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When we get a jury with alternates... FarPoint Apr 18 #1
They have to control it or it goes to mistrial. jimfields33 Apr 18 #2
That would protect them, but not their families. soldierant Apr 18 #43
The "someone" who outed the juror who left today was foxnews.... Think. Again. Apr 18 #3
Security will be difficult, it'll be cops who assault them. JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 18 #5
Security doesn't have to mean cops and yeah, life can be difficult.... Think. Again. Apr 18 #9
JustABozo doeshave a good point though - soldierant Apr 18 #44
Oh absolutely... Think. Again. Apr 18 #48
I misunderstood your post when I gave my first reply... Think. Again. Apr 18 #49
Actually, Fox News wasn't the only or even first media entity to "out" Juror #2. onenote Apr 18 #17
The people who asked #2 if she was a juror referred to the foxnews broadcast. Think. Again. Apr 18 #19
You have a link supporting that? onenote Apr 18 #20
I will have to look... Think. Again. Apr 18 #25
Best I could do quickly... Think. Again. Apr 18 #30
I don't think that statement indicates that the juror cited Fox News as the source of the information. onenote Apr 18 #31
Your defense of foxnews is noted. Think. Again. Apr 18 #34
I'd rather you noted my defense of folks not bending the truth on DU. onenote Apr 18 #35
Then perhaps foxnews shouldn't be trusted. Think. Again. Apr 18 #37
I don't trust Fox News. I do trust the fact that no one has reported that Juror #2 cited Fox News of Trump's tweets onenote Apr 18 #38
I don't recall stating that I expected the courts to call out foxnews. Think. Again. Apr 18 #39
Why wouldn't they if that was the source cited by the Juror #2? onenote Apr 18 #40
You seem to be going in all sorts of directions... Think. Again. Apr 18 #45
Just keep moving AZSkiffyGeek Apr 18 #51
I did. NH Ethylene Apr 18 #41
Agreed. onenote Apr 18 #42
As you said, You have a link for that? Joinfortmill Apr 18 #36
Agree on sequestering the jury, ASAP. wnylib Apr 18 #4
I do, too. calimary Apr 18 #50
K&R spanone Apr 18 #6
Six alternates may not be enough to avoid a mistrial... RockRaven Apr 18 #7
Fox News attempted to dox one of the jurors last night and they got pretty close. Initech Apr 18 #8
The juror that left did that specifically... Think. Again. Apr 18 #10
How do you know it was the Fox News report. I don't think Juror #2 pointed to any particular source. onenote Apr 18 #18
I suspect they'll look for their identification and Jarqui Apr 18 #11
We can't do it, but we should be scrutinizing the jurors that have been seated, too Brother Buzz Apr 18 #12
Does that mean you want information about the juror's identities made public? onenote Apr 18 #22
Not at all.... Brother Buzz Apr 18 #24
Presumably you think that would be okay for the prosecution, but not the defense. onenote Apr 18 #26
If there's some there there, why not? Brother Buzz Apr 18 #32
I agree they look very solid... Mark.b2 Apr 18 #53
Eliminating jurors is the defense team's last best hope. tinrobot Apr 18 #13
Shades of John Gotti LeftInTX Apr 18 #14
Well, of course TheRealNorth Apr 18 #15
And if there is a pro-trumper on the jury what's stopping them from IcyPeas Apr 18 #16
What do propose as a solution? Abandoning all hope and not having a trial? onenote Apr 18 #21
Presumably time-in-jail for contempt-of-court is a tool to put the brakes on such a move. nt Gore1FL Apr 18 #28
Juror #2 was outed and threatened by goons Roy Rolling Apr 18 #23
Link to her having been threatened? onenote Apr 18 #27
Any question that I had regarding whether some justice or decency would prevail Boomerproud Apr 18 #29
Mistrial and delay - MAGA's #1 goal Bundbuster Apr 18 #33
The media is already releasing too much info about he jurors. TNNurse Apr 18 #46
Absolutely. I agree. Kablooie Apr 18 #47
If I were questioned to be a juror, I would respond that I was in fear of my life. TNNurse Apr 18 #54
In the hope of creating a mistrial Turbineguy Apr 18 #52
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