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trump is pathetic. Think. Again. Apr 17 #1
honestly, that is almost an insult to pathetic people Skittles Apr 18 #65
Who is the one making an ass (pardon language) out of himself? Hmmm, I'll give you one guess... SWBTATTReg Apr 17 #2
What a prickly, petty man. Midnight Writer Apr 17 #3
Trumps obsession with ratings is indicative of his cowardice Walleye Apr 17 #4
So is needing to lie about them William Seger Apr 17 #35
Correct Walleye Apr 17 #58
Mid-April Oscar take? What next lamenting about the the War on Christmas? Johonny Apr 17 #5
Jimmy's show will be extra fun tonight. mucifer Apr 17 #6
Can't wait (nt) William Seger Apr 17 #36
Hope Jimmy Really Does a Number on TFG NonPC Apr 17 #42
How pathetic. Ocelot II Apr 17 #7
It IS past his jail time. Kid Berwyn Apr 17 #8
He is such a pathetic, petty, coward. Diamond_Dog Apr 17 #9
"..he stumbled through announcing the biggest award of all.. LeftinOH Apr 17 #10
Great minds think alike PCIntern Apr 17 #12
And the BIG Oscar mistake (wrong best picture) was by Faye Dunaway in 2017 viva la Apr 17 #17
Trump seems to be obsessed PatSeg Apr 17 #22
This message was self-deleted by its author Silver Gaia Apr 17 #30
Thank you! Silver Gaia Apr 17 #32
I'm sure Jimmy will set the record straight tonight, lol William Seger Apr 17 #39
Well, it's understandable. Both Kimmel and Pacino are white men. Sky Jewels Apr 17 #50
Pacino opened the envelope for Best Picture. PCIntern Apr 17 #11
The king of all trolls is so easily trolled by Jimmy Kimmel. Doodley Apr 17 #13
The winner is... macwriter Apr 17 #14
They've been saying 'The Oscar goes to..." NanaCat Apr 17 #56
First off, can someone explain to him how to make "sentences"? viva la Apr 17 #15
I should have responded to your post. underpants Apr 17 #34
From past "experiences" ahum... he thinks he is above the laws. Justice matters. Apr 17 #49
TSF's spin of The Wheel of Blame must've landed on "Stupid Kimmel" this morning. n/t Hugin Apr 17 #16
Is this the same guy who told us that the battle of Gettysburg was "beautiful"? Ping Tung Apr 17 #18
Sometimes I think he only knows about 30 words. Diamond_Dog Apr 17 #51
To him, it was a "beautiful" "bloodbath" ... Justice matters. Apr 17 #53
well, he can't go after the judge, Conjuay Apr 17 #19
He's the absolute perfect representative of Qwackanon-Americans. Marcus IM Apr 17 #20
People actually read that and think, "yes! We need to make this guy a dictator!" unblock Apr 17 #21
Oh no, no Donald PatSeg Apr 17 #23
Hard to believe this isn't from The Onion. bif Apr 17 #24
Trump. Always very presidential! LakeArenal Apr 17 #25
* TRIGGERED * live love laugh Apr 17 #26
Sharing this again LetMyPeopleVote Apr 17 #27
What a child like mind TSF has, but yet so evil! Ziggysmom Apr 17 #28
So typical Jilly_in_VA Apr 17 #29
Someone helped him write this. He may have reviewed it and commented but twodogsbarking Apr 17 #31
Yeah, I can guarantee he doesn't know the word "vaunted." Sky Jewels Apr 17 #52
Yep. He didn't write this himself. captain queeg Apr 17 #55
Why do people still remark on this? NanaCat Apr 17 #57
Well, because he didn't write it. twodogsbarking Apr 17 #59
I count 4 sentences there. The CHOKE part is near the end of the first sentence underpants Apr 17 #33
Good God in butter grammar is not Donny's friend. Commas shoul not just be slapped down any place. Now I Botany Apr 17 #37
Isnt Trump confusing Kimmel for Al Pacino? orangecrush Apr 17 #38
Yes. Yes he is. nolabear Apr 17 #47
Of course the media orangecrush Apr 17 #60
OMFG, you're right MorbidButterflyTat Apr 17 #63
It was on CNN news feed as well orangecrush Apr 17 #64
He's up watching Jimmy and then tantrum tweeting at 5 am? I'm thinking that's not what anyone attempting to work brewens Apr 17 #40
Ramble, ramble, grumble, grumble Sanity Claws Apr 17 #41
What ratings drop? NanaCat Apr 17 #43
The made up one. GoodRaisin Apr 17 #61
So, what he's saying is Jimmy hit a nerve or three last night. Good! ms liberty Apr 17 #44
ahem blogslug Apr 17 #45
He confused Kimmel with Al Pacino. 🤣🤣🤣 nolabear Apr 17 #46
Kimmel has no empathy... dchill Apr 17 #48
Boo effin hoo malaise Apr 17 #54
I do not believe for one second MorbidButterflyTat Apr 17 #62
Donnie dumbshit will be sleeping in court on Thursday morning. n/t iluvtennis Apr 18 #66
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