
A good, long life canetoad Apr 6 #23
And that's where they go. The Rainbow Bridge. calimary Apr 7 #43
My heart is with you dai13sy Apr 6 #24
I am so sorry for the loss of your Randall. May your memories of him bring you joy. 💔 chia Apr 6 #25
Pets are like children that never grow up. Although we know their time is short, it's tough to handle their passing. patphil Apr 6 #26
When I was 5 yrs old we got an Irish Setter Jacson6 Apr 6 #27
My deepest condolences. 😢💔 Wishing you peace and comfort, from MerryBlooms Apr 6 #28
Very sorry. blue neen Apr 6 #29
Epitaph to a Dog Hotler Apr 6 #30
It is amazing how they burrow so deeply and quietly into our hearts. You were blessed. I am sorry for your loss. marble falls Apr 6 #31
I'm so so sorry for your loss DeeDeeNY Apr 6 #32
I can see he played hard and I bet he loved hard. 💗 MLAA Apr 6 #33
I am so sorry for your loss, lame54. brer cat Apr 6 #34
Jack Russells and Rat Terriers are the best. JanMichael Apr 6 #35
So very sorry for your loss mountain grammy Apr 6 #36
I'm so sorry ForgedCrank Apr 6 #37
So sorry for your loss montanacowboy Apr 6 #39
The cost of a dog is paid at the end Stinky The Clown Apr 7 #40
grief is the price of love Skittles Apr 7 #42
it's so hard Skittles Apr 7 #41
I'm so sorry. WinstonSmith4740 Apr 7 #44
Aww the little pup. Javaman Apr 7 #45
I know the feeling sadly as I've lost all my cats and my one brother won't let me get any new pets. cstanleytech Apr 7 #46
You need a group hug malaise Apr 7 #47
I'm in lame54 Apr 7 #69
I'm so sorry. Solly Mack Apr 7 #48
Losing a beloved pet, especially one who has been by your side for so long is devastating. Fla Dem Apr 7 #49
Sorry to hear that... lame54 Apr 7 #52
Randall rests in your heart Wild blueberry Apr 7 #50
I remember when we made this vid Lifeafter70 Apr 7 #60
He looks like a good boi... Bayard Apr 7 #51
so sorry , what a cutie! jtb653 Apr 7 #53
I'm so sorry cate94 Apr 7 #54
It seems like yesterday when we brought you home Lifeafter70 Apr 7 #55
What a life that guy had wendyb-NC Apr 7 #58
RIP Ohio Joe Apr 7 #59
What an adorable pup... I'm very sorry for your loss and the pain you're feeling. liberalla Apr 7 #64
Thank you lame54 Apr 8 #73
Losing a pet is the one downside of pet ownership. totodeinhere Apr 7 #66
I am so sorry. I get it. PlutosHeart Apr 7 #67
It's rough but think of the good times lame54 Apr 7 #70
Can never keep them long enough, unconditional love..... The Wizard Apr 7 #68
I'm so sorry MustLoveBeagles Apr 7 #71
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