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Follow Ukraine's example - they seem to be weathering well against Russia's state sponsored terrorism ck4829 Apr 17 #1
You don't think that Ukraine struck back against Russia? TexasDem69 Apr 17 #2
So, retaliatory drone strikes against the Iranian Navy and oil refineries deep inside Iran? NickB79 Apr 17 #11
Yeah, losing about 20% of your territory and hundred of thousands dead or wounded. Ace Rothstein Apr 17 #14
Ukraine is weathering well? What would "weathering poorly" look like? JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 18 #30
Seriously? edisdead Apr 18 #33
Israel was given land to call home. Then they MOMFUDSKI Apr 17 #3
The only land they took was Gaza and the Gohlan ripcord Apr 17 #5
(pssst, hey buddy... Google "west bank settlements"...) Bucky Apr 18 #22
And the illegal West Bank settlements? obamanut2012 Apr 18 #37
That's not exactly how it happened... Happy Hoosier Apr 17 #7
No, that's not 'Nuff said, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 17 #8
Wish I could give 100 recs. madaboutharry Apr 18 #26
Complete BS Zeitghost Apr 17 #12
No, that's not what happened. JI7 Apr 17 #13
Repeating false anti-Israel rhetoric is not helpful. Patton French Apr 18 #24
Millions have lived as mere subjects to Israel with no voting rights, for decades. Shameful and immoral. David__77 Apr 18 #27
Did you know.... Happy Hoosier Apr 18 #38
Did Jordan give voting rights to West Bank residents when they seized it in 1948? brooklynite Apr 18 #47
Shameful and immoral that those "mere subjects" wnylib Apr 18 #60
I always liked that quote by Golda Meir. n/t ChazII Apr 18 #72
Agree claudette Apr 18 #71
Attack the terrorist proxies Eko Apr 17 #4
How is that going to help anything? ripcord Apr 17 #6
Well, lets look at the alternative. Eko Apr 17 #9
So you are saying Israel shouldn't defend its self because it would be hard ripcord Apr 17 #10
What did I say Israel should do? Word for word. Eko Apr 17 #15
I'm not going to respond after being reported ripcord Apr 18 #18
I did not report you. Eko Apr 18 #19
I believe you ripcord Apr 18 #20
I wouldnt respond if I alterted on you. Eko Apr 18 #21
I am disappointed that you wont answer my question in post 15. Eko Apr 17 #17
"So you're saying Israel shouldn't defend itself" Bucky Apr 18 #23
You seem to doubt Israel's ability to strike significantly at Iran FBaggins Apr 18 #34
Yeah I doubt their S-200 & S-300 clones would even get a lock on a F-35 EX500rider Apr 18 #57
Israeli F-35s are no strangers to the S-300 FBaggins Apr 18 #58
You seem pretty gung ho on attacking Iran. Eko Apr 18 #75
So, basically, just a never-ending low-intensity war. Happy Hoosier Apr 18 #39
Please, tell me yours. Eko Apr 18 #74
So a game of Wack-A-Mole? EX500rider Apr 18 #63
The middle man is not so middle. Eko Apr 18 #73
How exactly is Israel supposed to stop Iran from sponsoring terror attacks against them *with* violence? 0rganism Apr 17 #16
Lots of ways FBaggins Apr 18 #36
Well yes, actually this would likely temporarily reduce indirect state-sponsored terrorism by Iran's proxies.... 0rganism Apr 18 #56
Destroy their oil production, refining capacity, TheKentuckian Apr 18 #48
I am so glad you are not in charge of anything. Earth-shine Apr 18 #59
Get us all killed how? EX500rider Apr 18 #64
Your comment is made as if our only assets are in the US. As if we don't have allies that would be threatened. Earth-shine Apr 18 #69
If they choose poorly then then force tougher choices. TheKentuckian Apr 21 #79
I don't know, but I am sure of one thing maxrandb Apr 18 #25
Withdraw from the occupied territories. Voltaire2 Apr 18 #28
To Iran and their terrorists sarisataka Apr 18 #29
I don't care about that. Voltaire2 Apr 18 #31
I can appreciate your honesty sarisataka Apr 18 #32
I don't care to argue the propaganda positions of either side in the conflict. Voltaire2 Apr 18 #44
What you care or don't care about really isn't relevant FBaggins Apr 18 #40
I don;t disagree that it's a failure.... Happy Hoosier Apr 18 #41
Perhaps that is correct. Voltaire2 Apr 18 #43
Don't get me wrong.... Happy Hoosier Apr 18 #45
It absolutely handwaives the conditions that lead to occupations TheKentuckian Apr 18 #46
Amen!! claudette Apr 18 #55
I appreciate your concern. I just don't see how widening the war will make Israel more safe. Redleg Apr 18 #35
It was a proxy war until Iran attacked Israel directly FBaggins Apr 18 #42
Roll back one step. Voltaire2 Apr 18 #49
Two mistakes there FBaggins Apr 18 #52
"Not exactly an easy line to walk" is my point Redleg Apr 18 #50
Vibes? RandySF Apr 18 #51
A possible scenario atreides1 Apr 18 #53
Violence won't claudette Apr 18 #54
Yes, certainly no more reasonable men then the Mullah's of Iran who hang gays and beat niqab-less women to death EX500rider Apr 18 #65
It's worth a try claudette Apr 18 #67
So like, "Hey please stop funding terror groups all over the middle east?" EX500rider Apr 18 #68
Ok claudette Apr 18 #70
Violence is the last resort of the incompetent. Isaac Asimov Ping Tung Apr 18 #61
Sternly worded letter, right? PCIntern Apr 18 #62
Or maybe just a "tut-tut" and a finger wag... EX500rider Apr 18 #66
Don't you know? RandySF Apr 18 #76
'Smiting your enemies' is big in the Middle East. Aussie105 Apr 18 #77
Cyber-attack nt Mark.b2 Apr 18 #78
According to our republican party, thoughts and prayers would do the trick. republianmushroom Apr 21 #80
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