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no trouble at all. Groundhawg Apr 2024 #1
Why is that hard to believe? madaboutharry Apr 2024 #2
TY!.. Here's a short vid I just saw.. Amazing Technolgy! Cha Apr 2024 #5
Great video! Can you explain what it shows? rgbecker Apr 2024 #19
Missiles are blown up by other missiles. When they're blown up they explode in the air. Debri falls to the ground LeftInTX Apr 2024 #23
Saudi Arabia is concermed about Iran's attempts to control the region. wnylib Apr 2024 #25
The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were allies until comradebillyboy Apr 2024 #29
Yes, the Nazis and Soviets made a pact before wnylib Apr 2024 #32
Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel - I'll Meet You in Poland Baby (one of the best antiwar songs ever) Celerity Apr 2024 #33
Thank you so much, wnylib! Cha Apr 2024 #34
The best source in my book is going to be our current US Administration. nt BootinUp Apr 2024 #3
US Source: LeftInTX Apr 2024 #4
Iran measures its response so as not to further expand the war. brush Apr 2024 #6
Iran measured its response because they feared wnylib Apr 2024 #31
Who said anything about it being noble? They telegraphed it was coming because they don't... brush Apr 2024 #41
I agree. It's not complicated. Iran had no concern about being proportional or wnylib Apr 2024 #45
Simply put, war from afar with proxies is fine. Too close, no. brush Apr 2024 #48
Breaking News: Israel is a small democracy. Everything is verifiable. question everything Apr 2024 #7
I'm not. H2O Man Apr 2024 #8
So are you thinking this is just a big, giant conspiracy? Kennah Apr 2024 #9
Well, ya know, ya can't trust (((them))) Happy Hoosier Apr 2024 #18
We probably need to lock "them" up Kennah Apr 2024 #21
Israel, US, UK, and Jordan intercepted most of them Kennah Apr 2024 #10
People denied 10/7 and Hamas committing mass rapes, so I'm not surprised we've got people denying this too. Lancero Apr 2024 #11
What are the people who are denying 350 drones and missiles saying? And who are they? rgbecker Apr 2024 #12
Ask OP? They consider the reports of missiles to be unverifyable. Oh wait... Lancero Apr 2024 #17
And people claudette Apr 2024 #27
Israel has offered ceasefires, time and time again, to the Gazan government. Not exactly the actions of a nation... Lancero Apr 2024 #35
Yet claudette Apr 2024 #36
Yes, the Gazan government is still willing to waste lives on a war they have no hope of winning. Lancero Apr 2024 #38
It is claudette Apr 2024 #39
By inaction, by refusing to surrender, yagotme Apr 2024 #43
I'm done claudette Apr 2024 #49
THIS malaise Apr 2024 #44
By people, do you mean the US Secretary of Defense? I wonder if he know more about it then you.. EX500rider Apr 2024 #42
CT isn't the flex people think it is. BannonsLiver Apr 2024 #13
Why start out not believing the reports? brooklynite Apr 2024 #14
I'm guessing it is possible and, in this case, I have to take the reports at face value. rgbecker Apr 2024 #15
Yes. Interception is amazing. LeftInTX Apr 2024 #20
Anti-missile systems effectively stop a missile attack sarisataka Apr 2024 #16
Lizard people and Q are real though, right? Kennah Apr 2024 #22
No worries. JFK is alive and will be running to settle up TheKentuckian Apr 2024 #24
I knew it! H2O Man Apr 2024 #28
Only every time I turn on a TV liberal N proud Apr 2024 #26
What is it that you have trouble believing? sarisataka Apr 2024 #30
The US has confirmed it and I don't believe the Biden administration is lying. Elessar Zappa Apr 2024 #37
No trouble at all mcar Apr 2024 #40
How many missiles, intercepts, and kills is plausible? Torchlight Apr 2024 #46
No Ace Rothstein Apr 2024 #47
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