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20. Yes. Interception is amazing.
Mon Apr 15, 2024, 12:52 PM
Apr 2024
U.S. details Pentagon’s role in defending Israel from Iranian attack

Among the U.S. forces that participated were the 494th Fighter Squadron, with headquarters in Britain; and the 335th Fighter Squadron, of Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in North Carolina. Combined, the two squadrons used their F-15E Strike Eagles to take down about 70 attack drones heading to Israel, and received a phone call after from President Biden. The jets are designed for both air-to-air combat and deep interdiction, the Air Force says.

A senior military official, speaking on the same call, said that the USS Carney and USS Arleigh Burke, destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, shot down between four and six ballistic missiles in the attack. U.S. troops manning the Patriot missile defense system in Irbil, Iraq, took down another missile that had violated Iraqi airspace on its vector to Israel, the official said.

All told, Israeli and U.S. officials said that 99 percent of the incoming munitions were intercepted, suggesting just a few may have struck their intended targets in the Jewish state. At least one ballistic missile readied by Houthis in Yemen was destroyed on the launch pad, officials said, pointing to the coalition presence that has surveilled militant activity in the region in the last few months.

But the attack still imposed new challenges on Israel, Bendett suggested. To achieve a 99 percent interception rate required defenses that are probably “much costlier than the total number of threats arrayed against Israel,” he said.


It's not unusual for Hamas and now Hezbollah, to send up to 50 rockets a day. Israel just intercepts them. It's a daily thing for them. Saturday's attack had a one hour warning, so most made it to bomb shelters. The girl who was seriously injured did not have access to a bomb shelter. A few other people had minor injuries.

The iron dome has been in place for quite awhile. Hamas and Hezbollah routinely fire rockets at Israel. It seems to be part of the daily routine.

Here is an article from 2019 JERUSALEM — Israel and Hamas hurtled into their deadliest bout of fighting in nearly five years on Sunday as Palestinian militants launched a barrage of more than 600 rockets and Israel responded with airstrikes on more than 300 targets.https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/death-toll-rises-as-gaza-militants-fire-more-than-400-rockets-into-israel-and-israel-responds-with-airstrikes/2019/05/05/e1a981be-6eee-11e9-a66d-a82d3f3d96d5_story.html

From 2021
Gaza militants have fired over 2,300 rockets at Israel since Monday in response to a bloody Israeli police action at the flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound in annexed east Jerusalem.

The rockets, most of which targeted southern Israel, killed 10 people, including a child and a soldier, with more than 560 people wounded.

From May 2023
Islamic Jihad has fired more than 600 rockets into Israel.

Most rocket strikes don't even make the news, unless someone dies.
no trouble at all. Groundhawg Apr 2024 #1
Why is that hard to believe? madaboutharry Apr 2024 #2
TY!.. Here's a short vid I just saw.. Amazing Technolgy! Cha Apr 2024 #5
Great video! Can you explain what it shows? rgbecker Apr 2024 #19
Missiles are blown up by other missiles. When they're blown up they explode in the air. Debri falls to the ground LeftInTX Apr 2024 #23
Saudi Arabia is concermed about Iran's attempts to control the region. wnylib Apr 2024 #25
The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were allies until comradebillyboy Apr 2024 #29
Yes, the Nazis and Soviets made a pact before wnylib Apr 2024 #32
Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel - I'll Meet You in Poland Baby (one of the best antiwar songs ever) Celerity Apr 2024 #33
Thank you so much, wnylib! Cha Apr 2024 #34
The best source in my book is going to be our current US Administration. nt BootinUp Apr 2024 #3
US Source: LeftInTX Apr 2024 #4
Iran measures its response so as not to further expand the war. brush Apr 2024 #6
Iran measured its response because they feared wnylib Apr 2024 #31
Who said anything about it being noble? They telegraphed it was coming because they don't... brush Apr 2024 #41
I agree. It's not complicated. Iran had no concern about being proportional or wnylib Apr 2024 #45
Simply put, war from afar with proxies is fine. Too close, no. brush Apr 2024 #48
Breaking News: Israel is a small democracy. Everything is verifiable. question everything Apr 2024 #7
I'm not. H2O Man Apr 2024 #8
So are you thinking this is just a big, giant conspiracy? Kennah Apr 2024 #9
Well, ya know, ya can't trust (((them))) Happy Hoosier Apr 2024 #18
We probably need to lock "them" up Kennah Apr 2024 #21
Israel, US, UK, and Jordan intercepted most of them Kennah Apr 2024 #10
People denied 10/7 and Hamas committing mass rapes, so I'm not surprised we've got people denying this too. Lancero Apr 2024 #11
What are the people who are denying 350 drones and missiles saying? And who are they? rgbecker Apr 2024 #12
Ask OP? They consider the reports of missiles to be unverifyable. Oh wait... Lancero Apr 2024 #17
And people claudette Apr 2024 #27
Israel has offered ceasefires, time and time again, to the Gazan government. Not exactly the actions of a nation... Lancero Apr 2024 #35
Yet claudette Apr 2024 #36
Yes, the Gazan government is still willing to waste lives on a war they have no hope of winning. Lancero Apr 2024 #38
It is claudette Apr 2024 #39
By inaction, by refusing to surrender, yagotme Apr 2024 #43
I'm done claudette Apr 2024 #49
THIS malaise Apr 2024 #44
By people, do you mean the US Secretary of Defense? I wonder if he know more about it then you.. EX500rider Apr 2024 #42
CT isn't the flex people think it is. BannonsLiver Apr 2024 #13
Why start out not believing the reports? brooklynite Apr 2024 #14
I'm guessing it is possible and, in this case, I have to take the reports at face value. rgbecker Apr 2024 #15
Yes. Interception is amazing. LeftInTX Apr 2024 #20
Anti-missile systems effectively stop a missile attack sarisataka Apr 2024 #16
Lizard people and Q are real though, right? Kennah Apr 2024 #22
No worries. JFK is alive and will be running to settle up TheKentuckian Apr 2024 #24
I knew it! H2O Man Apr 2024 #28
Only every time I turn on a TV liberal N proud Apr 2024 #26
What is it that you have trouble believing? sarisataka Apr 2024 #30
The US has confirmed it and I don't believe the Biden administration is lying. Elessar Zappa Apr 2024 #37
No trouble at all mcar Apr 2024 #40
How many missiles, intercepts, and kills is plausible? Torchlight Apr 2024 #46
No Ace Rothstein Apr 2024 #47
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