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4. Yes, but the country needs governance...
Tue Apr 16, 2024, 09:20 PM
Apr 16

Johnson is learning the lesson McCarthy forgot - don't lie on the petty stuff. Look at it this way...
If "Moses" wants to be able to stay on the Mountain to be able to bring his 15 - err, 10, 10 commandments down to the GOP masses, "Moses" has to listen and be honest with the talking burning bush that is the Democratic Party.
Otherwise, he's not going to be able to avoid the stone throwing from all sides of his party.
Honestly, Johnson is toast. Too right wing for the Chamber of Commerce types, his "particular" habits exposed to the nation for ridicule, and not crazy performative enough to appease the MAGA shit slingers.

As a country, we need to fund Ukraine and Taiwan. We need to get our national budget and internal funding straightened out. Maybe even get a Border bill out. Even Johnson is smart enough to realize there's a lot of issues other than the economy to figure out, and TFG opening his yap admitting in public that if he tells the GOP not to do their jobs, he's going to get re-elected.
If he goes along with Trump, he has a high risk of losing his plans for a Christian Nation to an ever dwindling base turned off by hypocrites, infighting and lack of an attempt at any sort of governance just to get a venal moron elected. He should know every time the Government shut down, the party that shut it down loses powered, no matter how bad the economy seems to the average person.

If he works honestly with the Democrats on normal secular business, his "moral" reputation still stands. He can claim he was still doing the People's Business while avoiding all those Satanic bills about gender or procreation Congress would be promoting if the Democrats were still in charge.
He might still remain viable in his district.

He has also seen the Democrats, even ones in purple districts, are united against Trumpism. Only a cult member will follow TFG's orders and not expect it to backfire on him. Since Massie has seconded Marge Traitor-Green, he should know by now his attempt to kiss TFG's golden ass at Mar-A-Lago failed.


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