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16. Came here to say this.
Sat Apr 20, 2024, 10:43 AM
Apr 20

Been waiting to see a significant perp-walk since Mueller. Simply never happened. I'm not going to hold my breath here either.

He won't be able to keep his mouth shut pfitz59 Apr 20 #1
I cannot disagree with what this former prosecutor is saying. Irish_Dem Apr 20 #2
His minions will act out as well. hadEnuf Apr 20 #4
Yes I agree. And the danger level will increase. Irish_Dem Apr 20 #8
i only hope when they decide to get violent that we end up with all "Ashlee Babbets" and no "Brian Sicknicks" Takket Apr 20 #60
Charles Coleman is correct here. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 20 #13
He's going to poop, too. Kid Berwyn Apr 20 #3
You can't make this shit up. Joinfortmill Apr 20 #48
What is tRump? Bernardo de La Paz Apr 20 #49
🤣 BlueKota Apr 20 #63
Narcissists always seek to avoid consequences. More orange won't help. bucolic_frolic Apr 20 #5
I believe he is headed for a cardiovascular or cerebrovascular event PCIntern Apr 20 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author onenote Apr 20 #9
I keep wondering how he made it this long. ananda Apr 20 #23
The devil is watching over him! kimbutgar Apr 20 #32
Faustian evemac Apr 20 #33
Exactly kimbutgar Apr 20 #35
Well, he certainly has the devil in him. ananda Apr 20 #45
And physically decomposing (nt) Pluvious Apr 20 #38
Please stop teasing me Conjuay Apr 20 #56
He looks more awful than usual. NH Ethylene Apr 20 #7
If I had a dollar for every DU post predicting his imminent demise, I'd have more money than Trump onenote Apr 20 #10
Came here to say this. Arthur_Frain Apr 20 #16
It isn't a perp walk, but seeing him essentially "chained" to that chair, RandomNumbers Apr 20 #24
Even if he were to experience a medical event and not survive... ProudMNDemocrat Apr 20 #11
The executor of his estate could and would continue to pursue the appeal onenote Apr 20 #17
I wonder if he even has a will CanonRay Apr 20 #30
Not with a bang but a whimper. From T.S. Eliot's The Hollow Men Ping Tung Apr 20 #12
But, before the whimper, a series of bangs in the form of his disgusting farts. Sky Jewels Apr 20 #15
I'm picturing a sulfuric explosion of Sky Jewels Apr 20 #14
Or this? ProudMNDemocrat Apr 20 #19
Ha ha, quite so. Sky Jewels Apr 20 #22
.... plus mashed potatoes with extra extra gravy. magicarpet Apr 20 #51
I don't give a flying fuck malaise Apr 20 #18
Pop goes the weasel Chautauquas Apr 20 #20
Beat me to it! H2O Man Apr 20 #26
Don't threaten me with a good time. tanyev Apr 20 #21
I hope he does so we can all party like it's 1999! Doodley Apr 20 #25
Does blowing a gasket count? /nt bucolic_frolic Apr 20 #27
Thar he blows!!! Blue Owl Apr 20 #28
Trump is usually only seen under his terms. He's stuck in court with everyone watching all day with no way to brewens Apr 20 #29
For someone so maliciously narcissistic, the trial functions like an intervention wnylib Apr 20 #36
Sit back and let it happen... ecstatic Apr 20 #31
I think JustAnotherGen Apr 20 #34
Yep. I'd suggest a minute of Joe laughing and shaking his head. RussellCattle Apr 20 #40
. Takket Apr 20 #62
I may be wrong, but I always see something of a performative art in Trump's antics. I think.... RussellCattle Apr 20 #37
Even of this guy hadn't been POTUS, this case would still be before the court. SleeplessinSoCal Apr 20 #39
"It's wafer thin" nt gulliver Apr 20 #41
He's being a undisciplined toddler since literally having been an undisciplined toddler and it continues to this day. Texin Apr 20 #42
disagree (partially). if I'm a prosecutor I want to win this stopdiggin Apr 20 #43
Just like Traildogbob Apr 20 #44
I'm not sure how he keeps going. He may be hopped up on drugs, but he has a body and he's not giving it PortTack Apr 20 #46
I've said it before and I'll say it again Blue Idaho Apr 20 #47
GOOD Skittles Apr 20 #50
He will pop at which time due to how he acts in front of the jury a mistrial will be declared giving him Eliot Rosewater Apr 20 #52
Sounds messy, that does Hekate Apr 20 #53
The man is sitting in his own shit as he is being.. Botany Apr 20 #54
No sweat! Trump's doctors swear by his superb fitness. Even that bone spur seems to have healed itself. keithbvadu2 Apr 20 #55
We prefer to call it "an uncontrolled spontaneous deflation." Buns_of_Fire Apr 20 #57
Let Me Out! I Want Out! AuntyGravity Apr 20 #58
the guy who constantly calls his opponents "low energy" couldn't make it through a few days without falling asleep Takket Apr 20 #59
I was going to post a clip from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life DBoon Apr 20 #61
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