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Ms. Toad

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9. Not really a similar situation.
Sun Apr 14, 2024, 01:09 AM
Apr 14

1. The difference between cancer at 44 and cancer at 58 is significant. My great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and I all were diagnosed with post-menopausal breast cancer. My mother twice. Two have died with (but not from) breast cancer. The other two are allive with no evidence of disease. All were diagnosed easity. The primary treatment for all of us was surgery. I believe I'm the only one who had any treatment beyond that. The date of diagnosis ranged from the 1950s to 2016.

Had any of us been diagnosed with breast cancer at 44, it would have been a very different story. Pre-menopausal breast cancer (regardless of what decade it was diagnosed) tends to be much more aggressive, tends to reqiure far more treatment, often including both radiation and chemo. So it is more the age of diagnosis, than the decade of treatment.

2. TyraLindquist did not choose to sign a contract agreeing to have breast cancer. It is something which happened to her. Everyone who has a student loan chose to take out that loan, and promised to repay it.

That doesn't mean I'm opposed to loan forgiveness (although I would probably put more conditions on it than many here would - e.g. I would forgive fewer loans for people seeking a second or third degree, fewer loans for people with higher paying jobs, etc.). My point is that this is not a helpful analogy because making a deliberate decision that turns out badly is different from passively having something happen to you.

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