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In reply to the discussion: Saw my first Cybertruck [View all]
Saw my first Cybertruck [View all] angrychair Apr 15 OP
I've seen a couple where I live. Initech Apr 15 #1
I saw one on a car carrier... Hugin Apr 15 #2
We saw several car carriers full of them here in California. tinrobot Apr 15 #21
Fortunately, I have yet to see one of those hideous things in person. niyad Apr 15 #3
We saw one yesterday in the college area of San Diego... haele Apr 15 #4
Rust Johnny2X2X Apr 15 #5
I have heard a lot of owners wrap it as soon as they get it. haele Apr 15 #8
Yes in my home town I've seen black, white and lime green wrapped CT's WarGamer Apr 15 #14
Saw the same spots on the two I saw FHRRK Apr 15 #6
wait. what? cars get left out in rain? really? getagrip_already Apr 15 #7
ELoon has a solution FHRRK Apr 15 #18
I saw one several weeks ago. StarryNite Apr 15 #9
Friend bought one MichMan Apr 15 #10
There probably sample models onethatcares Apr 15 #11
I saw one a few weeks ago...ugly on steroids. spanone Apr 15 #12
been very popular with the celebrity crowd here in SoCal... WarGamer Apr 15 #13
Looks like bastard offspring of an El Camino and a Humvee 0rganism Apr 15 #15
That is a special kind of ugly PatSeg Apr 15 #16
The most hilarious thing about the Tesla Truck is that someone had already made them a perfectly servicable model. Lancero Apr 15 #17
There were two or three at a local dealership we passed this weekend . . . hatrack Apr 15 #19
I still see a smaller, lame version of the truck from that '70s movie Damnation Alley Xavier Breath Apr 15 #20
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