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gitmo comes to mind. niyad Apr 16 #1
If only... dlk Apr 16 #7
If Trump were a Democrat, there would be no question his ass would be incarcerated after conviction. 50 Shades Of Blue Apr 16 #2
Exactly dlk Apr 16 #8
They're all falling over themselves Mr. Evil Apr 16 #23
I agree with you, but I find it hard to believe that any judge would have Poiuyt Apr 16 #34
Often other countries PatSeg Apr 16 #40
Totally agree with you. n/t ChazII Apr 16 #50
It is just a simple matter of the SS transferring custody to the Bureau of Prisons. Irish_Dem Apr 16 #3
It's not rocket science dlk Apr 16 #9
Better yet, Mr.Bill Apr 16 #19
No need to revoke. Just let the Bureau of Prisons give Trump Irish_Dem Apr 16 #21
Absolutely. If convicted his Secret Service protection should be revoked, along... thenelm1 Apr 16 #30
I agree. -misanthroptimist Apr 16 #4
They would be hauling him to Mr.Bill Apr 16 #20
Then there's no problem. -misanthroptimist Apr 16 #51
I agree. n/t Mr.Bill Apr 16 #52
It would not be a problem. Jirel Apr 16 #5
What's the problem? lees1975 Apr 16 #6
There are plenty of viable options dlk Apr 16 #12
Make sure he has NO phone, no pool, ProudMNDemocrat Apr 16 #10
House arrest isn't good enough dlk Apr 16 #13
NOPE! For he would find a way to get around the restrictions. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 16 #15
Merde A Lago was "a well secured facility with armed guards" speak easy Apr 16 #36
I think it could work. Demobrat Apr 16 #25
House arrest isn't good enough, but I'm guessing it's the worst he'll get William Seger Apr 16 #53
With re: to short-term, obviously the NY Judge Merchan would agree. He's twice threatened Trump w jail hlthe2b Apr 16 #11
A taste of what's to come dlk Apr 16 #14
I'm sorry, but if Trump becomes a convicted felon, why should we feel he is entitled to all the benefits now received... usaf-vet Apr 16 #16
I believe Lawrence is correct. republianmushroom Apr 16 #17
It's speaks volumes about us when we don't have the stomach to hold him truly accountable dlk Apr 16 #55
Even if jail was too difficult given SS, what about a strict house arrest with no internet access? karynnj Apr 16 #18
The same Secret Service that wiped their cell phones of evidence after J6? JoseBalow Apr 16 #57
I agree. 2naSalit Apr 16 #22
Just take away his phone, Mr. Evil Apr 16 #24
I bet the Mexicans would pay for it... Hugin Apr 16 #27
I'm with you there. Mr. Evil Apr 16 #29
As many times as I read this, I see "incinerate". Hugin Apr 16 #26
You're forgiven! Mr. Evil Apr 16 #32
I think that EndlessWire Apr 16 #28
Put him in Gitmo for the summer. lpbk2713 Apr 16 #31
I'll keep saying it Tree Lady Apr 16 #33
If Trump can't be incarcerated, then we do not have Equal Justice Under Law. Happy Hoosier Apr 16 #35
Agree 100% with you, trump is not special and should never be treated as such, he must be treated as any Escurumbele Apr 16 #37
We have a pool and a pond... Pond would be good for you. JoseBalow Apr 16 #38
Where there's a wall there's a way. Mblaze Apr 16 #39
Couldn't the SS just sign-off and transfer their responsibilities/obligations to the prison guards? Oopsie Daisy Apr 16 #41
I like your thinking! RainCaster Apr 16 #46
Trump loves comparing himself to Mandela, so let's accommodate him. Give him 27 years hard time. sop Apr 16 #42
I'm sure we could whip up some facilities at Alcatraz... ECL213 Apr 16 #43
When did Lawrence say that? ShazzieB Apr 16 #44
Lawrence said it last evening and Chris Hayes agreed dlk Apr 16 #54
Once the trial is over, any Pene-Max will do, but I think the one in Colorado is best RainCaster Apr 16 #45
I don't know how the details would/should be worked out, but Sogo Apr 16 #47
There's the matter of feasibility, and the matter of the will to do it Silent3 Apr 16 #48
Nixon is the problem RANDYWILDMAN Apr 16 #49
As a country, we continue to pay dearly for that bad decision dlk Apr 16 #56
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