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Silver Gaia

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23. I am the same way, and so is my adult daughter.
Tue Apr 16, 2024, 11:34 AM
Apr 16

Now that I am retired from working outside my home and do all my work online from home and mostly at night, it is less of a problem, but I have been plagued with this and perpetually sleep-deprived most of my life. I have come to the conclusion that my (and my daughter's) circadian rhythm is just different.

I recently was traumatized by a technician at a "sleep study" my doctors wanted me to do. It was from 7pm to 5am. I told them I didn't think I would be able to sleep much, if any. They said I should try it anyway.

I went prepared to give it my best shot. I have a Kindle on my tablet that I have set to black background with pale cream text, with brightness as low as it will go and a blue light blocker turned on. Reading is my best bet to lull my brain to shut the hell up, and it usually works with the Kindle. I had told the tech I would need to read on my Kindle to get sleepy. He didn't say I couldn't.

So, I was doing this, but around 11:30pm, he came in my room to yell at me and told me I had to "turn off all lights, no electronics, relax, and go to sleep" because he had a study to do. I told him
it wasn't even near my usual bedtime, and tried to explain again what I needed to do, but he wouldn't listen.

He told me if I didn't do what he said, he would report me as "uncooperative." WTF? I even asked him, "You work nights, right? Could you do what you are telling me to do?" He said, "No," but still insisted that I had to obey his commands. Or else.

So, I did what he insisted and laid there unable to sleep (and now I was freaked out and angry) all night. He reported me as "uncooperative" anyway, said that I used "bright electronics all night," and "refused to go to sleep." More WTF??!!

I'm in the process of reporting him and trying to get that language struck from my medical record because it's untrue. I get really tired of being discriminated against and shamed (people think we're "lazy" ) because I'm different. This was a horrible experience.

not if your brain is running rampid all night. AllaN01Bear Apr 15 #1
Rampant. Get more sleep. nt Xipe Totec Apr 15 #12
Interesting..thx Demovictory9 Apr 15 #2
This afternoon I read about a woman with Idiopathic hypersomnia progressoid Apr 15 #3
Interesting. Susan Calvin Apr 15 #10
This podcast talks about that a bit. progressoid Apr 16 #22
I've been checking into this, slightlv Apr 15 #11
Here's the article. I read it at my neurologist's office. progressoid Apr 16 #21
Hypothyroidism (underdactive thyroid gland) causes wnylib Apr 15 #16
My pulmonologist tells me I have sleep apnea Bayard Apr 16 #27
maybe sleeping in court.... bahboo Apr 15 #4
Are you kidding? If sleep flushes out all the junk, bhikkhu Apr 15 #7
So give Trump sleeping tablets to get rid of the wnylib Apr 15 #17
We evolved over eons to sleep when it is dark. Sky Jewels Apr 15 #5
I think that you have made a very reasonable observation. 70sEraVet Apr 15 #8
It was common in the middle ages for people to sleep in two parts. meadowlander Apr 15 #14
Yes! My husband was telling me about that. Sky Jewels Apr 15 #19
Thanks. So true! With one exception: there will never be enough sleep to flush the junk out of Trump's brain. ancianita Apr 15 #6
Beat me to it. nt Richard D Apr 15 #9
His brain is of the "low flow" ilk. Buns_of_Fire Apr 16 #28
Amen. He can also ancianita Apr 16 #29
Coventina......... Upthevibe Apr 15 #13
Glad you enjoyed the post! Coventina Apr 15 #20
I have had what my "industrial strength insomnia". BigmanPigman Apr 15 #15
I am the same way, and so is my adult daughter. Silver Gaia Apr 16 #23
Take out the trash, organize files etc. nt cliffside Apr 15 #18
i read a report a while back that during rem sleep, spinal fluid circulates quickly. mopinko Apr 16 #24
I completely agree. BadGimp Apr 16 #25
imma take a nap prodigitalson Apr 16 #26
Oh, I don't believe that. tavernier Apr 16 #30
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