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How nice of Mike Simone to do the thinking for everyone Blue Owl Apr 10 #1
Let me give you an example that moronic pea brain like you might understand. Try taking a 5-hour bus ride when... usaf-vet Apr 10 #63
Wow, I had no idea all that is involved in this procedure. Abolishinist Apr 10 #64
Indeed -- fuck him and his fucking bus ride Blue Owl Apr 10 #72
A little bit OT, but that's why we almost lost Stephen Colbert Wednesdays Apr 10 #90
Exactly! But Colbert had a lot going for him that helped save his life. Money, connections, and being male with no..... usaf-vet Apr 11 #99
Here is a real life example of what I have seen in real life. It is never pretty. And It can be deadly..... usaf-vet Apr 12 #100
Great post malaise Apr 11 #98
With an Extra Big Shovel! Cha Apr 10 #71
Get your wig adjusted johnnyfins Apr 10 #2
I wonder if he registered that thing to vote underpants Apr 10 #6
Oh, I thought it was a dye job but wig sounds better... CTyankee Apr 10 #25
Technically, I think that's a two-pay. dchill Apr 10 #34
Oh, that dude is definitely sporting some ugly ass store-bought hair! ShazzieB Apr 10 #60
Yes, the Beatles wig VGNonly Apr 10 #44
And it looks like he dyes his eyebrows johnnyfins Apr 10 #52
Ban Viagra. Then listen to them squawk. LakeArenal Apr 10 #3
If they institute the Comstock Act slightlv Apr 10 #30
It won't be though. Sky Jewels Apr 10 #50
Love your snark! :) slightlv Apr 10 #58
Plus they say "state by state" but they also want to ban shipping medication nationally. forgotmylogin Apr 10 #57
I would put you next to my hubby... slightlv Apr 10 #61
I'm not so sure Lysistrata could have happene when it was written. soldierant Apr 10 #89
Amen to that. Diamond_Dog Apr 10 #40
Or just ban sex in Arizona PatSeg Apr 10 #45
How does that solve, well, anything? twodogsbarking Apr 10 #84
Correctile dysfunction Marthe48 Apr 10 #4
A worthy crime. 3catwoman3 Apr 10 #26
Prostate cancer is no big deal Johonny Apr 10 #5
your comments almost made me sick--they are potenitially so close to the Truth!! riversedge Apr 10 #12
Not to mention having to take time off from work, possibly unpaid, intheflow Apr 10 #7
Just grab his cheap toupee Ray Bruns Apr 10 #38
some rich dont give a hoot hoot hoot. AllaN01Bear Apr 10 #8
Another Spokesdick for the 4B Movement. OMGWTF Apr 10 #9
4 B movement? slightlv Apr 10 #31
forced birth? niyad Apr 10 #33
I dunno..,. slightlv Apr 10 #78
That was my guess. And you answered a question I was about to niyad Apr 10 #79
Actually, I am incorrect. I just googled the 4B movement. .4B (or 4 no's) niyad Apr 10 #82
Thank you. I was not familiar with the 4B movement until just now. niyad Apr 10 #83
umm Is Simone wearing a wig?? riversedge Apr 10 #10
The fact that you had to ask... dchill Apr 10 #36
Yes. He is. LowerManhattanite Apr 10 #91
what about the states that ban intra state travel for this ? AllaN01Bear Apr 10 #11
Surely being arrested for trying to leave your state for an abortion and then EarlG Apr 10 #17
true. AllaN01Bear Apr 10 #18
Obviously this asshole does not know what an ectopic pregnancy is and how dangerous and painful Bev54 Apr 10 #13
That would probably be the closest slightlv Apr 10 #32
What a sick MFer. StarryNite Apr 10 #14
Gross Understatement SN DENVERPOPS Apr 10 #21
reptile dysfunction DoBW Apr 10 #15
Creep. AllyCat Apr 10 #16
Why do all of them make their hairpieces out of junkyard rats? Scrivener7 Apr 10 #19
hehe johnnyfins Apr 10 #53
He swears he will take a bus to California the next time he gets pregnant. Ping Tung Apr 10 #20
What I 3auld6phart Apr 10 #22
Simone thinks the worst thing in the world is paying taxes KS Toronado Apr 10 #23
This GOP asshole needs to watch out LetMyPeopleVote Apr 10 #24
The extremely rich Flatrat Apr 10 #27
The picture of the day for victims of afluenza. Just so out of touch. He's an example of what Roe vs Wade was ... marble falls Apr 10 #28
PLUS If most women with employer sponsored health insurance travel out of state, they Ziggysmom Apr 10 #29
This just makes me so boiling bad slightlv Apr 10 #35
May this pervert, and all his enablers, receive everything they deserve. niyad Apr 10 #37
Stop misogyn-me, Mark. dchill Apr 10 #39
He's probably never taken a bus ride. Harker Apr 10 #41
I'd like to put him on a bus Diamond_Dog Apr 10 #42
FOAD you piece of shit. onecaliberal Apr 10 #43
Good God ismnotwasm Apr 10 #46
He can go straight to #@ll!! n/t Hope22 Apr 10 #47
Castration is too good for him. vanlassie Apr 10 #48
Mike Simone getting kicked in the nuts would not be the worst thing in the world struggle4progress Apr 10 #49
I cannot decide whether combat boots or stiletto heels would be niyad Apr 10 #92
I need to keep reminding myself colorado_ufo Apr 10 #51
I can't believe someone didn't come on set Astraea Apr 10 #54
Rec #100. Thank you, AZSC for handing us the state in November. Maru Kitteh Apr 10 #55
This is sooo disturbing.... Upthevibe Apr 10 #56
I don't understand why there aren't dozens, if not hundreds, of women and men suing these forced-birth states wiggs Apr 10 #62
Dude, "not the worst thing in the world" is a hell of a low bar! ShazzieB Apr 10 #65
Hey ladies! Sucha NastyWoman Apr 10 #66
my wife had 2 ectopics moonshinegnomie Apr 10 #67
The Asshole should worry about his bag rug on his head not women's reproductive health Pepsidog Apr 10 #68
and if you are on parole, forget it. eggplant Apr 10 #69
Why do they All look like they come out of Central Casting For Cha Apr 10 #70
Horrific. Total monster. Iris Apr 10 #73
Old pic TexasBushwhacker Apr 10 #74
Douchebag. Martin68 Apr 10 #75
If he ever needs treatment not for a heart attack or stroke I'd be glad to pay for his bus ticket to a neighboring Martin68 Apr 10 #76
But, you're one of the worst people in the world, shit stain. OverBurn Apr 10 #77
When they talk about "it's not about saving babies, it's about controlling women", this is what they mean. EarnestPutz Apr 10 #80
why do they all look like evil cartoon characters??? CatWoman Apr 10 #81
FUCK YOU, Mark Simone!!! calimary Apr 10 #85
Should have asked him how much that would cost. JohnnyRingo Apr 10 #86
I can imagine that Mike Johnson's tone deaf remarks at the Rosie the Riveter Ceremony BumRushDaShow Apr 10 #87
yet another mansplaining maga mf B.See Apr 10 #88
Some fools should keep their mouths shut. Aussie105 Apr 10 #93
You can't leave the state in some of these Neanderthal states. nt Ilsa Apr 11 #94
It's incredible that people like this can even VOTE Sparkly Apr 11 #95
it's just fucking infuriating Skittles Apr 11 #96
Makes me SO GLAD I live in Connecticut! Even tho I'm too old to be affected by this I am very happy by my CT friends and CTyankee Apr 11 #97
Bad toupee! Xoan Apr 12 #101
The man is garbage dai13sy Apr 12 #102
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