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39. Wait, is he allowed to sleep during court?
Mon Apr 15, 2024, 05:14 PM
Apr 15

Or will the Judge make him sit in the corner if he sees him nod off after making him repeat what was just said?

Or stay after and maybe miss his impromptu presser?

He's so tired mercuryblues Apr 15 #1
Hey, so are WE! calimary Apr 15 #3
Not till he's dead. Meadowoak Apr 15 #4
Yeah, I'm afraid you're right. calimary Apr 15 #8
Probably well after that, I'm afraid JoseBalow Apr 15 #16
Which gives me a great idea! Ligyron Apr 15 #30
I'd bankroll that type of software to get rid of any mention/sight of TSF Traurigkeit Apr 15 #41
Hopefully the dirty BIG secrets will come out too AdamGG Apr 15 #48
A consummation devoutly... 3catwoman3 Apr 15 #22
He is the proverbial boogeyman. gordianot Apr 15 #24
Just call him Donnie Von Shtupp. Xavier Breath Apr 15 #14
Donnie Von who? JoseBalow Apr 15 #17
Exactly. n/t Xavier Breath Apr 15 #18
Donnie von Pilz. n/t Harker Apr 15 #21
"They're always going and coming and coming and going -- and always too soon." LastLiberal in PalmSprings Apr 16 #50
Remember EddieOnTheMesa Apr 15 #36
Didn't Trump used to call Biden DENVERPOPS Apr 15 #44
The pussy grabber pwb Apr 15 #2
Not hard enough. calimary Apr 15 #9
They need to be twisted, hard Hekate Apr 15 #34
"It goes through air, Bob." Kid Berwyn Apr 15 #5
Not to mention that he warned NATO and Israel in EARLY NOVEMBER peppertree Apr 15 #15
Murderer johnnyfins Apr 15 #35
And one of the first things Roy Cohn taught him, is that when you're plotting a MAJOR crime, peppertree Apr 16 #54
I wonder if he's recently stopped using the shit he was on before because of recent problems. brewens Apr 15 #6
I'm giving him till Wednesday at about 3:00 birdographer Apr 15 #10
Situation That He Can Not Control NonPC Apr 15 #19
If those in the public gallery snicker at him LiberalFighter Apr 15 #42
A lot of those meds on that list Wednesdays Apr 15 #45
Side effects on Ozempic are no picnic. He's displayed a few of those in public so that fits. brewens Apr 15 #46
Drug test him now! nt BidenRocks Apr 15 #47
Oh Mary! You're killing me here! ProudMNDemocrat Apr 15 #7
He probably spent the night... 2naSalit Apr 15 #11
Just think of the adderall he's injested. MontanaMama Apr 15 #23
From the couple pictures I've seen... 2naSalit Apr 15 #43
Was there a job ad created? johnnyfins Apr 15 #37
This message was self-deleted by its author Xavier Breath Apr 15 #12
It's killing him bdamomma Apr 15 #13
iluvtennis...... Upthevibe Apr 15 #20
Gonna be a lot more winning..can only imagine what it will be like in a few days! PortTack Apr 15 #25
KICK orangecrush Apr 15 #26
Not bad for a Monday Blue Owl Apr 15 #27
Still 3auld6phart Apr 15 #28
As I fell asleep listening to the Medias Touch Farmer-Rick Apr 15 #29
One photo, just one photo louis-t Apr 15 #38
TY & Mary T!! Cha Apr 15 #31
Awww. Thank you for the update, Mary Trump Hekate Apr 15 #32
Tired? I thought he looked like hammered shit. rsdsharp Apr 15 #33
Wait, is he allowed to sleep during court? Ligyron Apr 15 #39
I hope he has to sit in his own unpadded, wooden pew Blue Owl Apr 16 #49
Trump will get a sudden illness that can keep him out of the court room. Who knows, maybe his bone spurs will Chainfire Apr 15 #40
Yeah that's what I'm thinking. I don't think it'll take too long either captain queeg Apr 16 #51
How is Mary Trump the only Trump family member who's got Donald's number? Beartracks Apr 16 #52
Mary Trump is a psychologist and she also lived through TSF trying to steal her dad's iluvtennis Apr 16 #53
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