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High? at 3.4%? The kids writing headlines don't remember the 1970s bucolic_frolic Apr 2024 #1
Really, when I needed to borrow money, interest was 16%. When I had money to invest, interest of 0% Walleye Apr 2024 #2
Exactly Rebl2 Apr 2024 #54
In 1979 Mme. Defarge Apr 2024 #15
I think I had 7% in 1987. LiberalFighter Apr 2024 #52
We paid ours off early too. Mme. Defarge Apr 2024 #66
Inflation is not just up 3.5%. All Mixed Up Apr 2024 #16
Inflation is measured annually or month to month bucolic_frolic Apr 2024 #17
It doesn't matter how it's reported. All Mixed Up Apr 2024 #18
So what you're saying is we need a recession to break even. bluesbassman Apr 2024 #23
Such a recession was tried in Britain in the 1920s DBoon Apr 2024 #45
It's not even about breaking even.. All Mixed Up Apr 2024 #53
Sure, but over the last 50 years the average annual inflation rate is around 3.8% Voltaire2 Apr 2024 #29
Over the last 30 years, the average inflation rate is around 2%. All Mixed Up Apr 2024 #50
Poster is correct... cumulative inflation up 18% since January 2021. WarGamer Apr 2024 #24
However, If Using The 40 Year Historical... ProfessorGAC Apr 2024 #42
see #24. You're correct. WarGamer Apr 2024 #25
historic US inflation rates Celerity Apr 2024 #51
Tech workers are seeing some of the highest layoffs since 2009! jmbar2 Apr 2024 #3
As a long-time tech worker, this is kind of overdue. Technologies do change, and Industries do move onto SWBTATTReg Apr 2024 #28
I never really recovered from that era jmbar2 Apr 2024 #35
Sorry to hear this, that's the field I started in, in training, which is weird, I hadn't been in software (my degree) SWBTATTReg Apr 2024 #55
Roughly translated - werdna Apr 2024 #4
Bingo orangecrush Apr 2024 #48
Morning Joe had a focus group of independant doc03 Apr 2024 #5
The power of propaganda constantly repeated made obvious. Without any doubt, it works. Marcus IM Apr 2024 #7
I'm very confused Mad_Machine76 Apr 2024 #33
It all is about inflation. nt doc03 Apr 2024 #34
Deflation from lockdowns NickB79 Apr 2024 #38
The inflation rate in 2021 and 2022 was a direct result of the Covid pandemic. patphil Apr 2024 #60
I wrote about this last week here, gab13by13 Apr 2024 #6
Ok see how you like fascism idiots. triron Apr 2024 #8
Yes, but we have to experience fascism at the same time Silent3 Apr 2024 #14
According to the economy Flatrat Apr 2024 #9
I love when inflation is talked about ScratchCat Apr 2024 #10
Bingo! Exactly gab13by13 Apr 2024 #12
I was telling people in spring 2021 ScratchCat Apr 2024 #21
The farmer near me that sells excess eggs raised his prices 50%. This is not just big corporations. Silent Type Apr 2024 #47
I have chickens & chicken feed keeps going up womanofthehills Apr 2024 #67
That's what he said when he announced increase, cost of feed. Silent Type Apr 2024 #68
When we have inflation during Republican administrations, it's an unstoppable force of nature 0rganism Apr 2024 #26
From what i read..... TheRealNorth Apr 2024 #11
Did you see, gab13by13 Apr 2024 #13
Let's hold off calling for nationalization of oil until after the election. I want Dems to win. Silent Type Apr 2024 #19
we're nearing $6/gal again in SoCal WarGamer Apr 2024 #37
Saw oil is up around $90/barrel again NickB79 Apr 2024 #39
I stopped watching CNN after the Trump town hall JuJuChen Apr 2024 #20
Last month Avalon Sparks Apr 2024 #22
I just purchased a 3lb bag of Honey Crisp apples. videohead5 Apr 2024 #31
That is probably an exceptional sale price TheRealNorth Apr 2024 #32
Yes videohead5 Apr 2024 #61
Calculated today Avalon Sparks Apr 2024 #57
I guess I'm more frugal videohead5 Apr 2024 #62
Yes, and cheato also gave a clear senseandsensibility Apr 2024 #27
Just the insignificant Truth Social sector Blue Owl Apr 2024 #30
CNN has tanked ages ago malaise Apr 2024 #36
I cannot pretend things aren't difficult Calculating Apr 2024 #40
No: according to CNN the market dropped 500 points. brooklynite Apr 2024 #41
Cmon! TheProle Apr 2024 #43
A little misinformation there. It's a one-day report. ificandream Apr 2024 #44
So they made it orangecrush Apr 2024 #49
They did nothing wrong. ificandream Apr 2024 #56
They've had plenty of articles on their main page about the market finishing at record highs... All Mixed Up Apr 2024 #64
Very true. ificandream Apr 2024 #70
You clearly don't remember the Fairness Doctrine brooklynite Apr 2024 #65
Inflation is not some ethereal force angrychair Apr 2024 #46
CNN? Who Dat? 🤔 LenaBaby61 Apr 2024 #58
All electric Ford Mach-E codfisherman Apr 2024 #59
It's election year and they want a horse race. Emile Apr 2024 #63
As usual lower & mid income folks hurting - cost of borrowing is too high (interest rates) BUT TBF Apr 2024 #69
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