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Maybe we can get school kiddes to memorize that speech! FSogol Apr 2024 #1
I imagine myself as a grade school teacher, and the student comes up with this when he was called on to report. captain queeg Apr 2024 #2
Oh yes, that is exactly what it sounds like PatSeg Apr 2024 #11
Thank God you republicans won that war back in the 1860s. Be sure to mention that in your public speeches, Donald. keithbvadu2 Apr 2024 #3
Fecal brain matter RainCaster Apr 2024 #4
Kick and rec. Kingofalldems Apr 2024 #5
That's some seriously stable genius shit right there! K&R 11 Bravo Apr 2024 #6
🧠 underpants Apr 2024 #18
Wow is right. onecaliberal Apr 2024 #7
how do we delete this moron from history? my god. i need to send this to my trumpy cousin. pansypoo53219 Apr 2024 #8
Robrett E. Lea? bif Apr 2024 #9
That's how Trump pronounced it underpants Apr 2024 #16
Still hard to believe that is real PatSeg Apr 2024 #10
LOL, I had heard some rumblings about this but as I refuse to listen to Trump, Bev54 Apr 2024 #12
Jon Stewart Monday night underpants Apr 2024 #17
Good stuff Easterncedar Apr 2024 #22
Thank you, been so busy this week, missed him as well. Bev54 Apr 2024 #23
I understand his speech was written... 3825-87867 Apr 2024 #13
Wait until he gets to the part about the bombing of Pearl Harbor being gorgeous and Ping Tung Apr 2024 #14
So Robert E Lee was a pirate? scipan Apr 2024 #15
I thought maybe he was Irish? llmart Apr 2024 #21
Ah, the famous Robbie O'Lee scipan Apr 2024 #24
Here it is on YouTube for those who don't do Twitterx. catbyte Apr 2024 #19
Sounds like they used the Howard Dean scream after the Robert Lee bit. progressoid Apr 2024 #20
If only he had captured the airports Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2024 #25
I don't think Ken Burns needs to worry about Trump out doing him on the Civil War dflprincess Apr 2024 #26
Trump's civil war documentary: scipan Apr 2024 #29
"Never fight up hill, me boys. Never fight uphill." rsdsharp Apr 2024 #27
I never knew until this speech Island Blue Apr 2024 #28
I'm surprised that he didn't say that his sister Sara baked cakes for the soldiers tavernier Apr 2024 #30
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