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Unwind Your Mind

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14. I have mine timed so that I get one snooze before Stephanie starts at 6:06
Thu Apr 11, 2024, 08:02 PM
Apr 11

I’m still not making it since spring forward but I’m trying

Watch it sink down into the drink! calimary Apr 11 #1
What is an alarm clock? I haven't used one in decades. elocs Apr 11 #2
For me, it's a pretty consistant 5AM call. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 11 #6
Mine licks my face JoseBalow Apr 11 #11
I have mine timed so that I get one snooze before Stephanie starts at 6:06 Unwind Your Mind Apr 11 #14
Have you replaced True Dough Apr 12 #27
Brings new meaning to the words... littlemissmartypants Apr 12 #32
Ha ha! True Dough Apr 12 #34
❤️ littlemissmartypants Apr 12 #35
I have to thank whoever posted the real time ticker. Arthur_Frain Apr 11 #3
Share the fun: Ponietz Apr 11 #5
That's the one! Arthur_Frain Apr 11 #9
Thanks to Ponietz for reposting for me Bernardo de La Paz Apr 12 #25
He has put $0 into it, so Jose Garcia Apr 11 #4
I'm evil. Thinking some of his supporters lost their asses. Kaleva Apr 11 #19
DJT.O as in oh is the actual ticker to watch IbogaProject Apr 11 #7
I wish DoBW Apr 11 #8
The stock price did go up on both Tuesdays Progressive dog Apr 11 #10
Lol!!! blue-wave Apr 11 #12
He owns 78 million shares. edhopper Apr 11 #13
Just be aware it will also go up a tick or two Warpy Apr 11 #15
Not interested. brooklynite Apr 11 #16
These are not Trump's business failings Rachel M at 6 pm Apr 12 #22
So you want people to admit they've been duped? brooklynite Apr 12 #23
That is my hope Rachel M at 6 pm Apr 12 #24
Thanks for keeping up with this so others of us don't have to. ancianita Apr 11 #17
When it's delisted I will pop the cork. 58Sunliner Apr 11 #18
Maybe it'll merge with Xformerlyknownastwitter. Buns_of_Fire Apr 11 #20
The memes on Mastadonz would be epic. n/t Hugin Apr 12 #30
Over at FR, they don't talk much anymore about how rich this made Trump Kaleva Apr 11 #21
Can't imagine getting up at 6 for something that jimfields33 Apr 12 #26
wont he just write it off as a giant loss? samnsara Apr 12 #28
I don't think he put any of his own money into it FakeNoose Apr 12 #31
You have far more patience than I do... Hugin Apr 12 #29
$30.87 so far this morning crazylikafox Apr 12 #33
kick dembotoz Apr 12 #36
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