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16. That was my experience- tiny servings and endlessly waiting for server to bring a few more
Thu Apr 18, 2024, 03:01 AM
Apr 18

We quit going years ago when the portions for all of their offerings became tiny (and they discontinued my favorite seafood marinara too). Funny that other restaurants that charge less for unlimited buffets including seafood have managed to thrive in our area.

Dare Americans to eat? czarjak Apr 17 #1
Worst place for seafood n/t gay texan Apr 17 #2
Correct. It's even worse than the starboard sea chest Jerry2144 Apr 18 #28
They forgot about Bottomless Pete, the remorseless eating machine.... Blue Owl Apr 17 #3
. Hassin Bin Sober Apr 18 #14
That man ate all our shrimp and two plastic lobsters! Initech Apr 18 #21
The one by me used to make you wait 20 mins per reorder, give you ten and a pile of fries. Makes folks give up. TheBlackAdder Apr 17 #4
That was my experience- tiny servings and endlessly waiting for server to bring a few more wishstar Apr 18 #16
My friend and I used to hit up Sizzler for their steak and all you can eat shrimp ripcord Apr 17 #5
Ahhh.... Malibu Chicken, with Malibu sauce... aka mayo with mustard. WarGamer Apr 18 #25
The fact their food was awful might have more to do with it Johnny2X2X Apr 17 #6
other places seem to make deals like this work. dsp3000 Apr 18 #7
Reminds me of a sci fi short story called "All You Can Eat". LudwigPastorius Apr 18 #8
"Children Of Infinity" The Unmitigated Gall Apr 18 #27
Endless shrimp could be the end of shrimp as well. jalan48 Apr 18 #9
Lol at Red Lobster they are farm raised shrimp BannonsLiver Apr 18 #23
I did not know this. I'm sure the wild shrimp are elated as well. jalan48 Apr 18 #33
Why, did the ocean call? Clash City Rocker Apr 18 #29
"Hey George, the ocean called oasis Apr 19 #35
Offering discount "endless shrimp" to a nation of Homer Simpsons. Pretty damn stupid flvegan Apr 18 #10
Yep, when you take stock of Americans when out and about... brush Apr 18 #12
Guess that's one way to get people in the door. Not the best way though... brush Apr 18 #11
Curb Your Enthusiasm, All You Can Eat betsuni Apr 18 #13
Just as bad as Truth Social, which is collapsing after serving "endless weasel" Bucky Apr 18 #15
Bottomless glasses of whine!!! hatrack Apr 18 #18
Well I guess that's one way to say "private equity firm" in a way that blames consumers WhiskeyGrinder Apr 18 #17
Good Catch ProfessorGAC Apr 19 #36
They went Endless Shrimp. You never go Endless Shrimp JHB Apr 18 #19
Endless shrimp. Yeah, right. I run away from deals like this. The restaurants are jammed full, way too many SWBTATTReg Apr 18 #20
And here I was thinking it was NanaCat Apr 18 #22
Classic DU food snob thread BannonsLiver Apr 18 #24
My wife and I both have a palate for fine-dining. Aristus Apr 18 #30
Yes, very similar views here. BannonsLiver Apr 18 #34
I heard it was the crap legs because there was no limit on how many plates you can get. I think with the shrimp they debm55 Apr 18 #26
Never ever been to a Red Lobster. . . DinahMoeHum Apr 18 #31
They still encourage table-side... ret5hd Apr 18 #32
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