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He's so tired mercuryblues Apr 15 #1
Hey, so are WE! calimary Apr 15 #3
Not till he's dead. Meadowoak Apr 15 #4
Yeah, I'm afraid you're right. calimary Apr 15 #8
Probably well after that, I'm afraid JoseBalow Apr 15 #16
Which gives me a great idea! Ligyron Apr 15 #30
I'd bankroll that type of software to get rid of any mention/sight of TSF Traurigkeit Apr 15 #41
Hopefully the dirty BIG secrets will come out too AdamGG Apr 15 #48
A consummation devoutly... 3catwoman3 Apr 15 #22
He is the proverbial boogeyman. gordianot Apr 15 #24
Just call him Donnie Von Shtupp. Xavier Breath Apr 15 #14
Donnie Von who? JoseBalow Apr 15 #17
Exactly. n/t Xavier Breath Apr 15 #18
Donnie von Pilz. n/t Harker Apr 15 #21
"They're always going and coming and coming and going -- and always too soon." LastLiberal in PalmSprings Apr 16 #50
Remember EddieOnTheMesa Apr 15 #36
Didn't Trump used to call Biden DENVERPOPS Apr 15 #44
The pussy grabber pwb Apr 15 #2
Not hard enough. calimary Apr 15 #9
They need to be twisted, hard Hekate Apr 15 #34
"It goes through air, Bob." Kid Berwyn Apr 15 #5
Not to mention that he warned NATO and Israel in EARLY NOVEMBER peppertree Apr 15 #15
Murderer johnnyfins Apr 15 #35
And one of the first things Roy Cohn taught him, is that when you're plotting a MAJOR crime, peppertree Apr 16 #54
I wonder if he's recently stopped using the shit he was on before because of recent problems. brewens Apr 15 #6
I'm giving him till Wednesday at about 3:00 birdographer Apr 15 #10
Situation That He Can Not Control NonPC Apr 15 #19
If those in the public gallery snicker at him LiberalFighter Apr 15 #42
A lot of those meds on that list Wednesdays Apr 15 #45
Side effects on Ozempic are no picnic. He's displayed a few of those in public so that fits. brewens Apr 15 #46
Drug test him now! nt BidenRocks Apr 15 #47
Oh Mary! You're killing me here! ProudMNDemocrat Apr 15 #7
He probably spent the night... 2naSalit Apr 15 #11
Just think of the adderall he's injested. MontanaMama Apr 15 #23
From the couple pictures I've seen... 2naSalit Apr 15 #43
Was there a job ad created? johnnyfins Apr 15 #37
This message was self-deleted by its author Xavier Breath Apr 15 #12
It's killing him bdamomma Apr 15 #13
iluvtennis...... Upthevibe Apr 15 #20
Gonna be a lot more winning..can only imagine what it will be like in a few days! PortTack Apr 15 #25
KICK orangecrush Apr 15 #26
Not bad for a Monday Blue Owl Apr 15 #27
Still 3auld6phart Apr 15 #28
As I fell asleep listening to the Medias Touch Farmer-Rick Apr 15 #29
One photo, just one photo louis-t Apr 15 #38
TY & Mary T!! Cha Apr 15 #31
Awww. Thank you for the update, Mary Trump Hekate Apr 15 #32
Tired? I thought he looked like hammered shit. rsdsharp Apr 15 #33
Wait, is he allowed to sleep during court? Ligyron Apr 15 #39
I hope he has to sit in his own unpadded, wooden pew Blue Owl Apr 16 #49
Trump will get a sudden illness that can keep him out of the court room. Who knows, maybe his bone spurs will Chainfire Apr 15 #40
Yeah that's what I'm thinking. I don't think it'll take too long either captain queeg Apr 16 #51
How is Mary Trump the only Trump family member who's got Donald's number? Beartracks Apr 16 #52
Mary Trump is a psychologist and she also lived through TSF trying to steal her dad's iluvtennis Apr 16 #53
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