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Wed Apr 17, 2024, 10:28 PM Apr 17

Saw this and OMG! This is the most righteous description of how I feel [View all]

(Bold and italics are mine)

"No, Bidens rallies weren’t bigger. No, you didn’t see any Biden flags on houses or Biden bumper stickers on cars. No, you don’t know a single person on your street or at your church who supports Biden. But guess what? We’re here.

Bidens rallies were small because people who live in reality don’t want to expose themselves to the virus you continue to downplay or deny. We don’t fly Biden flags because we don’t want our houses burned down. We don’t put Biden bumper stickers on our cars because we want to avoid becoming targets for road rage.

We don’t trust you. We decided to minimize our interactions with people who cannot be reasoned with. This is for our own safety.

In private groups – where your not invited – we share our bewilderment of your descent into madness.

We all have stories about how we’ve cut ties with you, our family and former friends, because we don’t want your hatred poisoning our social media streams. We can’t stand to listen to you vomiting the lies of your cult, day after day.

You used to be different. We liked you. But now that we know what was inside your heart all along, we’ve decided you don’t deserve to know about our lives. We’ll skip family reunions, even after we get the vaccine. We’ll make up some excuse just to be polite. But in reality, we just don’t feel like sitting around eating potato salad and making small talk with people who have such monstrous beliefs.

To all the brothers and aunts and cousins and dads and neighbors out there who just can’t wrap their heads around what this means going forward, know that these scars aren’t going away anytime soon. We won’t be reaching out, and we won’t be mending fences. Its not up to us to apologize for the wounds you have gleefully inflicted upon us and our friends.

You poured the gasoline, you lit the match. You burned this to the ground. So if we seem different from now on, I guess we are. We’ve seen your truth laid bare, and we’re horrified. I hope Trump was worth it.

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Damn. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. Baitball Blogger Apr 17 #1
Rec. onecaliberal Apr 17 #2
Thank You for posting this. Kick and Rec. Think. Again. Apr 17 #3
Perfectly stated. K&R AmBlue Apr 17 #4
Where did you see it exactly? littlemissmartypants Apr 17 #5
I think it was a letter to the editor maxrandb Apr 17 #7
I googled it. It's from Villages-News in that retirement community in Florida, December 27, 2020. Link: highplainsdem Apr 18 #24
Thanks for the source. nt sl8 Apr 18 #30
It was rather delicious to read it again, at the source. calimary Apr 18 #31
WOW ! Conjuay Apr 18 #36
I thought everyone in The Villages were Trumpists? Poiuyt Apr 18 #54
Damn Near So... GB_RN Apr 18 #60
Also where 5 residents have been charged with using their dead spouses louis-t Apr 18 #58
Got A Link For This... GB_RN Apr 18 #62
I'll look. It was 3, then I heard 5. louis-t Apr 19 #63
Here it is. louis-t Apr 19 #64
THIS. YES. Silver Gaia Apr 17 #6
If only we hadn't elected that Black guy with the funny name. progressoid Apr 17 #8
And ain't THAT a shame........ MyOwnPeace Apr 17 #14
Kick and Rec and Wow Hekate Apr 17 #9
Yes, it captures my feeling. ampm Apr 17 #10
I think this has made the rounds before. imaginary girl Apr 17 #11
👍🏼...K&R...👍🏼 spanone Apr 17 #12
I got my Biden-Harris stickers tonight and they're going on my car tomorrow. lindysalsagal Apr 17 #13
Who remembers "The Silent Majority"? usonian Apr 17 #15
I forget how many of the TRAITOR** flotilla capsIzed on Lake Travis? niyad Apr 17 #18
The ultimate sneaker wave. Sky Jewels Apr 18 #27
Matches My Families Sentiments! Sane1 Apr 17 #16
KNR (again). This, or something similar was around during the niyad Apr 17 #17
This was published in 2020. See my reply 24. highplainsdem Apr 18 #25
I could not agree more. Well thought out and stated. chicoescuela Apr 18 #19
A compromise between democracy and fascism is unacceptable. Piss on 'em. Hermit-The-Prog Apr 18 #20
Agreed! Hikerchick57 Apr 18 #21
It speaks very well for my view. Big K&R here. yonder Apr 18 #22
Truth be told. In abundance. oasis Apr 18 #23
What DO these sick people get out of their endless love for this despicable ahole? mwb970 Apr 18 #26
That's THE Question of This Era. calimary Apr 18 #32
I simply cannot understand it. mwb970 Apr 18 #38
I feel exactly this way too.nt Trueblue Texan Apr 18 #28
Blue wave build DoBW Apr 18 #29
So well said--completely agree. Timeflyer Apr 18 #33
This is from right after the 2020 election; we're in a different world now. LeftinOH Apr 18 #34
Well said! PatSeg Apr 18 #35
Perfectly said, and... birdographer Apr 18 #37
It's funny, cuz it's the contrary: libs own MAGA, living rent free in their heads. n/t Beartracks Apr 18 #40
The wounds have been gleefully inflicted upon American democracy as well. Beartracks Apr 18 #39
KnR! n/t iluvtennis Apr 18 #41
What a drag it is to see you. world wide wally Apr 18 #42
Gratitude Jean Genie Apr 18 #43
Excellent I'm waiting for the right time to post this on Facebook kimbutgar Apr 18 #44
Amen. Joinfortmill Apr 18 #45
Exactly this! Thanks for sharing. nt LittleGirl Apr 18 #46
Beware the Fury of a Patient Man CarolinaNC Apr 18 #47
Agreed with everything except one thing. greatauntoftriplets Apr 18 #48
Insightful and well-written Seinan Sensei Apr 18 #49
321th Rec! Niagara Apr 18 #50
322. Biden did more events than Trump in 2020 underpants Apr 18 #51
I love you, underpants! Strictly platonically of course. Niagara Apr 18 #52
❤️ underpants Apr 18 #56
Biden/Trump flags keithbvadu2 Apr 18 #53
I feel the same way as the OP / author Leith Apr 18 #55
such a good point about the safety issue ecstatic Apr 18 #57
Very well said. GoodRaisin Apr 18 #59
I do have one point of disagreement, though. soldierant Apr 18 #61
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