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not if your brain is running rampid all night. AllaN01Bear Apr 2024 #1
Rampant. Get more sleep. nt Xipe Totec Apr 2024 #12
Interesting..thx Demovictory9 Apr 2024 #2
This afternoon I read about a woman with Idiopathic hypersomnia progressoid Apr 2024 #3
Interesting. Susan Calvin Apr 2024 #10
This podcast talks about that a bit. progressoid Apr 2024 #22
I've been checking into this, slightlv Apr 2024 #11
Here's the article. I read it at my neurologist's office. progressoid Apr 2024 #21
Hypothyroidism (underdactive thyroid gland) causes wnylib Apr 2024 #16
My pulmonologist tells me I have sleep apnea Bayard Apr 2024 #27
maybe sleeping in court.... bahboo Apr 2024 #4
Are you kidding? If sleep flushes out all the junk, bhikkhu Apr 2024 #7
So give Trump sleeping tablets to get rid of the wnylib Apr 2024 #17
We evolved over eons to sleep when it is dark. Sky Jewels Apr 2024 #5
I think that you have made a very reasonable observation. 70sEraVet Apr 2024 #8
It was common in the middle ages for people to sleep in two parts. meadowlander Apr 2024 #14
Yes! My husband was telling me about that. Sky Jewels Apr 2024 #19
Thanks. So true! With one exception: there will never be enough sleep to flush the junk out of Trump's brain. ancianita Apr 2024 #6
Beat me to it. nt Richard D Apr 2024 #9
His brain is of the "low flow" ilk. Buns_of_Fire Apr 2024 #28
Amen. He can also ancianita Apr 2024 #29
Coventina......... Upthevibe Apr 2024 #13
Glad you enjoyed the post! Coventina Apr 2024 #20
I have had what my "industrial strength insomnia". BigmanPigman Apr 2024 #15
I am the same way, and so is my adult daughter. Silver Gaia Apr 2024 #23
Take out the trash, organize files etc. nt cliffside Apr 2024 #18
i read a report a while back that during rem sleep, spinal fluid circulates quickly. mopinko Apr 2024 #24
I completely agree. BadGimp Apr 2024 #25
imma take a nap prodigitalson Apr 2024 #26
Oh, I don't believe that. tavernier Apr 2024 #30
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