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88. I will watch for your posts.
Sat Apr 13, 2024, 08:21 PM
Apr 13

I am from a family of educators. All 6 of my sibs and I went to college, some on to higher degrees. My dad was a high school principal, as is one of my nieces. There were 5 teachers and one administrative assistant amongst my sibs and their spouses, and 5 teachers amongst my nieces and nephews and their spouses. My mom was an ed teacher and my sil an ld teacher. Needless to say, lots of talks about education and different systems. 11 different systems and all had good and bad.

Wonderful that you stood your ground on so many issues and have done so much for your students and those you work with. Systems need people with your abilities and your passion. I do not post often as I am too sensitive to some of the feed back given. Welcome back from a relatively new member of 2018.

You make me believe in reincarnation... and karma Bucky Apr 13 #1
II have a feeling I will be writing a lot about karma in the coming years. Teacher of the Year Apr 13 #4
Personally I think the problem with society today is the *lack* of karma. Bucky Apr 13 #7
Welcome back! FalloutShelter Apr 13 #2
Welcome back!!! niyad Apr 13 #3
I've enjoyed a lot of your posts! Teacher of the Year Apr 13 #5
Thank you very kindly. I certainly remember your"Don Redmond" niyad Apr 13 #54
That's one hell of a journey (or more!) chowder66 Apr 13 #6
I'm just getting started! Teacher of the Year Apr 13 #15
I'm in awe of your resiliency. chowder66 Apr 13 #21
I don't share some of that stuff, even with my husband. Teacher of the Year Apr 13 #31
She did the same for as long as she could but chowder66 Apr 13 #35
I don't share everything, even with my husband, and am guilty of trying to hide injuries Teacher of the Year Apr 13 #34
OMG! I hope you heal quickly!! chowder66 Apr 13 #37
numerous ways to achieve a goal NJCher Apr 13 #41
Welcome Back! Ohio Joe Apr 13 #8
Wow! Thank you for fighting for your students. Akacia Apr 13 #9
Wow. Think. Again. Apr 13 #10
If this helps: Teacher of the Year Apr 13 #25
Thank you, wise words! Think. Again. Apr 13 #48
Welcome back ismnotwasm Apr 13 #11
Thank You For Sharing DET Apr 13 #12
Your persistence inspires me. I will be looking forward to your posts now that you're home again 👏 Deuxcents Apr 13 #13
I'm a nobody here, and I rarely read posts as long as yours, phylny Apr 13 #14
{{{{{phylny}}}}}. No one's a nobody here. Everyone who posts contributes. highplainsdem Apr 13 #19
Me too! And I read it all as well! very well written story oldsoftie Apr 13 #79
It was a lot of words, and I cut a lot out. Teacher of the Year Apr 13 #82
Welcome back! And kudos for all the good you've done, all the battles fought for all the right reasons. highplainsdem Apr 13 #16
SO glad to see you, and your story is important. nolabear Apr 13 #17
DU contains both good and bad BWdem4life Apr 13 #18
I met the Australian Principal of the Year, with whom I am now friends. Teacher of the Year Apr 13 #85
Love this! And can't wait to read more! Bluesaph Apr 13 #20
Welcome back! PatrickforB Apr 13 #22
Wonderful! More long-form posts like this, please! Glad to see your new incarnation. keopeli Apr 13 #23
Bravo! Easterncedar Apr 13 #24
Welcome home! mahina Apr 13 #26
Welcome home irisblue Apr 13 #27
Welcome back! arkielib Apr 13 #28
I do remember DonRedwood esp your poignant post to RowdyBoy, who'd passed before you could tell him hlthe2b Apr 13 #29
That was one of my last posts Teacher of the Year Apr 13 #40
I'm a firm adherent of perseverance. Mr. Evil Apr 13 #30
welcome back joanbarnes Apr 13 #32
Thanks for returning Bundbuster Apr 13 #33
Welcome back Picaro Apr 13 #36
Welcome Back ProfessorGAC Apr 13 #38
One of my favorites was about my new deaf little white kitten. Teacher of the Year Apr 13 #43
Have 2 Here ProfessorGAC Apr 13 #44
Blessings to you and welcome back. redwitch Apr 13 #39
All I can think of is: You're Wonderful! and brave. chouchou Apr 13 #42
I'm so glad you're back LittleGirl Apr 13 #45
Everyone on this website should Mr.Bill Apr 13 #46
Great writing bagimin Apr 13 #47
Really enjoyed reading your story! ShazzieB Apr 13 #49
Fascinating post PatSeg Apr 13 #50
Absolutely stunning. Welcome back with open arms, & so proud to give the 100th Rec Hekate Apr 13 #51
Glad you're back. alwaysinasnit Apr 13 #52
Welcome back LetMyPeopleVote Apr 13 #53
Welcome back wildflowergardener Apr 13 #55
Welcome back Tree Lady Apr 13 #56
Not yet. Teacher of the Year Apr 14 #100
Welcome back, my dear Teacher! What an amazing story. CaliforniaPeggy Apr 13 #57
Thanks Peggy! Teacher of the Year Apr 14 #110
No worries at all! Long posts do not scare me! CaliforniaPeggy Apr 14 #112
I ignored this post three or four times before clicking on it. LiberalFighter Apr 13 #58
I definitely remember reading your posts stage left Apr 13 #59
Welcome Back. padfun Apr 13 #60
Oregon State Teacher of the Year? WOW! This fellow Oregonian says "YAAAAYYYYY!!!" calimary Apr 13 #61
Glad you found your way back. blm Apr 13 #62
Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back... benfranklin1776 Apr 13 #63
By providing your old screenname you've given them the opportunity to "out" you once again. rwild1967 Apr 13 #64
It's already out there, and I'm no longer at that district. Teacher of the Year Apr 13 #98
Welcome back iamateacher Apr 13 #65
Welcome back, Teacher of the Year From a fellow teacher. debm55 Apr 13 #66
Welcome back! mgardener Apr 13 #67
Parent of LGBTQ children yankee87 Apr 13 #68
Teacher of the Year ........ Upthevibe Apr 13 #69
Usually when I see a post longer than a perfessor Apr 13 #70
Great post. Nice to read your experience, ty. peacebuzzard Apr 13 #71
Wow! Welcome Back! LovelyStuff Apr 13 #72
Thank you for your wonderful work and wonderful self. people Apr 13 #73
I think it's safe to say that that your upcoming stories will have an eager audience. DFW Apr 13 #74
Thank you. You are inspiring. I'm glad you've not been silenced. Bumbles Apr 13 #75
Thanks for sharing your story happy feet Apr 13 #76
Welcome back and hello to a fellow Oregonian! oregonjen Apr 13 #77
Oh yes. I know. Teacher of the Year Apr 13 #90
I know. I intend for people to know who I am. Teacher of the Year Apr 13 #91
Wow! I just read some articles and your Wikipedia page. Those administrators really crossed all boundaries tblue37 Apr 13 #78
The last time I checked it, it didn't even have the Supreme Court stuff in it. Teacher of the Year Apr 13 #89
I'M bitter about it! It,'s all so unnecessarily, gratuitously cruel and destructive. I think you never fully recover tblue37 Apr 13 #92
Welcome back! Some will still come for you if you post things they dont like though oldsoftie Apr 13 #80
Haters have to hate. enigmania Apr 13 #81
I don't know what to say other than--WOW! Bayard Apr 13 #83
It was written order! They handed me a copy of it and asked me to sign that I had read it. Teacher of the Year Apr 13 #86
Welcome back to our crazy family! Turbineguy Apr 13 #84
Thank you for your humanity and your courage. sellitman Apr 13 #87
I will watch for your posts. BoomaofBandM Apr 13 #88
Glad you are here! AwakeAtLast Apr 13 #93
We're all stories in the end ... with apologies to the good doctor TBF Apr 13 #94
Welcome back, Teacher Of The Year! Aristus Apr 13 #95
Wow. Eko Apr 13 #96
Just wow! samplegirl Apr 13 #97
💗💗💗🙏🏼💐 Hope22 Apr 13 #99
Strength and honor. WheelWalker Apr 14 #101
Good morning. riversedge Apr 14 #102
My Sister was an Oregon teacher.. Permanut Apr 14 #103
Welcome back! ChazInAz Apr 14 #104
Nice to see you again. mdbl Apr 14 #105
Welcome back TOTY!! Peacetrain Apr 14 #106
What a multi-pronged ordeal! Welcome back! CousinIT Apr 14 #107
You write with passion about topics in drawn to RainCaster Apr 14 #108
Wow, what an experience, I'm glad you're back. CaptainTruth Apr 14 #109
👇👇👇👁️👁️ Goonch Apr 14 #111
Welcome back! AmBlue Apr 15 #113
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