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Fri Apr 19, 2024, 07:10 PM Apr 19

Just when i thought my MAGAT neighbors were irredeemable assholes [View all]

A nice young lady and her infant daughter moved in down the street, she is in the midst of a divorce and from her body language I think she was the victim of abuse in her marriage. She and I are the only ones around not flying Trump banners, she is called the young woke lib, I'm sure you can guess who the old woke lib is.

I looked out the window and saw a group headed for her house so I headed out also. It turns out her ex father in law was trying to take the baby from from her. She had called a neighbor lady who had been keeping an eye on them and that is where the mob came from.

As we came around the corner the ex father in law says "just give me the baby, you know I can take her but I dont want to hurt her or you". Next thing I know one of the guys is in his face and said if he ever heard him threaten this young lady or her baby again he would "slap the stupid" off him.

Another guy asked her if the ex father in law had her permission to be there and she said she had been trying to get him to leave. This guy tells the ex father in law he should leave because he is creating confusion which could lead to accidents and all kinds of nasty accidents happen way out here in the desert that the authorities never even hear about

I have heard these same folk saying horrible, hurtful and hateful things but when this lady needed help then we're there. I will never understand people, that is why I am considering becoming a hermit when I retire.

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A part of me likes to believe that most people Dan Apr 19 #1
I think ignorance is a very appropriate word ripcord Apr 19 #5
It's only ignorance if they never voted for him before. cstanleytech Apr 19 #23
A lot of it is willful ignorance. Probatim Apr 19 #24
Willful implies that they are choosing it and if they are then it's not ignorance. cstanleytech Apr 19 #26
Isolate the attacks he's made on his own country. SleeplessinSoCal Apr 20 #42
I agree with you, BUT... Think. Again. Apr 19 #16
Same here BonnieJW Apr 19 #22
Exactly! n/t pazzyanne Apr 20 #31
I had some guys over partying when all hell broke loose outside. A neighbor woman, who I couldn't stand had her brewens Apr 19 #2
Wow, what a story! Diamond_Dog Apr 19 #3
Sometimes I think with these people it's... S/V Loner Apr 19 #4
To my old eyes, it seems most people can become heroes, if the opportunity to act like one presents Attilatheblond Apr 19 #6
Well said, and that may be our only hope in the long run. Think. Again. Apr 19 #17
I absolutely believe that most people are basically good. NH Ethylene Apr 19 #25
Take it as a gift when they are decent. TBF Apr 19 #7
They just forgot for a minute that they are nasty MOMFUDSKI Apr 19 #8
The problem with vigilantes is they decide what is good MadameButterfly Apr 19 #9
In normal situations I would want to leave this to the sheriff ripcord Apr 19 #11
IN this case it's lucky they were there, and their instincts MadameButterfly Apr 19 #14
Many city dwellers orangecrush Apr 20 #30
I understand entirely. mahatmakanejeeves Apr 19 #10
I've been confused by people since I was young. Mr. Evil Apr 19 #15
Just know that... you are not alone. Think. Again. Apr 19 #19
It's the thing I loved most about the covid shutdown. sybylla Apr 20 #41
My new maga neighbors came to my aid Tree Lady Apr 19 #12
Instead of becoming a hermit... rubbersole Apr 19 #13
Funny how people 'pick their battles'................... MyOwnPeace Apr 19 #18
Lol. I'm a serious introvert ala semi hermit. Joinfortmill Apr 19 #20
Nothing BlueSky3 Apr 19 #27
If I had a problem, such as car breakdown or attacked by strangers, nobody would jump to help me Midnight Writer Apr 19 #21
K&R LetMyPeopleVote Apr 20 #28
Nah Prairie Gates Apr 20 #29
Another cool story, bro. nt RandiFan1290 Apr 20 #32
I've found most people are innately good, the bad stuff is usually the product of external influences. sop Apr 20 #33
The biggest a-hole neighbor I have is Biden supporter Kaleva Apr 20 #34
Cool story, bro! RandiFan1290 Apr 20 #35
It is a good story Kaleva Apr 20 #38
This old woke lib so relates. ananda Apr 20 #36
I think I'm with you on the hermit thing. 617Blue Apr 20 #37
I went to the aid of my MAGAT neighbor yesterday. Emile Apr 20 #39
People, like life, are often shades of gray dlk Apr 20 #40
The World Population Clock soldierant Apr 20 #43
I do not think we'd have a Civil War, because precisely Bluethroughu Apr 20 #44
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