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So did he see his flag get destroyed? underpants Apr 2024 #1
I'm sure he did. imanamerican63 Apr 2024 #2
Probably risked his life going back for it if he knew it had fallen Warpy Apr 2024 #34
From their stash... raising2moredems Apr 2024 #46
Here's my revenge story bif Apr 2024 #3
I have a guy down the street that had 2 HUGE signs. Told my husband I was gonna paintball them flying_wahini Apr 2024 #5
Yeah... I would never do anything, but if I happened to see someone spray paint a Swastika or KKK sign hlthe2b Apr 2024 #7
Maybe it depends on what the "right" thing is. calimary Apr 2024 #14
4:30 in the morning is an ideal time. 58Sunliner Apr 2024 #44
I would be tempted to throw a handful of mint seeds into his yard niyad Apr 2024 #19
So would I. Kath2 Apr 2024 #43
Too many cameras today. Not worth going to jail. jimfields33 Apr 2024 #51
I'm going to start saving mint seed NJCher Apr 2024 #47
Your husband was correct DENVERPOPS Apr 2024 #15
Wonderful story! flying_wahini Apr 2024 #4
The three adjacent neighborhoods I tend to walk my pup around are fairly apolitical in terms of hlthe2b Apr 2024 #6
You did the only safe thing. yardwork Apr 2024 #8
Perfect!!! 2naSalit Apr 2024 #9
Nice! Eighteen wheels of..."cheese, some truck driver ran over that a**hole's flag"! FailureToCommunicate Apr 2024 #10
That visual is just hysterical. Demobrat Apr 2024 #11
I don't really want or need one, PurgedVoter Apr 2024 #12
That's frickin AWESOME. 😝 Devilsun Apr 2024 #13
👇👇👇👁️👁️ Goonch Apr 2024 #16
LOL! JoseBalow Apr 2024 #23
Yes!!! QuickPop Apr 2024 #35
Here in Winter Haven, FL a HVAC repair truck in a driveway (his own) had a Trump flag flying on the flag pole. machoneman Apr 2024 #17
The fools probably just blame loss of business on the "Biden Economy" and blame DEMs Attilatheblond Apr 2024 #26
I don't patronize any business that displays his shite. n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 Apr 2024 #54
Hope you blasted the horn as your rig ground it into bronzered dust flakes. Kid Berwyn Apr 2024 #18
Word is he can't even drive a car malaise Apr 2024 #32
he sure thought it was OK NJCher Apr 2024 #48
I might have backed up and ran over it again just for fun Blue Owl Apr 2024 #20
Same here. TSExile Apr 2024 #21
If I had LPBBEAR Apr 2024 #40
I would really like it if it NJCher Apr 2024 #49
Too bad a DPS trooper didn't see it and StarryNite Apr 2024 #22
my neighbor put one of those giant trump flags on the side of their barn that.. samnsara Apr 2024 #24
Big flags flopping around on pickup trucks WILL get lose Attilatheblond Apr 2024 #25
There was a house we drove by in Anacortes for years that had a Trump flag. LisaM Apr 2024 #27
Kick. N/T Upthevibe Apr 2024 #28
LOL LetMyPeopleVote Apr 2024 #29
Too bad Trump wasn't holding the flag. twodogsbarking Apr 2024 #30
better yet, wearing it. FoxNewsSucks Apr 2024 #33
The economy so bad, I can barely afford these giant trump flags and drive my 10 mile a gallon pickup." LakeArenal Apr 2024 #31
Thank you, Sir! You ARE a true American and Patriot! maspaha Apr 2024 #36
Would love to have seen that. Fla Dem Apr 2024 #37
they can run back up to Show Low and get a replacement Kali Apr 2024 #38
There is some jagoff near my that has a Trump flag on doc03 Apr 2024 #39
I'm so happy for you! And the personal satisfaction you feel! liberalla Apr 2024 #41
I hope you washed that stench off your 18 wheeler! GreenWave Apr 2024 #42
It was God's will. SunSeeker Apr 2024 #45
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2024 #50
That is hilarious Ruby the Liberal Apr 2024 #52
Hope it was a Portent Captain Zero Apr 2024 #53
checks rearview for traffic, stops and does a dragster style burnout n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 Apr 2024 #55
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