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25. Even house arrest would be incredibly damaging for him.
Sat Apr 13, 2024, 10:13 AM
Apr 13

Imagine Biden on the campaign trail, holding rallies in critical swing states multiple times a week, vs a convicted felon who isn't allowed to leave his house.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Trump will make it a circus DemMedic Apr 13 #1
This is what he does.......he's the showman, any coverage, ANY COVERAGE is all he wants. a kennedy Apr 13 #21
Probably take a year to select a jury. Emile Apr 13 #23
The Republican Owned Media will gladly help. live love laugh Apr 14 #45
*Jury selection is scheduled to start on Monday. Testimony is expected to last weeks, elleng Apr 13 #2
Thanks elleng Prairie_Seagull Apr 13 #24
I've already seen trial balloons floated by several of the usual sources... Hugin Apr 13 #3
The usual sources of what Trump's defense will be gab13by13 Apr 13 #4
I'd settle for house arrest COL Mustard Apr 13 #8
I would like a conviction. Hugin Apr 13 #12
Bwaaaaah! malaise Apr 13 #13
Yes, I want that too! COL Mustard Apr 13 #19
But, he could get jail time EndlessWire Apr 13 #38
The Pecker Protection Racket NJCher Apr 13 #16
initially i too was amongst that group that thought this was no biggie...but the more samnsara Apr 13 #5
Yep malaise Apr 13 #6
--- and the biggliest bestest part is, 3Hotdogs Apr 13 #7
If he does testify COL Mustard Apr 13 #9
We know they will have a difficult time keeping him in his seat. After all, he has a right to defend himself against the 3Hotdogs Apr 13 #11
People who have appeared before this Judge EndlessWire Apr 13 #39
There is one of those rooms --- press has closed circuit access for overflow. 3Hotdogs Apr 13 #42
Yeah, I laughed out loud when I heard that lie. gab13by13 Apr 13 #10
I read somewhere his wife Tree Lady Apr 13 #31
No, its not brooklynite Apr 13 #14
My assertion is correct. drray23 Apr 13 #15
I agree that Trump will be convicted of felonies, gab13by13 Apr 13 #17
Its unlikely he will be jailed in Rikers. drray23 Apr 13 #18
From a purely logistical perspective COL Mustard Apr 13 #20
Even house arrest would be incredibly damaging for him. bearsfootball516 Apr 13 #25
Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti was interviewed on MSNBC Barry Markson Apr 13 #28
Nobody seems to dispute a conviction on the fraud charges... brooklynite Apr 13 #32
I still don't understand why Bragg edhopper Apr 13 #22
It is election interference. And sorry but I do not want a POTUS who even knows a porn star. onecaliberal Apr 13 #26
It's about false business records to shush a porn star to deceive the public for an election bucolic_frolic Apr 13 #27
It is about election interference. Irish_Dem Apr 13 #29
Hope Hicks SARose Apr 13 #30
He is accused of election interference lame54 Apr 13 #33
But he isn't charged with election interference. onenote Apr 13 #34
It's directly tied to the election... lame54 Apr 13 #36
Political activities are included. EndlessWire Apr 13 #40
But if the misdemeanor charges were in pursuit of another crime, why wasn't he charged with that other crime? onenote Apr 13 #41
Having an affair isn't illegal dlk Apr 13 #35
why isn't Stormy charged Skittles Apr 13 #43
Meanwhile, as dipshit lied, NYC FBI was feeding story Hillary was under investigation. Kid Berwyn Apr 13 #37
Bet he is found guilty, and will receive monetary fine and probation. republianmushroom Apr 13 #44
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