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46. The media is already releasing too much info about he jurors.
Thu Apr 18, 2024, 07:28 PM
Apr 18

That is going to get people terrorized and possibly killed.
There should be absolutely NOTHING about them known to the public.

Are they trying to get the MAGA zealots to hurt people and their families????

When we get a jury with alternates... FarPoint Apr 18 #1
They have to control it or it goes to mistrial. jimfields33 Apr 18 #2
That would protect them, but not their families. soldierant Apr 18 #43
The "someone" who outed the juror who left today was foxnews.... Think. Again. Apr 18 #3
Security will be difficult, it'll be cops who assault them. JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 18 #5
Security doesn't have to mean cops and yeah, life can be difficult.... Think. Again. Apr 18 #9
JustABozo doeshave a good point though - soldierant Apr 18 #44
Oh absolutely... Think. Again. Apr 18 #48
I misunderstood your post when I gave my first reply... Think. Again. Apr 18 #49
Actually, Fox News wasn't the only or even first media entity to "out" Juror #2. onenote Apr 18 #17
The people who asked #2 if she was a juror referred to the foxnews broadcast. Think. Again. Apr 18 #19
You have a link supporting that? onenote Apr 18 #20
I will have to look... Think. Again. Apr 18 #25
Best I could do quickly... Think. Again. Apr 18 #30
I don't think that statement indicates that the juror cited Fox News as the source of the information. onenote Apr 18 #31
Your defense of foxnews is noted. Think. Again. Apr 18 #34
I'd rather you noted my defense of folks not bending the truth on DU. onenote Apr 18 #35
Then perhaps foxnews shouldn't be trusted. Think. Again. Apr 18 #37
I don't trust Fox News. I do trust the fact that no one has reported that Juror #2 cited Fox News of Trump's tweets onenote Apr 18 #38
I don't recall stating that I expected the courts to call out foxnews. Think. Again. Apr 18 #39
Why wouldn't they if that was the source cited by the Juror #2? onenote Apr 18 #40
You seem to be going in all sorts of directions... Think. Again. Apr 18 #45
Just keep moving AZSkiffyGeek Apr 18 #51
I did. NH Ethylene Apr 18 #41
Agreed. onenote Apr 18 #42
As you said, You have a link for that? Joinfortmill Apr 18 #36
Agree on sequestering the jury, ASAP. wnylib Apr 18 #4
I do, too. calimary Apr 18 #50
K&R spanone Apr 18 #6
Six alternates may not be enough to avoid a mistrial... RockRaven Apr 18 #7
Fox News attempted to dox one of the jurors last night and they got pretty close. Initech Apr 18 #8
The juror that left did that specifically... Think. Again. Apr 18 #10
How do you know it was the Fox News report. I don't think Juror #2 pointed to any particular source. onenote Apr 18 #18
I suspect they'll look for their identification and Jarqui Apr 18 #11
We can't do it, but we should be scrutinizing the jurors that have been seated, too Brother Buzz Apr 18 #12
Does that mean you want information about the juror's identities made public? onenote Apr 18 #22
Not at all.... Brother Buzz Apr 18 #24
Presumably you think that would be okay for the prosecution, but not the defense. onenote Apr 18 #26
If there's some there there, why not? Brother Buzz Apr 18 #32
I agree they look very solid... Mark.b2 Apr 18 #53
Eliminating jurors is the defense team's last best hope. tinrobot Apr 18 #13
Shades of John Gotti LeftInTX Apr 18 #14
Well, of course TheRealNorth Apr 18 #15
And if there is a pro-trumper on the jury what's stopping them from IcyPeas Apr 18 #16
What do propose as a solution? Abandoning all hope and not having a trial? onenote Apr 18 #21
Presumably time-in-jail for contempt-of-court is a tool to put the brakes on such a move. nt Gore1FL Apr 18 #28
Juror #2 was outed and threatened by goons Roy Rolling Apr 18 #23
Link to her having been threatened? onenote Apr 18 #27
Any question that I had regarding whether some justice or decency would prevail Boomerproud Apr 18 #29
Mistrial and delay - MAGA's #1 goal Bundbuster Apr 18 #33
The media is already releasing too much info about he jurors. TNNurse Apr 18 #46
Absolutely. I agree. Kablooie Apr 18 #47
If I were questioned to be a juror, I would respond that I was in fear of my life. TNNurse Apr 18 #54
In the hope of creating a mistrial Turbineguy Apr 18 #52
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