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17. Dreaming with Bloodymir, no doubt
Tue Apr 16, 2024, 06:32 PM
Apr 16

Great to see you up and at'em again, Irisblue!

NJCher and I were worried, because we hadn't seen your posts in a while.

All the Best!

" which, in addition to being funny" Ohio Joe Apr 16 #1
For real irisblue Apr 16 #2
Yup. I had a little more spring in my step and shit eatin' grin on my face the whole way out walking. brewens Apr 16 #4
It is all lies! He just had his eyes closed planning his legal stragegy, and worrying about poor starving children. Chainfire Apr 16 #3
But it's so BORRRING to sit there and listen to other people do all the talking! tanyev Apr 16 #5
Maybe they are overmedicating him? Irish_Dem Apr 16 #6
Naw, I feel he should suffer public laughter at #SleepyDon irisblue Apr 16 #8
But once they lower the dose he will act out. Irish_Dem Apr 16 #18
That's what I was about to say PatSeg Apr 16 #9
Exactly, I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt for one day. Irish_Dem Apr 16 #22
Yep, I've never seen him fall asleep in public before PatSeg Apr 16 #26
To the point his attorney had to start pushing notes at him. Irish_Dem Apr 16 #27
It is like treating a psychiatric patient, which is concerning PatSeg Apr 16 #34
It is exactly like treating a psych patient. Irish_Dem Apr 16 #42
Probably orangecrush Apr 16 #32
Yeah, lawyer perscribed doggy downers were my guess Attilatheblond Apr 16 #15
Yes I think so. Irish_Dem Apr 16 #23
Chicken dinner orangecrush Apr 16 #30
Does he drool, too? Ocelot II Apr 16 #7
My reply? johnnyfins Apr 16 #10
My husband was on a jury once birdographer Apr 16 #11
Merchan is probably thanking god the idiot is asleep in his courtroom. Irish_Dem Apr 16 #28
I have to admit that I can and have drifted off. maxsolomon Apr 16 #12
I've seen colleagues doze off in long boring meetings. Demobrat Apr 16 #14
My husband was asked to leave the public library in Asheville, NC because japple Apr 16 #21
Would you fall asleep when you are on trial and you could go to jail? Irish_Dem Apr 16 #29
Does Adderall affect that response? mwb970 Apr 16 #39
Adderall is a stimulant and would increase the adrenaline response. Irish_Dem Apr 16 #44
Anything to prove he's not WOKE lame54 Apr 16 #13
... orangecrush Apr 16 #33
Don Snoreleone JHB Apr 16 #16
Dreaming with Bloodymir, no doubt peppertree Apr 16 #17
Ari just showed the artist's sketch malaise Apr 16 #19
... demmiblue Apr 16 #20
Thank you very much😂😂😂 malaise Apr 16 #25
What will they do when he starts snoring? SallyHemmings Apr 16 #24
If he falls, they're gonna have to bring in one of those supermarket forklifts Sky Jewels Apr 16 #37
Is this perhaps the longest he's sat down and shut his fat anus mouth??? Blue Owl Apr 16 #31
Look, the guy has got to be sedated. colorado_ufo Apr 16 #35
Thank you, Ceiling Cat! Sky Jewels Apr 16 #36
He stays up all night rage posting. mwb970 Apr 16 #38
His attorneys are going to have to start poking him with a sharp stick to keep him awake. Sky Jewels Apr 16 #40
NodFather Speaks2 Apr 16 #41
Electrify his seat, give Judge the remote button. Talitha Apr 16 #43
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