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1. Thanks for posting about this.
Sat Apr 13, 2024, 05:23 PM
Apr 13

I posted on it a few nights ago and it didn’t get any traction. This guy is a psychopath. AND, it is legal in Wyoming to run predators down with snowmobiles and kill them. This wolf pup was severely injured after Roberts ran her down with his snowmobile and when she was too exhausted to run any longer, he duct taped her muzzle shut and put her on his snowmobile and took her to the bar where he paraded her around and took pictures. After he was bored with this cruel activity, he took her around back and shot her to death. Wyoming Game and Fish says they’re not sure the state’s anti-cruelty laws protect predators.

You can sign the petition to charge this a$shore with a felony:


There is so much wrong with this I can’t even speak to it.The torture and killing of predators is legal in Wyoming and the state is getting a lot of heat about those policies:


Thanks for posting about this. MontanaMama Apr 13 #1
Cody Roberts deserves the international public shaming he is experiencing Demovictory9 Apr 13 #2
Indeed he does. MontanaMama Apr 13 #3
Donation sent. Disaffected Apr 13 #7
Wtaf???!!!!!! nt AKwannabe Apr 13 #10
Cody is the predator, ergo... Geechie Apr 13 #11
That was exactly the point I made MontanaMama Apr 14 #12
Good on ya! Geechie Apr 14 #13
This hurts my heart. LuckyCharms Apr 13 #4
What a scumbag! Ritabert Apr 13 #5
Isn't this a federal crime? mzmolly Apr 13 #6
Hope he meets the same fate as the wolf. ZonkerHarris Apr 13 #8
This asshole needs to be prosecuted LetMyPeopleVote Apr 13 #9
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