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Perfect! Should he have a package of Depends next to him too! LOL! RKP5637 Apr 16 #1
There appear to be two miscues in the photo. TexasTowelie Apr 16 #2
It's a Mein Pillau. (nt) Pinback Apr 16 #15
The trumpy bear should be an inferior material doll of himself, with gold sneakers. Bluethroughu Apr 16 #25
And the trumpy bear also holds a weird little Bible in its paw. Dave Bowman Apr 16 #28
Ha! tanyev Apr 16 #3
You almost owed me a keyboard Earl, excellent pic ! KS Toronado Apr 16 #4
KNR niyad Apr 16 #5
Is that a "My Pillow"?? Oopsie Daisy Apr 16 #6
ROFLMAO bucolic_frolic Apr 16 #7
Love it! SergeStorms Apr 16 #8
The internet is having fun with TFG's falling asleep LetMyPeopleVote Apr 16 #9
OMG! llmart Apr 16 #10
Oh, the things that teddy bear must've seen! nuxvomica Apr 16 #11
It'll Be Tricky Adjusting Dozo The Clown's Meds... smb Apr 16 #12
Dozo the Clown!!! OMG!!! calimary Apr 16 #19
😆😆😆😆😆 sheshe2 Apr 16 #13
He lent it to Lindsey, and never got it back peppertree Apr 16 #22
You've outdone yourself this time - KUDOS !!!!!! Talitha Apr 16 #14
No blankie? No juice and graham crackers? THIS is preparedness? Aristus Apr 16 #16
Where is the Sippie Cup? twodogsbarking Apr 16 #17
Poor teddy bear... calimary Apr 16 #18
He forgot his binkie. Ilsa Apr 16 #20
Don't forget ze copy of Mein Kampf! peppertree Apr 16 #21
I laughed so loud I scared the cat on the patio malaise Apr 16 #23
Hahahaha... Bluethroughu Apr 16 #26
😀😀 malaise Apr 16 #27
I've done that numerous times to my dog, Bluethroughu Apr 16 #31
He needs a Fox News microphone in front of him! Initech Apr 16 #24
Maybe he would talk to Tucker Carlson? Dave Bowman Apr 16 #29
Pillows for The NodFather. keithbvadu2 Apr 16 #30
LOL My Kilo! Beartracks Apr 16 #35
Spot on! BumRushDaShow Apr 16 #32
ha ha BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 16 #33
This is a golden marketing opportunity for Mike Lindell! Beartracks Apr 16 #34
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