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So maybe Joe said. Arthur_Frain Apr 18 #1
Or maybe he didn't say that. emulatorloo Apr 18 #2
we will never know Arthur_Frain Apr 18 #4
Probably. Nt BootinUp Apr 18 #9
Not. Biden only trusts Israel's Netanyahu as far as he can throw him. TeamProg Apr 19 #43
I was agreeing.not disagreeing. BootinUp Apr 19 #54
Oh Shoot, I wasn't seeing the thread replies inline properly, sorry. nt TeamProg Apr 19 #61
No worries. Carry on. Nt BootinUp Apr 19 #62
I thought he said don't. Barry Markson Apr 18 #29
WHAT?!? littlemissmartypants Apr 18 #31
"have been reported" by whom? emulatorloo Apr 18 #3
Not sure. Ace Rothstein Apr 18 #6
Thanks for the reply emulatorloo Apr 18 #7
activity being reported over Iraq and Syria as well rollin74 Apr 18 #5
Crude Oil prices spiking... go fill your tanks WarGamer Apr 18 #8
Better yet LiberaBlueDem Apr 18 #11
Gonna gas up the truck and SUV first thing in the morning TexasDem69 Apr 18 #17
International flights are diverting from Iranian airspace brooklynite Apr 18 #10
Can't believe this isn't being talked about on the news stations.. DemocratInPa Apr 18 #12
CNN is FINALLY reporting on it. Ace Rothstein Apr 18 #16
That tweet doesn't exist or you pasted a defective link... littlemissmartypants Apr 18 #32
Quick! Cut to Trump for commentary 0rganism Apr 19 #40
Nope, Israel is a failing state that the US keeps afloat. nt TeamProg Apr 19 #44
Israel has a GDP that ranks 27th in the world for 2023 Mosby Apr 19 #47
Never let facts Coventina Apr 19 #57
Well behind pillar of their community nations like Russia, Turkey, Argentina and Brazil. But great, TeamProg Apr 19 #59
The US controls Iraqi airspace pfitz59 Apr 18 #13
Not only that, our tankers would have to be involved. Calista241 Apr 18 #25
Just saw we had 1 KC-135 circling in Iraqi airspace CaptainTruth Apr 18 #33
This was obviously going to happen Mountainguy Apr 18 #14
ugh...one of those are the nuclear sites. Buckle in we're in for a bumpy ride. LeftInTX Apr 18 #15
Iran should not have nuclear weapons TexasDem69 Apr 18 #19
Their sites are under mountains. I doubt if Israel will destroy them. LeftInTX Apr 18 #21
Thx TexasDem69 Apr 18 #24
Unless we gave them Bunker Busters ripcord Apr 18 #34
The nuclear site in Isfahan is quiet, reports Iranian media. LeftInTX Apr 18 #36
We are not going to give Israel bunker busters, the White House just repeated we are not going to give Celerity Apr 19 #49
We aren't giving them now DetroitLegalBeagle Apr 19 #56
Collapse the entrances and power connections is a start EX500rider Apr 19 #46
Yah, and neither should N. Korea and Putin and Pakistan and India, TeamProg Apr 19 #45
MSNBC still all Trump... DemocratInPa Apr 18 #18
They're slow with international stuff or even breaking...best with commentary LeftInTX Apr 18 #20
Just went bdamomma Apr 18 #22
CNN has it DemocratInPa Apr 18 #23
Responding to the response. Sneederbunk Apr 18 #26
Good RandySF Apr 18 #27
In what way? TeamProg Apr 19 #42
Sunrise was 1/2 hour ago in Tehran LeftInTX Apr 18 #28
Well that'll cool things right down. DJ Synikus Makisimus Apr 18 #30
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind... AdamGG Apr 19 #39
Israel has attacked Iran, US official tells CNN summer_in_TX Apr 18 #35
Some recent details... CaptainTruth Apr 18 #37
Good. nt LexVegas Apr 19 #38
Israel has some kind of "operation" going on. Israel has so far been uneffected and practically TeamProg Apr 19 #41
And, the next episode in the international pissing contest will be....? Ping Tung Apr 19 #48
From the sounds of things... Xolodno Apr 19 #50
And a very confident dick it is too! Aussie105 Apr 19 #52
Fuck Iran's State Sponsored Terrorism.. Cha Apr 19 #51
Eloquently put! Aussie105 Apr 19 #53
Israel just said, our missiles have GPS, too." DFW Apr 19 #55
Huh? malaise Apr 19 #58
Yes indeed. David__77 Apr 19 #60
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