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27. I could've used some help with this storm
Mon Apr 8, 2024, 09:55 AM
Apr 8

We got about 8 inches of heavy, wet snow by Thursday morning, when I had a colonoscopy scheduled, and I had to clear out behind my driver's car after going through prep so I was starving and dehydrated, and couldn't use the snowblower because the snow was so heavy. When I was done, the plow came by and left another huge bank where I had just cleared. I shouted "Motherfucker!" at the plow driver but he probably couldn't hear me and/or didn't care.

When we got home after the procedure, I was all set to cook up a big meal but the power was out, though it came back a few hours later. I had a bologna sandwich instead. The next day, a neighbor showed me that a 90-foot pine between his and my house was cracking under the weight of the heavy snow. Fortunately, I was able to get a crew there within a few hours and they took down four trees that were endangering my house. It was an expensive storm.

I'm glad you got help!

Nice. Elessar Zappa Apr 7 #1
Wonderful outcome. Basic LA Apr 7 #2
They are heroes wendyb-NC Apr 7 #3
Must be that Dudley DoRight blood bucolic_frolic Apr 7 #4
Dudley DoRight has cousins in the US, you know he does Hekate Apr 7 #9
Their mamas raised them right Bayard Apr 7 #5
This is the pic JoseBalow Apr 7 #6
Thanks! LAS14 Apr 7 #19
To get the picture to show JoseBalow Apr 7 #22
And thanks again! nt LAS14 Apr 7 #24
What a nice story! The local news said there were still 10,000 people in NH without power this a.m. Vinca Apr 7 #7
Nice! Hope you got thru the 3 days of no power without much problem. FailureToCommunicate Apr 7 #8
Thank you for my feel-good story of the day! I am so glad you & hubby are safe... Hekate Apr 7 #10
Love bobnicewander Apr 7 #11
There are some mighty nice people in this world! usonian Apr 7 #12
You know those little surveys they always want you to fill out just because you got to their website? planetc Apr 7 #13
how wonderful! Demsrule86 Apr 7 #14
I am sure they feel good about it.too. twodogsbarking Apr 7 #15
Where I come from, that's called "virtue rewarded." calimary Apr 7 #16
I LOVE THIS !!! fierywoman Apr 7 #17
Thank you so much for sharing this lovely bit of kindness with us. niyad Apr 7 #18
A beautiful story malaise Apr 7 #20
The kindness of these workers makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote Apr 7 #21
Kindness when you least expected it Saoirse9 Apr 7 #23
Sweet! Hope22 Apr 7 #25
I love this story! Many thanks to Mitch and Mike! liberalla Apr 8 #26
I could've used some help with this storm nuxvomica Apr 8 #27
Thanks for sharing this positive story! Very refreshing! nt Trueblue Texan Apr 8 #28
In my next life I'm going to be Canadian. You guys are the best!! OMGWTF Apr 8 #29
Good to hear the good news for a change! Glad you're ok Evolve Dammit Apr 8 #30
Thank you Mitch and Mike dai13sy Apr 8 #31
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