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Should Biden debate Trump? [View all] BWdem4life Apr 2024 OP
Absolutely budkin Apr 2024 #1
Yeah Faux pas Apr 2024 #2
There is no benefit to debating Trump bucolic_frolic Apr 2024 #3
I concur. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 2024 #54
Biden would have to stop laughing at Trump. Srkdqltr Apr 2024 #4
No. TSF does not deserve the respect that the traditional electoral process is Deuxcents Apr 2024 #5
This orangecrush Apr 2024 #29
I voted "No", but only because there's no chance of a debate being done properly. If they'd cut Trump's mic... Silent3 Apr 2024 #6
Maybe if they put a Mr.Bill Apr 2024 #16
I'm leaning no mvd Apr 2024 #7
Biden should say: There's no real reason to debate a violent Insurrectionist. n/t MartyTheGreek Apr 2024 #8
Why help someone who is beating himself? Tom of Temecula Apr 2024 #9
No. H2O Man Apr 2024 #10
There might not be a lot to gain but he absolutely could lose a lot if he refuses to debate. All Mixed Up Apr 2024 #28
Not. H2O Man Apr 2024 #40
Spelling bee. nt Hotler Apr 2024 #11
Perfect! MLAA Apr 2024 #37
Yes, because the American public likes Biden more when they see him... W_HAMILTON Apr 2024 #12
Agreed. And Biden always kicks ass at debates. Which DU seems to have forgotten for some reason. emulatorloo Apr 2024 #20
There's only downside to not debating Trump Johonny Apr 2024 #13
Post removed Post removed Apr 2024 #27
... orangecrush Apr 2024 #30
Only if they cut his mic WiVoter Apr 2024 #14
Agree 100% Rstrstx Apr 2024 #17
Absolutely not! nevergiveup Apr 2024 #15
I said No canetoad Apr 2024 #18
I agree. It would turn into a real mess and there would be no "debating " Deuxcents Apr 2024 #41
I don't see an up side to this. And when will Trump have time anyway - he's pretty much booked TBF Apr 2024 #19
trump did not do himself any favors during the debates four years ago mnmoderatedem Apr 2024 #21
He tried to give Joe covid lame54 Apr 2024 #25
He stalked Hillary which the moderators did not take control of Deuxcents Apr 2024 #42
I'd have said yes a few weeks ago Enquiring_Mind Apr 2024 #22
Yes Polybius Apr 2024 #23
Only if it's on the phone with plexiglass between them lame54 Apr 2024 #24
Biden should commit to the Commission's debates later this year. All Mixed Up Apr 2024 #26
To quote Napoleon Bonaparte TheFarseer Apr 2024 #31
I can't wait to see it. creeksneakers2 Apr 2024 #32
Unless the media can control a live audience from outbursts, which they can't, and JohnSJ Apr 2024 #33
Yes. I know trump is a worthless POS and will pull stunts over debate. Debate is expected. Silent Type Apr 2024 #34
TFG's not worth it. dmr Apr 2024 #35
EXACTLY!!! niyad Apr 2024 #47
He should wait for a serious candidate to debate. ColinC Apr 2024 #36
EXACTLY!!! niyad Apr 2024 #45
With any luck, that decision will be up to the warden. Qutzupalotl Apr 2024 #38
May it be so! niyad Apr 2024 #46
Any opportunity ForgedCrank Apr 2024 #39
Do you remember his behaviour at previous debates? Stalking Hillary? niyad Apr 2024 #44
Yes, I remember. ForgedCrank Apr 2024 #48
uh huh, like that will happen. TRAITOR** does not behave like a normal niyad Apr 2024 #49
Any proper ForgedCrank Apr 2024 #50
FUCK NO!!! There is no reason to pretend that TRAITOR** is in any niyad Apr 2024 #43
Yes. Joe is a very smart politician and knows that if he does little other than roll his eyes, laugh, and poke Donny Ping Tung Apr 2024 #51
Every word that comes out of Trump's mouth is a lie. Emile Apr 2024 #52
Of course he should. BlueTsunami2018 Apr 2024 #53
I'd support debates, but only if NanaCat Apr 2024 #55
No debate will take place JHB Apr 2024 #56
If it's a Fox moderator Chipper Chat Apr 2024 #57
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