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Melania is only trying to save marital assets. Irish_Dem Apr 17 #1
Is half of the crater hers too? Hugin Apr 17 #3
Good question. I don't know. Irish_Dem Apr 17 #5
I'm sure there is a pre-nup MiniMe Apr 17 #45
She wants to make sure Barron ends up with some money. Irish_Dem Apr 17 #48
You forgot to mention, he did this after she just gave birth MagickMuffin Apr 17 #2
Nah. He looks like his dad. TexasBushwhacker Apr 17 #23
... speak easy Apr 18 #65
Putin has a nice off shore account set up for his honeypot agent Melania JT45242 Apr 17 #4
She knows not one shit about the subject malaise Apr 17 #6
ROFL! Nt spooky3 Apr 17 #26
😀😀 malaise Apr 17 #34
As did Sloane! Nt spooky3 Apr 17 #39
I noticed that. I thought Sasha was going to pull off a major upset. LoisB Apr 17 #41
Plagued with injuries malaise Apr 17 #43
YEP spanone Apr 17 #47
Hey you malaise Apr 17 #49
Ha ha! My thoughts exactly mal Diamond_Dog Apr 17 #33
LOL malaise Apr 17 #35
If she were to model underwear, that would be quite the cover-up for her. LoisB Apr 17 #42
Trump is the one that delayed this proceeding again and again Freethinker65 Apr 17 #7
I wonder how much he paid her to say that PatSeg Apr 17 #15
Sigh... maxrandb Apr 17 #8
Your rant is a thing of beauty, but I think you're out of fucks. Permanut Apr 17 #16
From... Mike Nelson Apr 17 #9
STFU, you illegal alien and your anchor baby!! Coventina Apr 17 #10
THIS! FalloutShelter Apr 17 #24
Hey Melania.. virgdem Apr 17 #11
She meant to say "erection interference". LuckyCharms Apr 17 #12
OK, that was funny. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 17 #14
Probably just a glitch in translation from Slovenian. Permanut Apr 17 #18
She's channeling TSF. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 17 #13
She's saying it's election interference now to litigate election interference in 2016? bucolic_frolic Apr 17 #17
Then this "interference" make it evens stevens Layzeebeaver Apr 17 #32
As if this Eurotrash gold digger is any kind of legal authority NanaCat Apr 17 #19
Donald has promised her that Barron gets dibs on the office after Ivanka Prairie Gates Apr 17 #20
I wouldn't be surprised if he's privately promised each of his children that they are his preferred succesor. DickKessler Apr 17 #53
That, and five bucks will get you a cup of coffee. GoCubsGo Apr 17 #21
That's been their strategy all along. Baitball Blogger Apr 17 #22
Remember the Clintons? Johnny2X2X Apr 17 #25
I always imagined that Sleepy Don gab13by13 Apr 17 #27
She is just saying what her abusive husband tells her to say. Doodley Apr 17 #28
Worn-out sex worker says what? Talitha Apr 17 #29
Melania shanti Apr 17 #30
This contradicts the story that Huffpo ran last week FakeNoose Apr 17 #31
If she's mad at her husband it's only for being embarrassed PUBLICLY and she keeps her anger private. DickKessler Apr 17 #51
I don't disagree, but I'm pretty sure she didn't write that FakeNoose Apr 17 #59
Clueless, lying, in it for the money only, bimbo opens her mouth. SamKnause Apr 17 #36
Don's lawyers had to explain to her the intricacies of a non-disclosure agreement... Ping Tung Apr 17 #37
did she say this at the point of a gun? gopiscrap Apr 17 #38
You have to hand it to her: she's still working hard for that money she's never going to get. Aristus Apr 17 #40
Facts Not Merely Optional... ProfessorGAC Apr 17 #44
I had almost forgotten about her. Doesn't she hate Christmas? DickKessler Apr 17 #46
She has such a caring demeanor.... Blue Owl Apr 17 #50
She's right. It is election interference. Grins Apr 17 #52
Yes honey, that is what the case is about, you're correct. Think. Again. Apr 17 #54
Perhaps she's confusing "election interference" with her chastity belt. Ping Tung Apr 17 #55
I don't care, do you? bif Apr 17 #56
"election interference" LudwigPastorius Apr 17 #57
I wonder if Barron is in the will. LuvLoogie Apr 17 #58
He probably doesn't have a will. LudwigPastorius Apr 17 #63
I loathe this woman. nt jrthin Apr 17 #60
Look into her eyes and you can see the flashing neon VACANCY sign struggle4progress Apr 17 #61
The election interference is Trump's paying off women to hide affairs Sanity Claws Apr 17 #62
WHINE HARDER, Asshole melania. Cha Apr 17 #64
I wonder now if wifey #3 likes the way TSF is behaving? ProudMNDemocrat Apr 18 #66
Well, since the Slovenian Succubus has spoken, better dismiss the case!!! hatrack Apr 18 #67
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