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Trump Refused To Stand For Jury... [View all] babylonsister Apr 21 OP
He's trying to intimidate and/or upstage them and the judge underpants Apr 21 #1
Sometimes I wish this was being televised or recorded on video * Oopsie Daisy Apr 21 #2
..."that the non-reading and low-information voters..." You could have just said the entire universe of MAGATs. machoneman Apr 21 #5
There are loads of low information voters who aren't MAGA cultists. ShazzieB Apr 21 #67
His defiance and refusal to cooperate will only make them love him more. calimary Apr 21 #10
Yeah, it will endear him more to his cult, but that doesn't broaden his voter base Attilatheblond Apr 21 #29
Raise an army? TexasBushwhacker Apr 21 #40
Just like Jesus and Mandela... 😂🤣 Oopsie Daisy Apr 21 #33
I really think that if the judge gave him 2 hours in a holding cell fork contempt it would Maraya1969 Apr 21 #66
The new juror number 2 John Farmer Apr 21 #12
This sort of critique of jurors is not helpful. Should not be drawing criticism to them. Srkdqltr Apr 21 #19
Well, that's not good, if the reporting is accurate. Oopsie Daisy Apr 21 #23
To clarify ...Juror 2 follows X and see's Truth Social Posts by Michael Cohen.... chowder66 Apr 21 #48
Good point PatSeg Apr 21 #27
Need a 'courtroom nanny cam' secreted in there where El Stinko doesn't see? Attilatheblond Apr 21 #31
Ha, ha! PatSeg Apr 21 #35
I suspect he is purposely trying to agitate to create a situtation that will force a mistrial. honest.abe Apr 21 #3
That was my thought as well DFW Apr 21 #26
Can you imagine bamagal62 Apr 21 #4
Donald...please, please take the stand and testify on your own behalf. sop Apr 21 #6
This will be the 'interesting' times mentioned in the curse... MiHale Apr 21 #7
Well... 2naSalit Apr 21 #18
"Spontaneous combustion"? PatSeg Apr 21 #30
I've been anticipating... 2naSalit Apr 21 #41
You've given me a new scenario to hope for! PatSeg Apr 21 #44
Let's see... birdographer Apr 21 #58
Are sparklers allowed in court? Hypothetically, of course. Hermit-The-Prog Apr 21 #60
Oh my god! PatSeg Apr 21 #64
And that pile of tinder on top of his head! n/t catchnrelease Apr 21 #69
The most reasonable response the judge can make to quell his "under the breath" outbursts.... 3Hotdogs Apr 21 #8
Agreed birdographer Apr 21 #59
I don't think he would be shown to the jury. 3Hotdogs Apr 21 #62
As a former jurist, ... JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 21 #9
Your post is a bit confusing PJMcK Apr 21 #13
Oops, wrong word. Not a jurist, merely a peer on a jury. JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 21 #16
30 days in jail for not standing? TwilightZone Apr 21 #11
It was obvious to most of us that the author of the piece meant 30 niyad Apr 21 #15
The 'meat' of the trial has not even begun. nt Prairie_Seagull Apr 21 #14
Past is Prologue bmichaelh Apr 21 #17
Never see inside of a jail...BUT... SayItLoud Apr 21 #20
He would remove the ankle monitor and have a thousand wnylib Apr 21 #53
What an infantile, petulant freak. Scrivener7 Apr 21 #21
So it will be upon this lone judge to do what the entire legal system has failed to to do: jaxexpat Apr 21 #22
Disrespect the people deciding your fate, a bold strategy. CaptainTruth Apr 21 #24
No brilliant chess move here from Slobby, he is 'better' than everyone NoMoreRepugs Apr 21 #25
He has a half way step... he can order him to a confrrence room.... getagrip_already Apr 21 #28
I'd rather have the jury witness his petulant behavior. Maybe it can be a daily thing. Each day he returns to court and keopeli Apr 21 #32
That's the way I would see it working out, if it gets really bad. Buns_of_Fire Apr 21 #34
Actually it is.... getagrip_already Apr 21 #37
You're right. He never learned to pick his moments to act like a grown-up. nt Buns_of_Fire Apr 21 #42
Is this another "I Double-Dare ya" moment for MAGAmouth? Ping Tung Apr 21 #36
Farting is so Christlike. dchill Apr 21 #38
Sleep farts lol padah513 Apr 22 #70
True, jury's are made up of humans, however yobrault1 Apr 21 #39
TFG is trying to piss off the jury LetMyPeopleVote Apr 21 #43
Disrespecting the jury isn't merely rude. It's legitimate, damning testimony against himself. gulliver Apr 21 #45
KnR Hekate Apr 21 #46
He hates this. moondust Apr 21 #47
It occurs to me that insulting a jury, if you are the defendant, MineralMan Apr 21 #49
he is a clueless doddering fool who lives at the center... mike_c Apr 21 #50
If the lazy fat fuck can't get off his fat ass Blue Owl Apr 21 #51
Thanks for the article. Like I said in another thread B.See Apr 21 #52
He's a scofflaw. kentuck Apr 21 #54
Why should he? Nutjob thinks he's a king. Kid Berwyn Apr 21 #55
Each time the Judge has to correct Trump, the jury will note this. --as long as they feel riversedge Apr 21 #56
As much as I would like to see Don Poorleone in the slammer for 30 days, I don't want to see the trial delayed that long flashman13 Apr 21 #57
He farted ???? REALLY ????? Trueblue1968 Apr 21 #61
That's just dumb. The jury will notice. TomSlick Apr 21 #63
But the courts are loathe to do this because Trump "is a former president." soldierant Apr 21 #65
In another thread, I wrote that it's a very poor tactic to piss off your judge Wednesdays Apr 21 #68
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