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Deep State Witch

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150. Point To Gaza On a Map
Mon Apr 22, 2024, 03:24 PM
Apr 22

Ask these fine college students to point to Gaza on a world map.

If they're so upset about genocide, they need to worry about Sudan and Congo, too. But, the Sudanese and Congolese aren't making TikToks about being murdered.

pictures from Columbia University [View all] BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 22 OP
People of all backgrounds Tickle Apr 22 #1
Yes, It's clear that's what the protests are calling for, and I strongly agree. Think. Again. Apr 22 #2
How are the protests calling for people of all backgrounds feeling safe? betsuni Apr 22 #3
The protests are calling for a ceasefire... Think. Again. Apr 22 #4
As you know, Hamas isn't interested in a ceasefire. Terrorists are often like that. betsuni Apr 22 #6
I don't put any credence into what hamas wants. Think. Again. Apr 22 #8
I don't understand. They are the Palestinian government, aren't they? betsuni Apr 22 #9
I agree with you that hamas is a terrorist organization.... Think. Again. Apr 22 #11
Don't understand this either. betsuni Apr 22 #12
Yes, it's a complex situation. Think. Again. Apr 22 #14
Then why the simplistic America Bad as if the U.S. president betsuni Apr 22 #15
I don't believe I was in on that discussion... Think. Again. Apr 22 #17
Think. Again. betsuni Apr 22 #20
? Think. Again. Apr 22 #23
They think that's clever. I'm with you: The hell with Netanyahu, the hell with Hamas. Who's looking out ... marble falls Apr 22 #27
"They" betsuni Apr 22 #52
They. marble falls Apr 22 #54
She is a Valued member of DU and Cha Apr 22 #163
.. Cha Apr 22 #162
Arre 6iu saying we shouldn't believe Hamas when they say they don't want a ceasefire? ShazzieB Apr 22 #21
I don't pay any attention to hamas wants... Think. Again. Apr 22 #24
How do you know that the citizens of Gaza want a ceasefire? betsuni Apr 22 #26
I can't be expecte to take that question seriously. Think. Again. Apr 22 #34
Why won't Hamas agree to a ceasefire? Why do they want war? betsuni Apr 22 #37
I don't know and I don't care... Think. Again. Apr 22 #39
Hamas is the government. betsuni Apr 22 #40
Luckily... Think. Again. Apr 22 #42
Hamas isn't the government? How so? betsuni Apr 22 #45
Magical thinking Mountainguy Apr 22 #102
Hamas actually is the government. bottomofthehill Apr 22 #176
How is a protest at Columbia supposed to accomplish that? shrike3 Apr 22 #60
Okay, so if Hamas doesn't want a ceasefire, that means there won't be a ceasefire. Jedi Guy Apr 22 #142
But Hamas is one of the parties that has to agree to a ceasefire. ShazzieB Apr 22 #32
hamas is a terrorist organization. Think. Again. Apr 22 #35
Okay. But they're also the government. shrike3 Apr 22 #61
We all know Hamas is a terrorust organization. So what? ShazzieB Apr 22 #123
Is there an echo in here? ShazzieB Apr 22 #127
Maybe they should let their government know, then mcar Apr 23 #189
I hope you're not trying to be humorous about... Think. Again. Apr 23 #190
Nothing humorous at all about murderous terrorists mcar Apr 23 #191
Because the citizens of Gaza don't agree with you. Think. Again. Apr 23 #192
How many Gazans don't recognize Hamas as their government? Happy Hoosier Apr 22 #46
"'We're not Hamas': Gaza residents say airstrikes are putting civilians in grave danger" Think. Again. Apr 22 #56
Doesn't answer the question. Happy Hoosier Apr 22 #62
Yeah, they're not really in a position to take part in a poll right now. Think. Again. Apr 22 #65
Au contraire mon ami sarisataka Apr 22 #95
Nope, your poll is out of date... Think. Again. Apr 22 #105
Interesting as it says sarisataka Apr 22 #109
But without Hamas' cooperation there can be no ceasefire. shrike3 Apr 22 #63
Wiping out a terrorist organization... Think. Again. Apr 22 #67
So, you support wiping out Hamas? How? Boots on the ground? Bombings? shrike3 Apr 22 #68
I absolutely support wiping out hamas... Think. Again. Apr 22 #73
Hoo-boy. Good luck with that. shrike3 Apr 22 #74
You're probably right... Think. Again. Apr 22 #78
I strongly suspect Americans won't want it that way. shrike3 Apr 22 #82
I disagree... Think. Again. Apr 22 #93
You mean average people who are barely paying attention to the election in their own country? shrike3 Apr 22 #101
I mean the same Americans you suggested would be against taking out hamas. Think. Again. Apr 22 #108
Fine. Would open up a whole world of problems, but that's my thinking. shrike3 Apr 22 #133
I am all for America taking Hamas out. Eko Apr 22 #161
How? Boots on the ground? Bombing? shrike3 Apr 22 #166
Boots on the ground primarily. Eko Apr 22 #167
Oh, that has gone so well the other times we tried it. shrike3 Apr 22 #168
Do you think we would do worse than what is happening now? Eko Apr 22 #169
Yeah, I think we could. Afghanistan comes to mind. shrike3 Apr 22 #170
Maybe so, Eko Apr 22 #171
How do you know we wouldn't be shelling civilians? shrike3 Apr 23 #180
Because you asked me how we would do it. Eko Apr 23 #181
Because it was told in confidence to me by a family member. Who won a Bronze star and other commendations shrike3 Apr 23 #183
Maybe you should take a step back and take a breath. Eko Apr 23 #193
I don't need to take a breath. shrike3 Apr 23 #194
I'm sorry. Eko Apr 23 #195
Israel Always Blue Apr 22 #48
Then I'm sure this protest will be very effective eShirl Apr 22 #10
Yeah, no. A ceasefire means Hamas goes back to terrorist strikes. yardwork Apr 22 #124
I fear you're right. shrike3 Apr 23 #184
I was just about to ask the same thing! ShazzieB Apr 22 #5
See my reply (#4) above your question (#5). Think. Again. Apr 22 #7
Just keep walking AZSkiffyGeek Apr 22 #130
what do you think yelling "go back to Poland" to American Jews means? MistakenLamb Apr 22 #16
You would have to ask the individuals yelling that... Think. Again. Apr 22 #19
Ask them what? ShazzieB Apr 22 #22
MistakenLamb asked me a question, I was answering them. Think. Again. Apr 22 #25
I see that now. ShazzieB Apr 22 #38
"individuals"? betsuni Apr 22 #28
Yes... Think. Again. Apr 22 #30
I dont think any of us can possibly know exactly what the original purpose of the protests was. ShazzieB Apr 22 #43
It was clearly a protest to demand a ceasefire. Think. Again. Apr 22 #55
But in an earlier post, you said that Hamas needed to be eradicated. wnylib Apr 22 #92
hamas is a terrorist organization... Think. Again. Apr 22 #100
That isn't clear at all, given the behavior of people at the thing. yardwork Apr 22 #152
Or condemn them. marble falls Apr 22 #76
Don't put words in my mouth, please. ShazzieB Apr 22 #128
How do you know? Did you organize it? yardwork Apr 22 #151
Do you apply the same rules to neo nazis forthemiddle Apr 22 #155
Correct... Think. Again. Apr 22 #164
Share a clip of any of the "real" demonstrators challenging the pro-Hamas, anti-Jewish statements. brooklynite Apr 22 #51
The protest was a call for a ceasefire. Think. Again. Apr 22 #57
And if intruders attempt to hijack the goals for the demonstration... brooklynite Apr 22 #85
yet no one on their side tries to stop them MistakenLamb Apr 22 #137
I wasn't there, so I don't know that. Think. Again. Apr 22 #139
Harrassing Jews on the streets of the MotownPgh Apr 22 #41
You should speak to a person of color sometime.... Think. Again. Apr 22 #59
So it's cool Jews are harassed on the street, since people of color are also? shrike3 Apr 22 #64
Stop, that's a false equivalence and you know it. Think. Again. Apr 22 #70
No, it's not. You're the one who brought up people of color, not me. shrike3 Apr 22 #71
It is clearly a false equivalence and I won't continue with your bad-faith discussion. Think. Again. Apr 22 #75
I'm crushed. shrike3 Apr 22 #77
You falsely equated all of that with somehow being "okay". Think. Again. Apr 22 #81
What else am I supposed to think? shrike3 Apr 22 #84
You pretended to be surprised that Americans... Think. Again. Apr 22 #94
Guess you're not done, eh? shrike3 Apr 22 #96
I see, you interjected yourself into a discussion I was engaged in with.... Think. Again. Apr 22 #107
This is a message board. ShazzieB Apr 22 #131
Thank you. n/t shrike3 Apr 22 #141
TY for Explaining that so Well, Shazzie.B Cha Apr 22 #165
Okey-doke. Carry on. shrike3 Apr 22 #132
You got confused. That's twice at least in this thread alone? Maru Kitteh Apr 22 #172
Yes... Think. Again. Apr 22 #177
So you're admitting that the Columbia mcar Apr 22 #115
Please don't put words in my mouth... Think. Again. Apr 22 #138
Lots of ProPalestine protesters are Jewish womanofthehills Apr 22 #153
Person of color MotownPgh Apr 22 #118
Auschwitz is in Poland. /nt yardwork Apr 22 #125
Indeed. It's quite clear what they're calling for at Columbia. lapucelle Apr 22 #173
They need to put up signs sarisataka Apr 22 #174
... lapucelle Apr 22 #175
Protests will end soon PennRalphie Apr 22 #13
Biden's solution is the most likely. jaxexpat Apr 22 #18
Losing Always Blue Apr 22 #49
I know about the Christian Palestinian factor. Have met and entertained a family. jaxexpat Apr 22 #79
Quit giving money Always Blue Apr 22 #50
" By the way a good number of Palestinians are Christians and not Muslims" EX500rider Apr 22 #154
Many of the protesters aren't students. haele Apr 22 #69
You make some good points. shrike3 Apr 22 #80
That was the excuse Always Blue Apr 22 #143
A bad excuse for something that still should not have happened. haele Apr 22 #156
These outside protesters were camping in front of a gate, that police needed to protect. LeftInTX Apr 22 #157
This hurts their cause Sugarcoated Apr 23 #182
The way to end the protests is to end the killing in Gaza. Ping Tung Apr 22 #89
How? The conflict is centuries old. shrike3 Apr 22 #98
What they're doing now is just piling up bodies and starving people. Ping Tung Apr 22 #106
I have no objections to that, If enough taxpayers don't like how their dollars are spent, the government shrike3 Apr 23 #186
And there's the rub dwayneb Apr 23 #185
I'm with you. This will not end well. shrike3 Apr 23 #187
Go back to the peace sarisataka Apr 22 #110
Keep killing on April 22? Ping Tung Apr 22 #114
Hamas can accept a ceasefire sarisataka Apr 22 #116
Of course it's only Israel that must stop. EllieBC Apr 22 #121
If what they are demanding Always Blue Apr 22 #144
Would it be too much to ask sarisataka Apr 22 #149
Oh to be young again and in '68 ... marble falls Apr 22 #29
When I was in college PennRalphie Apr 22 #31
I'm with Johnny ... marble falls Apr 22 #36
All those protesting for good causes Polybius Apr 22 #72
HHH was the wrong candidate. He was tied too closely to LBJ in voters's eyes. marble falls Apr 22 #83
So Nixon was better? Got it! LeftInTX Apr 22 #160
Didn't say Nixon was better, just said the "Happy Warrior" was the wrong candidate in '68 ... marble falls Apr 22 #178
And what happened with McGovern? LeftInTX Apr 23 #188
Other than he lost? I do not know. Watergate had broken and Nixon still ran the table. I was all in on McGovern ... marble falls Apr 24 #196
Yep! LeftInTX Apr 22 #158
Ooohhhh yes SARose Apr 22 #86
As long as they stay peaceful. shrike3 Apr 22 #99
Absolutely SARose Apr 22 #140
1968 worked out so well! Celerity Apr 22 #90
HHH was the wrong guy to run against him. The feeling was new broom time, and HHH was seen as more of the same. marble falls Apr 22 #179
It was the best of times and worst of times. Ping Tung Apr 22 #91
They are letting Jewish students be terrorized mcar Apr 22 #33
All we got from 1968 was a longer war and Richard Nixon. tirebiter Apr 22 #44
Don't point out facts to the folks nostalgic for that time. Happy Hoosier Apr 22 #47
Nostalgia might be the best drug. EllieBC Apr 22 #88
Agreed. Some folks need to close the yearbook and get into the present. BannonsLiver Apr 22 #135
Sad to say, you're right, Unintended consequences. shrike3 Apr 22 #66
How narrow-minded of you. Xoan Apr 22 #145
These people are going to blow up the Democratic convention like in 1968. nt doc03 Apr 22 #53
They will try to, but might not succeed. wnylib Apr 22 #97
Omg these people are absolute fucking cringe. Oneironaut Apr 22 #58
Point To Gaza On a Map Deep State Witch Apr 22 #150
Congress shall make no law Ping Tung Apr 22 #87
Nothing in the first amendment Mountainguy Apr 22 #103
What part of "no law" did you miss. Ping Tung Apr 22 #111
Just say you're fine with them EllieBC Apr 22 #112
I'm not "fine" with any kind of violence. And that goes for what's going on in Gaza. Ping Tung Apr 22 #119
Of course you have a plan as to EllieBC Apr 22 #120
Plan to stop violence? Don't participte. Ping Tung Apr 22 #126
Good luck making that happen. shrike3 Apr 22 #134
"no law" sarisataka Apr 22 #113
In the '30s my father was in the ILWU and participting in strikes on the "private" docks. Ping Tung Apr 22 #122
What part of Mountainguy Apr 22 #136
But intimidating people of one faith or ethnicity wnylib Apr 22 #104
It's a private school mcar Apr 22 #117
When did Congress get involved? Ace Rothstein Apr 22 #129
None of which applies to private entities Zeitghost Apr 22 #159
Post removed Post removed Apr 22 #146
Open mindedness includes sarisataka Apr 22 #148
It costs almost $90,000 a year including tuition, housing, etc. for a student to attend this Vinca Apr 22 #147
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