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53. Of course he should.
Wed Apr 17, 2024, 06:03 AM
Apr 2024

Yes, Тяцмр is an unworthy, traitorous asshole. Yes, any “debate” with him devolves into a blather of insults and words salad. However, the President simply cannot appear to be ducking the idiot and afraid to show up. That would be giving the dipshit an advantage he doesn’t deserve. Stand up there, mock him, tout your accomplishments and challenge his insane “policy” ideas.

Winning a debate and showing statesmanship against that fool isn’t a monumental feat. Just go in and take care of business.

Should Biden debate Trump? [View all] BWdem4life Apr 2024 OP
Absolutely budkin Apr 2024 #1
Yeah Faux pas Apr 2024 #2
There is no benefit to debating Trump bucolic_frolic Apr 2024 #3
I concur. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 2024 #54
Biden would have to stop laughing at Trump. Srkdqltr Apr 2024 #4
No. TSF does not deserve the respect that the traditional electoral process is Deuxcents Apr 2024 #5
This orangecrush Apr 2024 #29
I voted "No", but only because there's no chance of a debate being done properly. If they'd cut Trump's mic... Silent3 Apr 2024 #6
Maybe if they put a Mr.Bill Apr 2024 #16
I'm leaning no mvd Apr 2024 #7
Biden should say: There's no real reason to debate a violent Insurrectionist. n/t MartyTheGreek Apr 2024 #8
Why help someone who is beating himself? Tom of Temecula Apr 2024 #9
No. H2O Man Apr 2024 #10
There might not be a lot to gain but he absolutely could lose a lot if he refuses to debate. All Mixed Up Apr 2024 #28
Not. H2O Man Apr 2024 #40
Spelling bee. nt Hotler Apr 2024 #11
Perfect! MLAA Apr 2024 #37
Yes, because the American public likes Biden more when they see him... W_HAMILTON Apr 2024 #12
Agreed. And Biden always kicks ass at debates. Which DU seems to have forgotten for some reason. emulatorloo Apr 2024 #20
There's only downside to not debating Trump Johonny Apr 2024 #13
Post removed Post removed Apr 2024 #27
... orangecrush Apr 2024 #30
Only if they cut his mic WiVoter Apr 2024 #14
Agree 100% Rstrstx Apr 2024 #17
Absolutely not! nevergiveup Apr 2024 #15
I said No canetoad Apr 2024 #18
I agree. It would turn into a real mess and there would be no "debating " Deuxcents Apr 2024 #41
I don't see an up side to this. And when will Trump have time anyway - he's pretty much booked TBF Apr 2024 #19
trump did not do himself any favors during the debates four years ago mnmoderatedem Apr 2024 #21
He tried to give Joe covid lame54 Apr 2024 #25
He stalked Hillary which the moderators did not take control of Deuxcents Apr 2024 #42
I'd have said yes a few weeks ago Enquiring_Mind Apr 2024 #22
Yes Polybius Apr 2024 #23
Only if it's on the phone with plexiglass between them lame54 Apr 2024 #24
Biden should commit to the Commission's debates later this year. All Mixed Up Apr 2024 #26
To quote Napoleon Bonaparte TheFarseer Apr 2024 #31
I can't wait to see it. creeksneakers2 Apr 2024 #32
Unless the media can control a live audience from outbursts, which they can't, and JohnSJ Apr 2024 #33
Yes. I know trump is a worthless POS and will pull stunts over debate. Debate is expected. Silent Type Apr 2024 #34
TFG's not worth it. dmr Apr 2024 #35
EXACTLY!!! niyad Apr 2024 #47
He should wait for a serious candidate to debate. ColinC Apr 2024 #36
EXACTLY!!! niyad Apr 2024 #45
With any luck, that decision will be up to the warden. Qutzupalotl Apr 2024 #38
May it be so! niyad Apr 2024 #46
Any opportunity ForgedCrank Apr 2024 #39
Do you remember his behaviour at previous debates? Stalking Hillary? niyad Apr 2024 #44
Yes, I remember. ForgedCrank Apr 2024 #48
uh huh, like that will happen. TRAITOR** does not behave like a normal niyad Apr 2024 #49
Any proper ForgedCrank Apr 2024 #50
FUCK NO!!! There is no reason to pretend that TRAITOR** is in any niyad Apr 2024 #43
Yes. Joe is a very smart politician and knows that if he does little other than roll his eyes, laugh, and poke Donny Ping Tung Apr 2024 #51
Every word that comes out of Trump's mouth is a lie. Emile Apr 2024 #52
Of course he should. BlueTsunami2018 Apr 2024 #53
I'd support debates, but only if NanaCat Apr 2024 #55
No debate will take place JHB Apr 2024 #56
If it's a Fox moderator Chipper Chat Apr 2024 #57
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