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39. You are so right. It is, indeed, a matter of "trust". It's why I supported him from the moment he announced.
Sun Apr 14, 2024, 03:22 PM
Apr 14

His experience, and level headed approach to the issues that affect us all will lead us to victory in '24, and I don't care what any poll has to say about it.

K&R onecaliberal Apr 13 #1
K&R bdamomma Apr 13 #2
Doesn't sound naive at all. I completely agree with you. paleotn Apr 13 #3
This message was self-deleted by its author paleotn Apr 13 #4
In a moment of incredible uncertainty, I'm so happy that we have President Biden in the Oval Office LetMyPeopleVote Apr 13 #5
My sentiments exactly! senseandsensibility Apr 13 #9
THIS!!! calimary Apr 14 #43
Yes, agree, but I sure wish we did not have Netanyahu--with his mixed motivations--directing the Israeli response hlthe2b Apr 13 #6
100% agree with the OP and your post. But we all need to remember - RandomNumbers Apr 14 #36
I doubt there are many on DU that you have to worry about that--most CERTAINLY NOT ME!!! hlthe2b Apr 14 #37
K&R Cadfael Apr 13 #7
K&R brer cat Apr 13 #8
Yeah. No shit. A cooler head prevails. calimary Apr 13 #10
I am, too! CTyankee Apr 13 #11
All I can say is thank God Joe Biden is president and not Donald Trump. Who is with me?! 🖐️ LetMyPeopleVote Apr 13 #12
He looks like such a bad ass here. Irish_Dem Apr 13 #27
I could not agree more with the OP. wnylib Apr 13 #13
I am waiting for the media to ask Trump if he can find Iran on a map. hay rick Apr 13 #14
Best President of my Lifetime Botany Apr 13 #15
or NJCher Apr 13 #16
Good point. senseandsensibility Apr 13 #18
Trump would be figuring out how he can make money off the crisis. Irish_Dem Apr 13 #28
So am I wendyb-NC Apr 13 #17
And Why Pres Biden Should Cha Apr 13 #19
Hell yes!!!!! BigmanPigman Apr 13 #20
Truth!! WestMichRad Apr 13 #21
I agree. I would be quite worried. Irish_Dem Apr 13 #29
He's 100% psycho BigmanPigman Apr 13 #31
His mental illness is getting worse. Irish_Dem Apr 13 #32
His mental health issues have impacted my own. BigmanPigman Apr 13 #33
Americans have collective PTSD. Irish_Dem Apr 14 #35
If you say so, whathehell Apr 14 #38
We'd be dead meat if TSF was in "charge" right now. Traurigkeit Apr 14 #40
You're right. BigmanPigman Apr 14 #44
KnR Hekate Apr 13 #22
Dude, if the tangerine pucker was prez. We'd be nuking already... FirstLight Apr 13 #23
And Trump would be laughing and smiling watching it on TV. Irish_Dem Apr 13 #30
I absolutely agree. ShazzieB Apr 13 #24
ImWithJoe oasis Apr 13 #25
No, you are not being naive. You are accurate. Irish_Dem Apr 13 #26
I certainly agree that his experience and knowledge are important soldierant Apr 14 #41
Excellent point. Biden is very experinced and has a moral core. Irish_Dem Apr 14 #42
Statement from President Joe Biden on Iran's Attacks against the State of Israel LetMyPeopleVote Apr 14 #34
You are so right. It is, indeed, a matter of "trust". It's why I supported him from the moment he announced. Tarheel_Dem Apr 14 #39
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